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  2. Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

    VDV starting too look more like SFs than regulars
  3. VP11 VP4. At least China managed to make Dozor-B, lol.
  4. Type 59 based IFV from above Norinco's take on Typhoon-K
  5. VN17 IFV on VT5 light tank chassis VN12 IFV
  6. Today
  7. For the record, all this shit about the statues is the most disgusting type of grandstanding. Imma explain this stuff straight up, because not everyone here is from the USA. Charles Francis Adams Sr. made a speech entitled "Shall Cromwell Have a Statue?" This speech is explicitly about whether Robert E. Lee ought to have a statue. Also, within context, this speech clarifies the reason why there are statues of Confederate generals in the USA in the first place. When the rebels called it quits in 1865 it was because it was clear that the Confederates could no longer win. It was not because they could no longer fight. The Confederacy could have very plausibly continued a low-level guerrilla campaign against Union forces for years and seriously run up the body count. Look up Quantrill's Raiders to get an idea of how nasty this could have become. But the Confederates did not choose to do this. They chose to lay down arms instead, come what may. They realized that they were beaten. Thus, the prevailing sentiment in the Union immediately after the war was that there should be a reasonable attempt at reconciliation. In the immediate aftermath of the war very few Confederates were charged with treason. After that there were further overtures, especially under President William Mckinley at the turn of the century. Confederate soldier's graves were given headstones, and that's about the time that statues of Lee started growing in various places. In general, it was felt that the rebels were traitors in a technical sense, but who had acted without malice or greed. Furthermore, the legality of secession and indeed the theoretical underpinnings of the constitution were largely unanswered questions at the time. It hardly seemed magnanimous to hold the issue against the rebels after beating them and burning their homes to the ground. And that is why the USA was fine with statues of Confederate generals springing up here and there. Did nobody think it odd that there's a statue of Robert E. Lee, a Confederate general, in Maryland, which was a Union state? Of course they didn't think it odd. They didn't think. That statue was erected because, a mere generation after the war, the Confederates were seen as losers in a high stakes political controversy, but otherwise completely American and honorable. Filthy modern iconoclasts made up their own bizarre interpretations of what the statue meant, and tore it down. They got rid of a symbol of one of the greatest national efforts of re-unification, ostensibly in the name of tolerance. Fucking philistines.
  8. Archery Thread

    That went way above my head In other news: simulations seem to show that steel limbs are shit, but it's hard to get a good answer because the dynamic sim wigs out and doesn't provide usable results for arrow velocity. Static sim seems to show that there's no way to get a steel limb close to it's tensile limit and still have a bow usable by humans, which leaves a lot of wasted mass in the limbs. Simulated crossbow limbs do better, but are realistically inefficient.
  9. Bele's Wolf Thread.

  10. Wilson has shitloads of statues. And yes, SJWs love to eat their own once they've outlived their usefulness.
  11. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Which of the bunch of dumb Nazi pilots do you mean? There's multiple instances of Nazi pilots getting lost and landing at British airbases.
  12. He has statues? Also; aren't the tublr left supposed to be famous for eating their own?
  13. General news thread

    Alabama radiology student survives 4 weeks in the wilderness Before: After:
  14. You could probably pulled it off if you wrote a screed on intersectional oppression on Tumblr first. I mean, these guys aren't exactly tearing down Woodrow Wilson statues, if you catch my drift.
  15. Considering how many hits I get for 'different kinds of racism' on google, I suspect you might owe me R1317.27 in today's money . Then again; a lot of the hits are from .co.za addresses, so maybe it's just more acceptable to discuss this stuff here? I like this as a concept though - because we need more terms for stuff. I'm going to think a bit and maybe make an 'add to the English language' thread. And if we have legit new users coming over specifically shout at me then I'll donate $100 to SH.
  16. I bet you $100 that if you go out in public and try to invent another word for any of the different varieties of racism, you'll be called a racist and a Nazi apologist.
  17. I mean, it's dressed up in a little snark, but yeah, basically.
  18. Might it not be a chicken-and-egg issue? IE: having only one word is why there's usable confusion that can be politicised? Related: I also wonder a lot about how English has only one word for love - as that's a word that's pulling way too much conceptual weight as well.
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