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  2. SAA tanks used to support "Hezbollah"/Islamic Resistance troops in Syria, (Yabroud, mountain combat in Qalamoun region) T-55MV T-72AV
  3. KS-19 100 mm gun put on trucks and used by Hezbollah/Al-Muqowama in Syria. D-30 jihaded to a truck to make wheeled SPG, same operator, same place.
  4. Vulcan, big assault rockets used by Hezbollah/Lebanese Islamic Resistance during operations in Syria in 2013 and 2014. Launchers were very sumply tubes on tripod. Rockets were boosters from actual military grade rockets with big metal container containing huge explosive payload welded to it Rockets were pretty heavy, like 100 kg and had max range of 500 meters, all in one nice rusty package. This weapon is usefull only in urban combat when most of fighting is done at short ranges.
  5. https://central-media.org/35441/633/وثائقي-#أسرار_التحرير_الثاني...-الحلقة-الثامنة This part of documentary covers Qalamoun operation after taking town of Yabroud, took place in 2014 and 2015. After Yabroud was taken, Al-Muqowama continued operation to cut off remaning roads and ways for terrorists to move to Lebanon. Early phase of operation - attack in Western direction to reach mountains and Lebanon border to capture 2 towns - Ras Maara and Flitah. Apperently there was a moment when small group of takfirs m
  6. Yesterday
  7. Armenians claim to have destroyed Azeri TOS-1.
  8. Aftermath of the alleged Russian strike near Jarabulus. Plenty of destroyed oil tankers and a massive crater, although too small for Iskander singular warhead I think. Could it be Onyx/Bastion-P instead? It has roughly half-sized warhead.
  9. Heh, somebody translated Zvezda old episode about Armata from several years ago. Ladies and gentelman, enjoy...
  10. Because mainland Armenia is in the way, not NKR.
  11. How come that there arent any activities in Nakhchivan?
  12. Borsuk during the qualification tests in Drawsko. This prototype received additional armour modules on external buoyancy modules and has removed trim vane.
  13. The Tank Museum does the M48. Too bad they showed an M60 cupola when talking about the M48.
  14. Unknown place/date, claimed to be abandoned Azeri APCs Claimed that this is Armenian UAV Azeri drone claimed to be shot down
  15. And more strikes https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2706251983024229
  16. Last week
  17. According to this Osa-AKM can not successfully engage Bayraktar TB2. AFAIK the normal flight altitude with weapons is +/- 6000 meters.
  18. Iran tested Bavar-373 long range SAM. Not sure if what was shown in the video is real or intentionally missleading leak. Anyway ...
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