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  3. General AFV Thread

    Perhaps they are talking about the T48 Gun Motor Carriage?
  4. Norinco GL-5 Active Protection System. Tested against 120mm munition, and has a unique feature of firing off 2 intercepting rounds, not 1.
  5. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    B-17F "Hell's Angels" of 303rd Bombardment Group (Heavy), 358th Bomb Squadron. Hell's Angels was the first 8th AAF B-17 to complete 25 missions. The aircraft later went on to fly a staggering 48 missions, again being the first 8th AAF B-17 to do so. Interesting to note, during the filming of William Wyler's 'Memphis Belle', a second filming team was assigned to "Hell's Angels" in the event "Memphis Belle" was shot down.
  6. The Crossout thread.

    Colli and I stomped around at 1750 and 3700-4000ps tonight. We had about 14 or so victories in a row. We also encountered some poor bastard who had 4 fuel barrels half exposed on the back of his lightly armed and armored vehicle. I touched those off 5 times in a row with the dual shotguns on my 1750 build. He was very learning resistant. At 3700-4000ps we were rolling around with a Reaper and an Executioner, spreading butthurt and misery everywhere we went.
  7. Some fuckers defaced the Lincoln Memorial, I think they spray painted "Fuck Law" on it...
  8. I'll start carving epicanthic folds on the figures who make up the base mound.
  9. What are we playing?

    I'm updating and getting on StarCraft Remastered. Somebody hmu, I need a duel.
  10. Hahahahah. It's hilarious and terrifying how incredibly un-self aware these kinds of people are.
  11. Their banner headlines after the press conference.
  12. Social Darwinism was a big thing late 19th-early 20th Century Colli.
  13. I think Trump finally broke CNN's collective mind.
  14. Woodward's book makes it clear that something even weirder than that was going on. There are numerous excerpts about how relaxed and freely mixed Southern society was all the way until the 1880s, and to some extent after that. It was actually shocking to Europeans how un-racist American society was at that time. And then something happened, FIIK what, and segregation was the law of the land throughout the South. The Compromise of 1877 definitely had something to do with it, but Woodward explicitly makes the case that Jim Crow was not inevitable or obvious. This wasn't the ghost of the white supremacist slave society re-asserting itself when it thought it was safe to re-emerge. That's a line of crap that people like Woodrow Wilson sold to a largely credulous audience a generation after the fact, and that for some bizarre reason is taught in schools. Pro tip: Woodrow Wilson was an agent of Angra Mainyu who hated all that is good, true and pure. You should probably not repeat anything he said as fact without checking it first.
  15. The Confederacy wasn't killed 100 percent dead in that the Confederate widows survived who more than any group is responsible for romanticizing the Lost Cause. Men as different as George S. Patton and Teddy Roosevelt were influenced by strong Southern women.
  16. Yeah, the Lost Causers are the children and grandchildren of the Civil War era southern Democrats. I mean, here's how old the bastards who actually fought were by the 1890s: These guys were retirees, practically. Here's the thing, and they only sort of teach you think in school: We as a nation had achieved practically all the goals of the Civil Rights movement (for men, at least) by 1870. Black people were desegregated, they were free, they were voting, they were treated as equals... Because the Northern troops made the South do it at the barrel of a gun. And I don't mean "we fought a war", I mean there were literally Union troops stationed in the South, occupying it, pointing guns at the Southerners to make sure they guaranteed the rights of the Negro. And then the Compromise of 1877 happened, and the North just abandoned the Southern blacks. They just up and left, and everything they'd achieved to that point was lost. They don't drive this home in school like I think they should: The North failed to secure the rights of the Southern blacks at the end of the Civil War, and as a consequence the only thing that long and bloody conflict decided was whether states could secede or not. The whole reason there was a Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and '60s was due to that failure. The failure of Reconstruction is a shameful mark on our country, especially the Yankees, and I think that needs to hammered in to schoolchildren as such. More optimistically, the Yanks seemed to have learned their lesson eventually, because they did not let the same thing happen in Japan and Germany after World War II. Which is why we still have large military bases in those countries.
  17. Bash the EM-2 Thread

    Topple the Photobucket regime.
  18. At this point it is more than abundantly clear - although it's been obvious to me since November - that the Left, the media, and various lobbyist, business and political groups are using any and every tactic just short of armed insurrection to undo the results of the Presidential election. And the only reason they aren't doing the latter is because they think they can remove Trump via impeachment or getting him to resign via scandal.
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