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  2. #ONELESSGUN Living up to his GI JOE Codename of "Backblast"... Or The Origin Story of Snake Eyes
  3. Good day. Tell me please, the cartridges depicted in the last photo are experienced cartridges for an soviet anti-tank rifle PEC М1942 (20x150R)? Thank you.
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  5. Funny you mention it because these popped up on Akula's QQ group earlier today. Also, just for the hell of it, this thing!.
  6. General AFV Thread

    Great. Now my eye's twitching again.
  7. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Since it's being floated on my Facebook news feed, an alleged plot for a school shooting in the Los Angeles area was thwarted when school security overhead a potential threat and reported through the proper channels with school authorities and the local Sheriff's office that led to the student being arrested Basically the "connected the dots" model that should have happened in Florida Of course the kid could have been talking full of shit, but they're going to pin him for possessing an unregistered AR-15 anyway(the other belonged to his Army vet brother)
  8. General AFV Thread

    There’s even one solely about Australian and New Zealand M113s.
  9. Some video from the 30mm Stryker media day. And some photos from Onetz.
  10. Ulanov posted a document regarding Soviet experimental 5.6 mm rounds in 1941. A prototype was tested, but it was deemed impossible to produce a gun with the required weight of 3.6 kg.
  11. General AFV Thread

    Just to let you guys know, there’s a Facebook group called “The M113 Interest Group.” that has 4.1k members and they only post pictures and talk about the Gavin.
  12. I Learned Something Today

    To think 50 or so years later my troop leaders started searching my backpack before trips after "the incident".
  13. That's a little scary. Realistically how safe would the mortar guys be? Would the first guy's face being more or less dead nuts aligned for him to boresight down the tube at least serve as sufficient ablative mass so that they don't lose the god damn mortar crew too?
  14. Either the backblast will get him, or he'll shoot the gunners assistant
  15. While this is being portrayed as a purge of conservatives, all I see is dollar $igns. Force users to fork over important personal information, in this case phone numbers. Twitter will blandly assure users that they only need the numbers for "security purposes" whereupon at a later date they'll sell that information to the highest bidder. As with all free social media, the users aren't the customers, they're the product being sold. Once again, I'm glad that I've never joined Twatter.
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  17. Apparently it’s related to twitter accusing a number of conservatives of being bots and subsequently banning them.
  18. CGI video of a danger close interception from either a Type 730 or Type 1130 30x165mm CIWS taking out multiple targets. Hard to tell, the video runs so fast I have trouble counting the amount of fucking barrels.
  19. Worst Korean soldier was never taught the decades old known concept of "backblast" it would appear.
  20. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Or, just allow concealed carry on school campuses like everywhere else in the state.
  21. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Am I seeing a call for armed teachers (and rigorous background checks of said teachers)?

    It's a HRG. Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope - it would be a major accomplishment of Russian industry if they have actually put these into mass production. Only two firms on the planet so far make them. (Also, first actual post of a longtime lurker!)
  23. http://www.janes.com/article/77954/norway-seeks-12-7-mm-m2-qcb-heavy-machine-guns Norway after 1100 new M2 Quick Change Barrel M2 .50 cal MGs to replace existing inventory.
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