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  5. More about Kurds
  6. Any idea when the damage increase from radiators overtakes the damage increase from just adding more guns? My current build is a 4-kord truck (reallly low level) so I'm wondering at what point increasing my cooldown is a better option than just slapping an extra kord on.
  7. Yesterday hehe
  8. Google translation: In the name of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, and on hearing and obedience, we ask God Almighty for security and safety for our beloved Kingdom. This is too good to not share! @Sturgeon, @Priory_of_Sion, @Scolopax, @Bronezhilet, @Donward, @Meplat So, when Burger King, Netflix, Apple and Amazon will pledge their loyalty to His Majesty Trump the 3rd?
  9. NSFW
  10. Latest Kurds and SDF actions are slowly making them to be hated by everyone involved in Syrian Knot.
  11. @Collimatrix, those were probably Shia Camels Saudi Arabia Deports 15,000 Qatari Camels also
  12. Really?
  13. More of Russian soldiers in Syria
  14. F-16 very close to Shoigy's plane
  15. Navy "Kalibrated" ISIS SAA pushes to T2 airport from T3 airport and pumping station and from Iraqi-Syrian border.
  16. Radical democrats and US troops in Syria, Tanaf ANNA news and Fatimioun near Palmyra
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