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  1. Youtube tank videos are almost always crap unless they are from The Chieftain Under the Hatch series or Bovington Museum "Tank Chats."
  2. Continental must have thought that the concept held enough merit that it was worth making this patent in 1958. For more on free piston engines for military vehicles, check out ENGINE-TRANSMISSION POWER PLANTS FOR TACTICAL VEHICLES
  3. Today I learned that Carl Bachle, the brains behind Continental Motors had some patents on free piston engines, including designs that allowed for better fuel economy at idle by either changing the stroke of the piston, or changing the mass of the piston by filling it with liquid. Free piston engines are weird.
  4. Actually, to Muskegon MI. It's on the other side of the state from Detroit and has much nicer beaches.
  5. According to the discussion I have had with my Dad, Egyptian generals liked to use M60 upgrade programs as an excuse to take a fact finding trip to the US. Of course, they never ended up actually buying any upgrades, but they got to have a free vacation.
  6. Jesus was a basketball player...
  7. I've got that book too, i think it was a gift. It's worth about five minutes of entertainment. This might shock you all, but I wouldn't put the Tiger on the list of worst weapons ever. It was a flawed design that poorly suited the needs of WWII Germany, but to call it one of the worst weapons ever? I think the author is trying too hard to shock. He also has the AK-47 in the book, so it's pretty obvious he is trying to be contrarian.
  8. Good lord. This is why I couldn't figure out the drawing. I kept thinking to myself that they can't possibly be twisting the bar from the middle.
  9. In case you have never given much thought to the suspension bogies of the Ferdinand/Elefant, here is a diagram. I keep staring at this and I still don't quite get it. It's like looking at an M.C. Escher painting.
  10. As I understand it, Schiffer Publishing is pretty close to a vanity press, their authors make very little on their books. That might explain why so many of their books are on obscure facets of SS history. Anyhow, I suspect that the author of this Sherman Scandal book is not going to be getting rich off it.
  11. I don't have much interest in reading it. The only thing I find interesting about it is that some of the photos in contains were taken by Massimo Foti. He has a pretty stellar collection of european AFV photos in his gallery.
  12. The guy on the left is Senator Gary Peters of Michigan.
  13. According to Amazon it's release date is may 28 and the price has been knocked down to $53.
  14. Yes. Some articles are less worse than others, but in general they are pretty much just one half-step above.....Popular Mechanics. (Ewwww)