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  1. Gogo gadget @Khand-e
  2. Not so convincing on further examination:
  3. So of course I sold mine as a hunk of garbage long ago.
  4. I honestly don't see the problem with painting with a broad brush here, given the massive amount of groupthink involved. But if you'd prefer, I'll use the term "great big bag o' shitheads" instead of "community", in the future.
  5. That's just making excuses for a community that's massively hypocritical, tribalistic, and self-righteous. They act like "science" is all the excuse they need to act like cunts, it's just like big-A Atheism all over again (and whaddya know, they tend to overlap!).
  6. The issue is "sort-of-settled". There are a lot of things that are real facts, and a lot of things that are speculation, and a lot of things that are obvious bullshit. That's pretty much "science as usual", though. The problem has come because of the politicization of the issue and the way they've tried to sell the public on it. I mean, sure, there's some culpability to assign to the climate skeptics' equivalents of anti-vaccers (not all climate skeptics qualify as this, though), but a lot of this skepticism was a self-inflicted wound. I mean, for one thing, the climate change folks' narrative has dramatically changed multiple times within a lot of people's lifetimes. It was an impending ice age, then global warming, then "climate change" (a noncommittal euphemism that sure is perhaps more technically accurate but still sounds like a weaselly copout to literally everyone). Throw in the fact that you can't even ask questions about it anymore* without people jumping down your throat and calling you anti-science, and yeah. Anyone who doesn't sexually identify as a scientist sees a huge steaming load, here. That doesn't mean that climate change is actually a huge steaming load (though there are still some pretty compelling reasons - like climate models - to think maybe it is at least a little bit), but it does mean it's being sold the same way a steaming load is sold. *I don't mean "ask questions" as in "ask smarmy retarded questions" I mean literally "where's the restroom" type stuff, nor by "people" do I mean "random idiots". I once recall watching a video from Veritasium, and commenting something like "I am not a climate expert; could you point me to resources that show the link between human activity and warming patterns?" and him chewing me out as a retard for asking. When you get a welcome like that, well, it's not too far a jump to think maybe they have something to hide.
  7. This video by Nidget is pretty hilarious. I love how describes science as a system of peer review, but then is like "the longer you delay accepting global warming, the longer you delay us doing anything political about it!" Then he decries that back in his day nobody questioned science. Dude, that's because back in your day your side didn't use science as a political bludgeon, which is what you're doing IN THIS VERY VIDEO. Maybe BSM should listen to Dilbertman:
  8. I see that the Left is trying to swaddle themselves in the cloak of science once again. Judging by their recent record, I expect them to be aggressively stripped of this pretense soon.
  9. Oh you meant specific hitboxes, like particular to each class. Yeah, I don't see that meshing well.
  10. Is it class based? I just watched the gameplay video. Didn't the previous Quake games have hitboxes, too? I know UT definitely did, which is mostly what I played.
  11. I'm confused, how is the new Quake an OW clone?