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  2. So...are they bringing back some of its tech for the ERCA? (the Crusader's autoloader was quite different, though, so I doubt we'll be seeing some of that back) Or is it just one of these "lemme show you what we did in the past" guided tours for visiting politicos and Pentagon officials?
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  4. TokyoMorose

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Okay, this is a obscure one. Well done. TARDEC AReS - "Advanced Reconfigurable Spaceframe", modular electric hybrid IFV testbed - built 2008. Head to tear through tons of various documents as I don't have the book you got that from. (The TARDEC Story)
  5. Mogensthegreat

    Lets talk about languages

    There is a Mexican village that still speaks Nahuatl.
  6. I can agree with you that he says the same things he's been saying for months, not so much the rest.
  7. The only thing I find weird about Trumps visit with Putin is how everyone is surprised that Trump threw his own country under the bus. Trump said the same crap he has been spewing for months. Trump loves dictators and he loves Russia. He hates democracies. He treats allies like enemies, and enemies like "competitors". Trump has actually made me nostalgic for Ronald Reagan...
  8. EnsignExpendable

    The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Beats the hell out of BMP fenders.
  9. EnsignExpendable

    Documents for the Documents God

    That link doesn't work, you can't link to an active session. That does sound incredibly Australian though.
  10. Serge

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Very close to the FCS XM1206 IFV.
  11. I'm not really sure who Joe Walsh is, aside from not being the guy from the Eagles, and being a former congresscritter. But he had some stuff to say about your President today. https://twitter.com/WalshFreedom
  12. Another image of the catchily-named ACT3205 Unmanned Tank Killer Concept:
  13. Ramlaen

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    I think this is in a ZTZ-96A.
  14. Walter_Sobchak

    Documents for the Documents God

    I started poking around there too. I found a listing for a document on "Use of compressed wool as armour". How very Australian.
  15. Walter_Sobchak

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    I remember back when the WoT forum tank ID thread was on its last legs, I stumped everyone with this picture. And yes, its a Bradley turret, but what is the hull? Edit: I just noticed that for whatever reason, this photo has been reversed. That Bradley turret has the missile launcher on the wrong side. This is how it appears in the book I took the image from, I didn't reverse it.
  16. Jim Warford

    T-80 Megathread: Astronomical speed and price!

    Not true...that drawing was published in the 1981 edition of the Pentagon's annual journal, "Soviet Military Power." That journal was primarily a propaganda tool used by the US DOD and it included many hypothetical drawings over the years to include this infamous "T-80." While it's true that there was some confusion around identifying the T-80 exactly (which was finally corrected for the public in that unclassified journal in the 1986 edition), classified reporting regarding the T-80 had already been in use for many years before the published photo in 1986. A CIA report published in Oct 1979 (2 years before the release of the hypothetical drawing above), for example, confirms the first sighting of the actual T-80 with a photo.
  17. He has certainly been affecting my mental health.
  18. Ah, makes sense. Trying to find the Watervleit Arsenal report for this year. It talked about production of XM35 tubes, but would be good to see whether the XM360 tubes were being produced.
  19. Thai VT-4's, quite a bit of internal video too including the autoloader in operation.
  20. I think Trump made the wrong call on how he handled the Putin situation with the Press, but the Press is acting like a bunch of idiots, if he openly threatens Putin, then he is backed into the same corner Obama got backed into. Plus, he could have come out acting all tough and the press would have spun negatively too. Besides, Trump has little influence on how the CIA and FBI are handling this stuff, and I'm sure they are doing their best to prevent the Russians from messing around again. Even the corrupt, disgraced, blatantly political, FBI should be able to handle this one without Trump having to make a policy statement about it. I hope at least, I mean, I still plugging my way through the IG report, and the Agents were either biased and working against Trump, or so grossly incompetent, we need to look at hiring and training standards. This will all be forgotten in a week when the SCOTUS situation really starts sinking in on the left, they will go back to portraying the milk toast Supreme Court pick as Hitler Jr, and the cycle will roll on. Has anyone looked into a study to show the left, is, in fact, suffering from much higher rates of mental illness under Trump?
  21. Except papa Trump won’t be a train wreck of a president, like Bush.
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  23. Funny, I don't seem to recall seeing massive protests in the streets of our allies when Obama visited. If anything, he probably relied too much on soft power rather than hard power when dealing with international situations. Drawing a line in Syria and then backing down did little to impress our adversaries. That said, he inherited a bit of a foreign policy mess from Bush and his ill conceived adventures in the Middle East. Bush mucked things up so bad that the international community gave Obama the Nobel Peace prize for simply not being Bush. I can only imagine what accolades the 46th US president will receive for simply not being Donald Trump.
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