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  1. The media really cannot help themselves.
  3. Perfect Blue is a fucking incredible film.
  4. That's horrible. I hope they catch the white supremacists that did it!
  5. Gotta be honest, this doesn't sound like gross incompetence to me.
  6. Are all the guns still like that, or did they just add other weapons to the base game's lineup?
  7. Is that Lost Alpha? And the gun is still mirrored?
  8. This is in fact literally how all people work.
  9. Uh, yeah, what would the reaction be if he actually did glass Saudi Arabia? You know what it would be like. He'd have to be actually insane and evil to do that.
  10. Much as I would like him to glass the place, that's right. Simply not on the table.
  11. What a fucking revelation, the people who don't like Trump don't like Trump.
  12. What does it show? Seems to be typical Trump behavior, to me. When he wants to influence someone, he cuddles up to them first. Pretty much SOP with him. Dilbertman would probably call that "pacing and leading" or something. Here's a thought experiment. Whenever Trump acts cozy with someone, forget it's Trump. Put Mattis in there instead. What does it look like? A bit like "no better friend, no worse enemy", yeah? I mean, in a bizarre Trump kind of way.
  13. All the media outlets believe he's doing a shit job, including FOX. Remember, FOX was aligned against the guy during the election, until they had to get on the train or be left behind. I'm gonna be honest and say that what the media thinks has absolutely no bearing on how I feel about something. The media - including FOX - is a bag of dicks. Now does that mean Trump is doing well? No idea! With the first non-political, non-military President in our history, how do you even begin to measure that, anyway?