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  1. I should have time to sit down and play this some this weekend. IGN is the same as here, just now hit level 10
  2. Something that already really is getting on my nerves is how a defeat means you get basically no rewards from that battle at all, both in terms of exp and the other goodies. Grinding out fuel and copper is also very obnoxious, as well as the currency to get the crafting slots. I guess they decided that the grind in WT was a good thing that was worth carrying over to other games.
  3. Reposting it here since it was in that WoT thread, but for those who have experience with this game, how should I deal with guys running drones? It at least feels to me like those things just tear you apart.
  4. I don't see them trying to claim that needing a license to legally drive a car is racist, so why is it now racist when it comes to voting instead of driving cars? Really does get the ol' noggin joggin.
  5. Do those drone things respawn ever if you kill them? Those things are really annoying and seem to kill me a lot faster than actual vehicles do.
  6. Yeah, F2P sort of deal like WoT and WT. I started it Monday night, seems like it's got potential. Robocraft was pretty similar, but this game seems a lot better on a mechanical level. Grind though, can't comment on it yet.
  7. Sounds to me like it's a SEA server only deal. China doesn't get their Chinese cartoon tanks, poor saps. Also, Crossout, the make your own mad max truck game thing by Gaijin is apparently out of CBT.
  8. Meanwhile, in the land of the free...
  9. I've not touched WT tanks much lately, but if you're all enjoying BR 1.3 clubbing, I'd recommend giving the NbFz a shot. While the T-35 relies on brute force, the NbFz has a more fluid feel to it. The guns are easier to aim, is much more mobile, gets arty, and is easier to use cover with. T-35 still has multiturrets instead of linked guns (can be good or bad), more crew, and more armor. lol at the Independent with -4° depression or the Ro-Go with its general badness for a low tier land battleship
  10. Canada yes! Bill C-16 passed Canada's senate 67 to 11, so now very soon you must respect my pronouns (meme, maymay, memeself) or you shall go to jail and be sent to reeducation camp for misgendering me. Government mandated opinions are oh so very progessive! Other link
  11. It in this case being Qatar
  12. It's her facebook name too so I guess actual name, but I doubt like she's feeling like a Reality Winner either way. Also apparently was a Bernie supporter and stuff.
  13. Don't know if it belongs here or the Trump thread, putting it here since we're talking Russia
  14. Since the last post was sloppy and some time has been able to pass, at least 6 dead and 48 injured from this. 3 angry men whose religious beliefs you'd never guess got shot by police. Sun one I guess was fake, was only seeing it tweeted by one guy. The Vauxhall thing was London being its usual self and was an unrelated stabbing nearby at the same time.