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  3. [GRAPHIC] - Just in case. Knocked out T-90A - driver and commander
  4. This lot seem to have slipped right underneath ANTIFA's radar don't they. It must be a real mental strain to be in the US media environment these days.....Cognitive dissonance much?
  5. StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    BTW: How many NERA layers is visible on hull SPz Puma? Up to 3?! again 3: o.O
  6. Was yesterday the biggest collective face-palm in human history, I wonder? Mebbe you could add one of these dudes to the emoticons, he may be quite useful for the next year or three.
  7. Syrian conflict.

    It's like a rite of passage I guess.
  8. Syrian conflict.

    Edit: Welp, repost.
  9. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Mi-35MS - special military command, control and communications helicopter for VIP flights.
  10. Leopard 2

    How to get fucken angry polish PT-91 manufactory and other T-72 lovers. Polish army hard data about MTBF for polish 30 old yers Leopard 2A4 and 20-25 old yers PT-91: EDIT: data above are from ALL 128 polish Leopard 2A4 and for 144 PT-91 tanks (68% PT-91 fleet in army) during 2,5 yers exploatation Yes, T-72 is crap. yes, PT-91 is crap too
  11. WoT v WT effort-thread

    I forgot how fun WT can be when I'm not flying like an idiot and my team is half competent. Again; P-40E not sucking as hard is substantially improving my life.
  12. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Yes, the T-64A in WT appears to have the double textolite layers sandwiched between a thick steel strike face and a thinner backing layer. It's all beautifully modeled in the X-ray view. But I do not know if this is accurate. Gaijin isn't exactly a paragon of historical research.
  13. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Also doesn't the T-64 in WT have a textolite layer?
  14. WoT v WT effort-thread

    I'd love to play with (semi)modern tanks but man I don't really have the time for a long grind. I'm still a little salty about Armored Warfare not working out, I actually reached tier 10 there.
  15. WoT v WT effort-thread

    They give Western tanks a fair number of later, more advanced projectiles, and they tweaked the performance of APDS so it doesn't suck anywhere near as bad as it should. Gotta balance out stronk Soviet tanks somehow.
  16. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Really? I thought that even T-64 had textolite on the glacis, but steel-aluminum-steel on the turret. Sometimes. Because there were a bunch of variations of the turret armor that aren't indicted by any sort of designation sub-type. But I thought that T-64 always had a textolite glacis. But I defer to your superior knowledge of Ukranian lawnmowers. It's up against a bunch of slate of fairly advanced opponents. USA and West Germany get MBT-70/KPZ-70, US also gets M60A3 with reactive armor and APFSDS, and the UK gets Chieftain mk. 10 with Stillbrew add-on armor and 1980s-era L23 APFSDS. If it were up against only NATO tanks that were actually in service at the same time, yes, it would obviously steamroll everything into a dense blob of all-steel tank corpses.
  17. BAHfest

    Then lay off the sauce, you lush!
  18. I guess they haven't learned from the "Trump and Melania are standing next to each other, why aren't they holding hands?!?" nonsense.
  19. Paul J. Hazell's Armor states that the most important factor for anti-APFSDS APS is to hit the penetrator when it is quite far away from the vehicle. It takes a significant amount of time (and thus distance) for the rod to yaw enough to reduce its penetration. Also, yawing (or even fracturing) the incoming long rod doesn't get rid of the KE of the threat, or even substantially change its vector, it just makes it penetrate less efficiently. As an example, an APS which could hit a long rod with 20:1 L/D ratio hard enough and far out enough to induce a 20 degree yaw (apparently even this amount of yaw is technically challenging) would reduce the penetration of the long rod by 60%. 40% of the penetration of a modern APFSDS round is still quite a bit of penetration, so any vehicle with anti-APFSDS APS is still going to need a substantial amount of passive armor to absorb the intercepted threats.
  20. I have a feeling that you'll get your hands on one before anyone else here does.
  21. Non-initiating Precursor Shaped Charges

    I have seen this terminology in some technical literature, but I have no insight as to what it means.
  22. I'm just waiting for us to declare war on the EU too since they rigged our election by saying they don't like Trump.
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