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  3. AN-2 remains examinded by ANNA news. Apparently, those UAVs are not just AN-2 with equipment put in them to make them UAV, but they also carry bombs under wings.
  4. Well, those are good news.
  5. Hey, i was expecting Andrew Hulshult to be summoned as Indie-games version of Mick Gordon.
  6. Czech army will replace the older infantry machineguns entirely with Minimi (which is in limited use already). The new order is for 950 MGs (of that a dozen in 5,56 and the rest in 7,62). https://www.czdefence.cz/clanek/armada-nakupuje-proverene-kulomety-minimi
  7. Czech army took first eight RBS-70NG of sixteen ordered, the rest will be delivered in November. They shall replace Strela-10M. The army uses another sixteen older RBS-70 too. https://www.czdefence.cz/clanek/strakonicti-vojaci-prevzali-prvni-cast-modernich-protiletadlovych-kompletu-rbs-70ng
  8. Start of the sea trials of the Alsace, first of the two French FREMM with increased air defence capabilities (increased radar range and MdCN cruise missiles replaced by 16 additional aster 30):
  9. New Music for the DLC; nice heavy base Also, the old Dusk post is broken, so repost:
  10. Those are new captured villages
  11. Granted there is no need at the moment, but I think that those 100 missiles represent about 1/5th of the stock which is significant given our general propension to have barely enough ammo in stock for limited engagement times. If I remember correctly the initial intervention in Libya, almost emptied our ammunition stock and it took two years to bring them back to pre war levels.
  12. I don't see situation in nearby future where French army will need high amount of AA systems.
  13. 15x Dana M1 SpH in action. This is funny. Some small successes of NKR troops (if it's not an old footage). BMP-2 and BTR-82A captured.
  14. I like how they add an external ATGM launcher on the side rather than not even bother on applying it if the gun system isnt suitable for it
  15. Spain wants to buy 100 second hand Mistral 3 from French stocks. http://www.opex360.com/2020/10/21/lespagne-veut-acquerir-100-missiles-anti-aeriens-mistral-3-doccasion-aupres-de-la-france For 47,8 millions euros those missiles, actually in use by the French army, will be renovated by MBDA and then transferred to Spain. It's becoming a habit lately to take from stocks of the army to sell to export customers who wants to receive their order immediately. Between the 12 rafales and possibly the first FDI for Greece as well as the Egyptian FREMM all of this
  16. Interesting planes and destinations. Several Smerch rocket boosters found in Iran Armenian claims are completely bonkers
  17. Boba Soltanli is under control of Azeri troops Michivan under control (near Zangilan)
  18. Terter being shelled by Armenian/NKR forces Dead Armenian/NKR soldiers Azeri artillery at work
  19. After miserable failure in Zangilan operation, Armenia should sign a capitulation to end of this war as outcome is becoming very obvious.
  20. Iranian AD shot down another Harop.
  21. Russian soldiers taking positions on the Armenia - NKR border. Bayraktar TB2 wreckage. Could be the one from which the gimball is.
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