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  2. Great photos! Do you have from top?
  3. Thermal imaging systems of the commanders on the 90s American vehicles.
  4. The AN/VSG-2 thermal imager of the M60A3 TTS. Just 2.6x and 8x magnifcation. The Thermal Imagining Sight of the M1 Abrams' gunner offers 3x and 10x magnification. The WBG-X thermal imager used in the Leopard 2's EMES 15 gunner's sight provides options for 4x and 12x magnification. TOGS (II) also offers 4x and 11.5x magnification. All these devices are based on the same 120 line variant of the Texas Instruments (US) Common Modules first generation thermal imaging array. In case of the M60A3 TTS, the recognition range (NATO vehicle target) was limited to 2,300 meters.
  5. I annex this old topic as the optics and FCS resource topic. Discussions welcome. Relevant other topics: Relevant old posts: Basic thermal imager talk: German night sights for the Leopard 2 PT: M60A2 gunnery instructions, including description of several FCS functions. Article about the FCS from COBELDA. The article uses this as the name for the FCS, but it actually stands for Compagnie Belge d'Électronique et d'Automation, a joint-venture between SABCA (Société Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques) and Hughes: This is the "SABCA FCS" used on Australian, late Belgian and early Canadian Leopard 1 tanks. Regarding M60A3 and M1 Abrams: This seems a bit odd for the following reason: The M21 ballistic computer used as part of the M60A3's fire control system only took a limited amount of into account, such as ammunition type, cant, parallax, pressure, wind and range data. The XM1's digital computer took into account the same factors: Apparently both solutions required manual input for most factors, in case of the M60A3 wind and pressure needed to be entered manually just as well as range data in case of the laser rangefinder picking up multiple echoes (which due to the older laser rangefinder could happen somewhat often, requiring the commander to pick a reading). Then again the M1's FCS required an "extensive series of pre-operational computer programming steps": Based on the Jahrbuch der Wehrtechnik, the the FLER-H ballistic computer used on the early Leopard 2 prototypes (and in a somewhat modified form on the Leopard 1A4 and TAM tanks) was able to automatically retrieve data for air pressure, cant, exterior temperature, parallax, propellant temperature, tilt, wind and other factors, resulting in the need to only enter range data manually (as the laser rangefinder's readings was to be checked by the gunner with his optical rangefinder).
  6. Not so contemporary, but historically relevant. Regarding the tripartite gun trials from 1976:
  7. Sale of 3 E-2D Hawkeye to France to replace the 3 E-2C operated by our navy has been approved for 2 billions $ https://www.dsca.mil/major-arms-sales/france-e-2d-advanced-hawkeye-aircraft-spares-and-support-equipment Contract include the planes, spare parts and training on the new systems compared to the C version. Military planning law on our side state the order should be placed this year.
  8. You are falling short with that description. But its not only that. Militarly a vehicle like that doesn´t make any sense for its weight and terrain crossing capabilities. Our tanks don´t weight more than 30 tons for good reason and they are tracked. Besides the strykers are going to be impossible to maintain, just buying enough parts for more than 2 years would be a historical achievement. Most likely in 5-10 years if the Strykers are brought here, they are going to be cannibalized for parts or for the black market. "Big" weapons/equipment acquisition, even for civilian use, from overseas has always been problematic and riddled with corruption. Besides, its going to be very difficult for the government to sell this to the public and many more things are more important and urgent than military expenditures. Things are really really bad here. Just as a reminder/example: the contracts for the TAM modernization program have been signed almost a decade ago and no single tank has been updated. Fishy stuff going on behind the scenes. The last government (which was a particularly shitty government if i might say so) tried to buy junk Super Etendards from France and it didn´t go well. Most likely this is going to end just the same.
  9. Last week
  10. https://www.dsca.mil/major-arms-sales/argentina-stryker-infantry-carrier-vehicles Strykers to Argentina, potentially.
  11. New trophy in Patriot Park Suheil in Idlibostan at positions of 25th division.
  12. So, there isn't anything which degrades performance of modern body armor no matter how long it was used? You see, I come from Eastern Europe and such things as shoddy equipment comes far more often than in the West. Western standards are in general higher, I can expect that equipment they will be handed out and support it will get will be a lot higher. We did send our elite operatives to Afganistan and into active combat with not enough equipment, I can't remember what exactly they were complaining enough, but in 2000-2010 this problem was accutte here. Same applied to our SWAT officers when I saw campaigns coming from civilians to purchase new body armor to them. Our volunteer and reserve training is equally ridiculous. We have automatic weapons which are so worn down that they can be trusted to fire no more than 1 round reliably before jamming and often our training were more about loud shouting than firing live ammunition. Recently however with change of political leadership, Russia's threat, Lithuania had started purchasing a lot of heavy equipment in bulk and situation is changing as we are the best equipped (at least in some regards) of all Baltic states. Though, it is not you who would had been drafted forcefully which is still a thing here with mandatory military draft and forced to fight first grade military like Russia with an automatic rifle which serves better as a club than a gun. With an expired body armor if you are lucky and ride into battle in venerable M113 if you are from elite formation. Under equipment is/was a big issue in a lot of other, poorer countries. Here you are complaining that your newest weapon is unreliable or expensive, but over here we are given bunch of barely functioning gear anymore and often are given ridiculous tasks to complete.
  13. A video about the event, from TV news. (beware: hungarian gibberish) A little bit of additional info: we also bought 5 ARVs and + 3 bridgelayers
  14. Ed Francis has recently started a fantastic Youtube channel going over British vehicle design and development called Armoured Archives. He has plenty of unseen gems in his videos, including this bad boy: I'll let his work speak for itself: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCIgjPAYn253oyWLsYgiHDw
  15. Part 2 We are going to sabotage this defense line. On right flank we are clearing area from enemies in hardened positions. Central part is captured. Main forces are storming railroad station, all frontal defense line were smashed through. Germans are goint to conduct counter-attack from somewhere, i suspect they will push from the bridge or right flank. Moving Pak 40 to a place to good overwatch position.
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