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  1. WT's upcoming patch looks rather interesting, lots of content. T95 medium, Starship, Puma, Object 268, T-55A, Churchill I, Vickers MBT Mk. I, Chieftain Mk. 5, smoke screens and smoke shells, PB4Y-2 Privateer, BF-109A, and an entire Italian aircraft branch.
  2. Man, they don't even name the European country in question and it's John McCain being the one upset. Even if I was wanting to hate Trump, I wouldn't touch this story until they can do something beyond accuse.
  3. Unnamed "Officials" caught Trump being a Russian puppet for the 50 quadrillionth time with him revealing "highly classified information" to Russian officials last week. These people keep it up and Trump will be able to get away with actual scandals because they'd cried wolf one too many times.
  4. Regardless of your thoughts on this, the salt over this is absolutely enormous. It's almost like Trump won the election again. Dictartorship confirmed.
  5. WT is running an event were you can grab one of those BM-13N Katyushas. Took me a few tries, but got the thing in about half an hour. For a gaijin grind event, this one was shockingly easy and painless. Just unlocked it today, lord have mercy on those that went for the Excelsior. If the gun fired, the commander from the chest down would be in a very sad state. Also, decals will always be WT's greatest feature.
  6. Obamacare is kill
  7. Yeah, anything with T-34 in its name is going to be a pretty strong tank (less so with the 57mm variant). I'd argue that they're the kings of BR 3.7/4.0 and can also probably build the best 5.3 lineup as well. Also realized a bit ago that gaijin was doing one of those cancerous grind missions, the tanks rewards being the Soviet Matilda II w/ F-96 76mm and the Excelsior. Going to go for the matilda and am mostly there, seems like a rather solid tank for BR 3.3. Unlike WoT, it's only got 2° of depression, so that may be tricky. Its armor plus the better 76mm gun on it means it's a pretty strong counter against the KV-1 l/11 if you do AB. KV-1 can hardly dent you, your gun can pen him easy if you don't land a wonky hit. Planes were the PV-2D Harpoon and a Yak-3t.
  8. Californian commies are salty
  9. I suppose it's nice that right after I reluctantly installed discord, I've been given more things to do in it.
  10. Today was effectively my last day to use the shop this semester, still have about two thirds of the stock stuff left. I tried running the bit with half the depth of cut as before, but it still really hated the cut. Got the majority of the extra stuff off with an old school vertical mill, the rest is for me to do later somehow. Would have taken the smaller ends off too if I had the time, but alas, I did not. It'll be funky at the shallow end since the final cutout didn't reach the bottom of the plate yet (not entirely sure why I did it that way other than just because), but I figure a power drill and my dremel could help get those last two chunks off. If not, I know I can find someone who can.
  11. Can't remember if this was posted before
  12. Turns out the end mill doesn't like cutting the plate out from the stock material, so going to need to think of another way to cut it out. This'll be the last step before it's done with the CNC machine. My present idea is drilling a bunch of holes along that path to make the bit's job easier, but I suppose there may be other ways as well. Taking off .05" per pass the current way is no bueno, regardless of feed rate. Machine is limited to 4k RPM and I can't really go bigger than my 3/8" endmill since I've only got so much space to work with.
  13. He made a video
  14. Spicy
  15. I'd also much rather have that since TDs are also not my thing, unlike mediums. For being a fast tier 7 with a 122mm, it's actually not much worse than the T-34-2. This and the AMX 13 57 are the two tanks in WoT that I do genuinely want to try, but one costs money that I refuse to spend and the other won't happen because rip WG contacts.