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  2. General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    http://www.navytimes.com/news/your-military/2017/08/17/water-on-deck-get-out-the-navys-official-report-of-the-fitzgeralds-catastrophe-at-sea/ First report on the Fitzgerald incident in. 12 sailors facing discipline, including the Captain. When you end up hanging off the side of your ship, chances are you done fucked up bad somehow.
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  4. Scale Models Megathread

    Now that I have the bench space and a mini lathe, really tempted to get back into hard kitmashing. Have to be careful on what I build from stock though, I'm sure much of what I have on the shelves is worth more as a kit than built. If the funky old "Williams Brothers" kits are still around, those were a favorite, since they took real work., and were of unusual subjects. Like a 1/6 scale Lewis gun..
  5. Bash the EM-2 Thread

    Ugh, impatient fucks. https://www.dsarms.com/p-11631-fal-sa58-g1-belgian-quick-detach-long-flashider-buy-2-for-50.aspx
  6. Scale Models Megathread

    Cheers, my newer stuff is a bit sharper and the photography is/was better.....Will get the booth out eventually but it's enormous so I need the spare room to be free. I used to be a Sci-Fi kit reviewer on Britmodeller so I had to buy a stupidly big booth just to fit the ludicrous boxes in (PS - As you may be able to tell, I'm not a huge fan of commercial Sci-Fi, so I wasn't really a natural fit for the reviewer post). If you are into modelling I can't recommend Britmodeller highly enough, despite the name it's a massively cosmopolitan forum and the modellers are really pretty good, check this out: Models built painted & photographed by Andy Moore.

    Very nice find. It looks to me that the sights on the epoch turret are related to the sighting complex of the kornet-D.
  8. The sad thing is that basically this line of logic was pulled on me yesterday because I mentioned I had heard the term "CTRL Left"
  9. What are we playing?

    Got talked into buying Autism Simulator 2017
  10. The Nazis are the threat, obviously, haven't you been watching the news? You must be a Nazi sympathizer. Attempting to lull us into a false sense of security and complacency by saying that they aren't a threat so they can hit is with a surprise attack. I bet that you are secretly Hitler's offspring, genetically modified to look like normal humans while being twice as Nazi as Hitler was. Get out of here, MegaHitler, we don't want your hate!
  11. I guess the question is what sort of threat these Neo-Nazis/KKK types pose to The Republic. From the numbers I've seen posted on the left wing Southern Poverty Center, the answer is almost nill. Most of these groups are lucky to have double digit membership numbers at the local and regional level. Holy hell, the Stormer had its website hosted at GoDaddy. I know of no politician at the federal, state and local level who supports them. These guys aren't attending GOP functions. They're not donating any significant money to political campaigns. These guys at best might hold an assistant manager gig at the Piggly Wiggly. They're playing video games at night while masturbating to Cuck porn. Counter this with the "Alt Left" whose members stand side-by-side with Senators and Governors, being funded by billionaires and are celebrated by Hollywood celebrities, sports stars and the media. As someone who is opposed to both of those groups, one represents a clear and present danger to The Republic while the other is an obnoxious distraction.
  12. The ZTQ-5 light tank and the IFV based on the ZTQ-5 chassis have modern sights with thermals. The VN-12 and the type-59 based IFV not. The latter are prolly advertised at cash strapped armies while the former for more wealthy countries. Bear in mind that thermal imagers are quite expensive, especially military grade ones. I recall that the sights and FCS on the original bradley IFV accounted for 25% of the total cost of the vehicle. Even the PLA hasn't fielded IFV's with thermals until recently with the ZBD-04A. Thermals were present at mbt, tank destroyers/assault guns and specialized recon vehicles.
  13. Are you actually retarded or just pretending?
  14. Or, you know, do the CIA thing: completely infiltrate their organisation, turn them on each other and crush them for a full generation.
  15. Yep. And if I was at the point where I felt the need to counter protest, then that's a cost you have to account for. I'm not one for attending protests for any random thing, and things are no where near as polarized as things are in the states up here. But if it got to the point where I, personally felt the need to get out on the streets and rally against a bunch of shitlords spouting racist crap then things would have deteriorated to a point where blood might need to be shed. If the cost is my life, well... that's awful. But there are a hell of a lot more senseless and random ways to die then standing against Nazi ideology.
  16. Yeah I don't think so. For example that type 59 heavy IFV and VN-12 IFV both use similar turrets like some of the PLA's ifv's with the same non-thermal sights and weapons lay-out. Why not equip your product with all the bells and whistles to show it's full capability? Also that HJ-73 ATGM on top of that modern looking RCWS looks off.
  17. For some extra cash you will get your thermal imager Majority those vics are for export.
  18. Syrian conflict.

    Pilot of shot down plane in militants hospital. Negotiations on exchange are happening now. lol, possibly tank-based VBIED
  19. And that will spark a violent response, even before the police show up to arrest you. You're daughter might have to grow up without a father, because you had to physically assault someone who was saying inflammatory things. Nazis have been so thoroughly discredited and stigmatized that they do not pose a serious political threat, and probably won't for a very very time. The best response is to mock them.
  20. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Surprisingly the aircraft involved in said incident suffered minor damage even to critical components. (It needs some repairs before it's flyable again but it's not a write off by any means.)
  21. There is a disturbing lack of thermal imagers on some of these vehicles..
  22. Yeah It's hard to see at a distance but it does. A few of the later Chinese HMGs are relatively small for their caliber so it gives space to fit other things in a compact area.
  23. VT"X" generally designates an export vehicle yes (there are a few other export codes, VT is the most common though.) Also, note the mostly tan with light brown/green blotches camo patterns, this is almost always used exclusively on export vehicle demos, the PLA doesn't actually use this color scheme.
  24. If it got to the point where there were actual Nazis giving demonstrations and I felt the need to counter protest, then I'd be perfectly willing to go to jail for assault. Because if it's a Nazi that needs punching you want it to be public, and you want to be seen as willing to go to jail or rely on jury nullification so you don't. I mean, actual Nazis need punching. I don't think anyone here would disagree with that. We all like to fight with wanna be Nazi shitlords... kinda what we do. But you have to be willing to pay full freight to do so. There is always a cost to a real fight, and you have to be willing to pay it.
  25. General news thread

    But we can't have weapons to defend ourselves with because that's dangerous.
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