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  4. Moog had another turret configuration on display besides the two that were on Strykers.
  5. Funny incident with Ukrainean Su-27. Watch the organizers in the yellow vests :-D
  6. Turkish MEDEVAC Blackhawk hellicopter crash-landed in Syria and was later destroyed by Turkish airforce. Photos of the wreckage I don't know what the description says but the video seems to show some TSK gear captured by YPG
  7. Report to Congress on FFG(X) Program: https://news.usni.org/2019/10/18/report-to-congress-on-u-s-navy-frigate-ffgx-program-5
  8. SNA using TOWs vs kurdish forces
  9. Ouch, someone dropped that model on the floor.
  10. Not nearly as exciting as the real thing, but some interesting details nonetheless:
  11. ...and some where you wonder what they were thinking...
  12. A couple of unusual ones Jetway 707 A 1965 Ford Econoline Pick-up
  13. Last week
  14. https://breakingdefense.com/2019/10/how-active-protection-systems-knock-down-anti-armor-threats-for-both-legacy-and-future-combat-vehicles/
  15. This is 30 minutes or so but I recommend watching as much as you can.
  16. Turkish military clearing Ras al Ein
  17. Yeah, this is confusing situation. SAA should hurry up and get more while this shitshow continues.
  18. The most hopeless Syrian ceasefire proposal of all hopeless Syrian ceasefire proposals for a change comes from US. Complete text of the statement. It basically asks SDF to surender. Meanwhile in the real world SDF/SAA retook several villages north of Ayn Issa (seven according to SOHR).
  19. Kirpi destroyed in Tell Abyad
  20. This is just... bizarre...
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