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  3. Tiger forces advances in Eastern Aleppo. Somewhere in Homs province
  4. ORSIS K-151 in .308 Win 4.6 kg overall length - 0.96m barrel - 0.508 10 round mag up to 700 meters effective range
  5. A percent or two of total cartridge energy is still significant - the projectile only gets like a third of that, so if the energy of the projectile goes from 30% to 32% for example then that's a ~7% increase in muzzle energy. That is still assuming an absurd improvement in rifling efficiency, but it's worth looking into at least
  6. Oh yeah, that makes a lot more sense. Edit: yup, googling "sinusoidal rifling" in Russian brings up STALKER as the top few results, but there are enough actual small arms articles that come up that might mean the term is just uncommon rather than a translation fuckup.
  7. IDK, most likely just a supporters without solid connections (probably they have some form of communication through social networks).
  8. Problems in Marawi city, Philippines.
  9. Are the seperatist/extremist groups in Dagestan actually coordinated with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, or have they just pledged allegiance?
  10. It might be a translation-derp of rounded-profile rifling, like this: Presumably the rifling twists the same way all the way down the bore... There's a lot of wank about different rifling profiles, and basically it doesn't matter. According to Julian Hatcher's tests in the 1930s, .30-06 loses about 1% of the cartridge's energy to friction with the rifling, and that figure goes down as you scale up. The highest estimate I've ever seen for energy loss from bore/bullet friction is 3% for 5.56 NATO. So, if you invented some super-duper rifling that caused 1/1000th the drag of regular rifling the improvement on muzzle velocity would be... somewhat above the level of statistical noise.
  11. Text isn't justified, margins are unsuitable for printing and binding, 0/10, not up to engineering report standards.
  12. Sir Roger Moore has died.
  13. Is the giant smokescreen in the second picture entirely from the engines of the aircraft carrier? If that's where all that smoke is coming from, I suppose it is an accurate reproduction of the Kuznetsov.
  14. Is sinusoidal rifling actually a thing? Seems like it wouldn't work very well.
  15. It looks to be a metal detector.
  16. Belorussian medium range AA system, sort of BUK.
  17. Step 7 should be changed to "continue money and arms support of jihadists"
  18. There are what, four typhoons stationed on the Falklands themselves? That right there should be enough to kill the entire Argentine air force.
  19. Chinese team prepare to TB 2017. Type 96A (or B?) with upgraded engine that we saw last year.
  20. Car with explosives detonated in Homs city, ISIS took responsibility for it.
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