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  1. You think?
  2. I'm not a fan of Trump, but it'll probably be amazing to see how the media gives this a negative spin:
  3. This is dead. JGT wins by default, but gets nothing due to lack of other entries.
  4. I see that you too deny the existence of the Berserk 2016/17 anime.
  5. What the actual fuck.
  6. Unlike the Defender, the Chrysler is a one-trick-pony, and it's very good at that trick. But it's a trick scrubs don't really know how to do. Since the Defender is a good all-rounder, even if you use it wrong it can still give you good results. If you use the Chrysler in a way it's not intended to be used, you're going to get wrecked quickly. But since everyone and their mother screamed it's an OP tank, it must be OP in every situation, right? Right!? IS-3 vs an angled Chrysler: The best chance of penetration is that tiny area above the track, which is a 50% chance. The lower plate goes from 47% to 27% chance of penetration. Of course if you can find a rock or a house to hide the lower plate behind you're invulnerable. But who the fuck has seen clueless pubbies angling a tank?
  7. Ah, this is where you're wrong, kiddo. It's obviously because they all refused marriage at the age of 6-7!
  8. For the experts here. I haven't read this yet, but how much of this is bullshit?
  9. Ah yeah I see it now, I just assumed it was the same vehicle. Thanks.
  10. Should I touch this with a ten-foot pole or shouldn't I touch this with a 10-foot pole?
  11. Has this problem shown up on more vehicles by the way? Is it just this vehicle, or can it be some sort of batch problem?
  12. Those launchers look... not very balanced at all. Looking at photos it looks like the tubes jerk forward on firing.
  13. @Damian If it's publicly accessable you should be able to simply right click on the image, click "Copy image" and paste it here.