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  1. The Whirlybird Thread

  2. Syrian conflict.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: The Syrian Civil War Civil War
  3. The Whirlybird Thread

  4. Syrian conflict.

    Ahrar being mad at al-nusra:
  5. Syrian conflict.

  6. Syrian conflict.

  7. Didnt the devs say that the full bot mode would be removed at the end of the alpha/beta?
  8. Syrian conflict.

  9. Syrian conflict.

    Other map: It's about 90 km to Deir Ezzor from both flanks.
  10. Syrian conflict.

    The US maybe, but France has been saying more and more about how Assad can stay in the past few weeks.
  11. Syrian conflict.

    It is true, although the quote in that article isn't exactly faithful to the official translation: Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/07/13/remarks-president-trump-and-president-macron-france-joint-press
  12. The Crossout thread.

    https://forum.crossout.net/index.php?/topic/271258-crossout-0720/ @Collimatrix Assault drones got nerfed, expanded ammorack got buffed (now my jihad build doesn't work anymore :/ )
  13. Oh they fixed the launcer, nice "You will receive your Device ID within 5 minutes" ...or not
  14. I have it. Enjoyed it. Can't update/install it anymore because the devs can't make launchers.
  15. Syrian conflict.

    This might not be in Raqqa or recent considering they're wearing winter clothes. (Or even SDF since I've been told the people involved didn't wear any patches)