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  2. Well it's supposed to break up the cone of a HEAT warhead, so why not? If anything it should be effective versus any HEAT warhead. The 2AV must have featured thinner side armour as the Leopard 2A was supposed to be immune to 20mm AP, so that would rule out 30mm hull armour for the production version atleast. 50mm is the only thickness which would reliably protect you against the 20mm AP available in the 70's. As for the RPG-7, I doubt it will penetrate 80-100 mm of armour 500mm behind a 12mm steel skirt, as was also demonstrated several times in Iraq & Afghanistan.
  3. Video Video: Another:
  4. Turkish soldiers with Stingers, firing at Su-24 (probably VKS place)
  5. Turkey is moving T-300 Kasirga K+ 302 mm caliber MRLS closer to border. System have range of up to 120 km and can use guided missiles, able to cover big chunk of jihadists territory in Idlib
  6. T-80U turret after test fires. Turret shape, ERA layout and some internals of ERA modules are visible. Roof plate of composite armor "pocket" is damaged:
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  8. Three M-60 destroyed (mostly by VKS) near Nayrab yesterday.
  9. After all, how to distinguish them? Maybe you have some photos?
  10. The Leopard 2A7+ Urban Operations was not just an add-on kit, but an alternative to the Leopard 2A7+ Duel Operations. Previously the Bundeswehr had toyed with the idea of using Leopard 2A4 turrets (fitted with the armor kit developed by KMW for the Leopard 2 PSO demonstrator) and place them on upgraded Leopard 2A6M hulls during peace-keeping missions and combat operations in urban environments. When not used in such scenarios, the tank was to retain its better duel capabilities (stronger armor, longer gun barrel) by being fitted with the standard Leopard 2A6 turret. This idea was rejected after some time for being cumbersome and uneconomic, so KMW decided to proposed two variants of an upgraded Leopard 2A6M tank (the Leopard 2A7+) optimized for different tasks; i.e. the Leopard 2A7+ Urban Operations and Leopard 2A7+ Duel Operations. The Leopard 2A7+ Urban Operations has different armor. I don't know if it uses the lighter internal armor package as Germany considered in the past by using a Leopard 2A4 turret, but the add-on armor is different. The wedge-shaped armor modules are not made of heavy NERA (there is a distinctive lack of bolts holding the sandwich plates together), they are single-layered and hollow - there is supposedly an option to add armor inserts if needed. Identical add-on armor on the left cheek of the Leopard 2A4M CAN's turret. Slat armor doesn't really work against anti-tank missiles. The side armor of the Leopard 2AV's lower hull is 30 mm steel - Germany used higher grade steel than other nations, but no ultra high hardness armor. Specifically given that the Danish Leopard 2A5 tanks are rebuilt early batch Leopard 2s, the hull armor isn't going to be made of the best possible steel. Even the basic PG-7 can defeat five inches (127 mm) steel armor after detonating two feet in front of the target. This very poor performance is a result of the low production quality of the warhead. A modern hand-held anti-tank weapon (such as a RGW-60) with similar overall penetration capacity would likely retain more over distance. It has to be, given that the weight of the Leopard 2A5DK with add-on armor will be less than that of the Strv 122 (62.5 tonnes, but also including 1.3 tonnes of roof armor not fielded in Denmark).
  11. Clear video of TSK launching MANPADS from their OP yesterday. https://mobile.twitter.com/MathieuMorant/status/1230855940649504769
  12. I am talking purely if the side skirts are hit, in which case there's a ~500mm stand off between the RPG warhead going off and the ~100mm UHA underneath. If the side skirts are not hit, then ofcourse the RPG will punch straight through.
  13. "RPG-7" is a bad generalization. I can imagine it protects against PG-7V or VM in some circumstances, but I think it is unlikely that even that armor can do anything against even the PG-7VS, which is sill ancient, from the early '70s. Also dont forget the impact angle, which is very important. At 30 degreees for example, this armor will stop PG-7V or VM, but at 90... I dont think so. This +50mm add on is purely against EFPs.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Frontal protection looks enhanced if anything, not reduced on the 2A7+ Urban Operations (which was just an addon kit AFAIK). So unless they removed internal NERA packages the frontal protection would still be at maximum, as the turret wedges are the same and the tank also features the extra upper hull protection. http://tank-masters.de/?page_id=280 Is there information that says they removed the internal NERA arrays on this model? Well the entire side of the tank was fitted with slat armour, including the heavily armoured forward turret side, so I think the slat armor was merely added to make sure of proper protection vs the newest anti tank missiles likely available to the Taliban. If we presume the added side armour provides another 50mm of ultra high hardness armor then the total hull side armour would be around 100mm thick, add in the 12mm skirt and ~500mm airgap and I don't think for example an RPG-7 would stand a chance against that. Newer tandem charges would be a problem though, something the slat armour would have some ability to deal with by breaking up the cone before impact with any flat surface. That does not say anywhere it is the weight with the added armour though. If the tank truly weighed just over 70 tons in Afghanistan (according to that tanker), then I'm inclined to believe 68 tons is more likely. The tanker in the video I linked who mentioned 68 tons also never mentions the slat armour.
  16. Check 0:39. Clearly visible launch of MANPDAS from the Turkish base. It's most likely the failed attempt to hit a VKS Su-24M, i.e. a direct attack from TSK on a Russian plane. It looks like that may have the reason why VKS bombed the Turkish OP and killed TSK soldiers. Allegedly another video of the attempt is bellow. It also supports the theory that the two SyAAF Mi-8 were shot down directly by TSK, not by the rebels. A list of websites and twitter accounts which received a request from Turkish court to remove photos of destroyed Turkish armor: And iIn Looser's words (or Orc's)... Kek
  17. Operation in Idlib (gif) So far i expect combat to stop pretty soon, as Turkey continue to increase level of conflict and i don't expect our side to push harder. Turkish forces at this point are probing SAA and level of Russian support to Syria. They don't conduct serious strategic-level attacks, at least for now and i expect our side to try to keep it in that way. Probably new talks and de-confliction will be tried soon, hard to say outcome as Sultan showed that he is quick to jump from one political stance to another.
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