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  1. RIP HAL Tejas
  2. Look! Matt Easton can make clickbait, too! (Seriously, don't watch the video, all he says is that lightsabers aren't real.)
  3. My guess is 2018 will be a slaughter where the Republicans win even more seats. 2020 will see Trump win with the kind of mandate Obama had in 2008. So basically, I'm expecting a new dark age glorious reich of conservative dominance and the eventual deposition of RINOs in the party.
  4. Shit, I get that attitude all the time as a gun reporter at gun expos.
  5. It's weird how the news media breathlessly report on every fucking Trump tweet and insist redfaced that it's superduperimportantyoujustdon'tunderstand, but then when something doesn't go their way you catch them whistling to themselves and shuffling away quietly.
  6. YUUUUUUUUUUUUPPP classic read
  7. I don't know what these words even mean.