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  1. The FBI is extremely good now
  2. Turkey has launched airstrikes against the Iraqi Yazidi region of Sinjar, you know, the same place where ISIS massacred and enslaved the Yazidis and prompted US intervention. Its ok if the Turks do it though, its especially ok since its the anniversary of the Armenian genocide which they still deny and the US fails to call a genocide due to Turkish lobbyists.
  3. NATO doesn't allow ANA troops to carry weapons while on base(a precautionary measure against the very real threat of the occasional Afghan soldier attacking NATO troops) and the Taliban knew this and massacred the unarmed Afghan soldiers.
  4. Even if global warming isn't even real (it is fwiw), I'd still be for replacing fossil fuels with nuclear. The less money falling into the hands of the Saudis, the better. Fuck them.
  5. Snake bite on my finger
  6. I'm reading that UAE air defenses brought this Saudi helicopter down
  7. Its political, they use oil money to buy weapons from whoever in exchange for more geopolitical backing. The militaries in the Gulf States don't seem to be anything more than country clubs for the royalty & friends while they get proxies or mercenaries to actually fight their wars so it doesn't really matter what they buy because they don't plan on using most of it.
  8. By the looks of Libya, Yemen, and Syria, they'll return to authoritarian strongmen states if they aren't partitioned into smaller states. The strongest military force in Libya is the Tobruk-based Council of Deputies which is led by a former general of Gaddafi's army, Haftar, who was later groomed by the CIA in the late 80s and 90s to help overthrow Gaddafi. Haftar is sorta the run-of-the-mill regional strongman and seems to have decent international support from the west(at least formerly), Egypt, the UAE, and Russia. It's likely only a matter of time until Haftar is made defacto dictator of Libya. Yemen's civil war is largely divided between the Shia north, led by the Houthis and the older Yemeni president Saleh, and the South which is backed by the Saudis and run by Yemen's old VP, Hadi. The likely outcome(if the Saudis ever run out of mercenaries to die in the highlands to Houthi snipers) is that Yemen is just split in two, like it was before 1990, with the same old strongmen in power. Up until recently it looked as if Assad would retake most of the country and thus a return to the status quo. Yet there seems to be a lot of international interests in Syria so it may be a while until Assad takes Idlib or clears out the resistance in the suburbs of Damascus for good, but barring a large scale invasion to topple the Assad regime by the US or Turkey, it seems that this is inevitable. If the rebels "win", you'd probably be looking at a government similar to the pre-2001 Taliban. The one "success" of the Arab Spring is Tunisia where civil war didn't break out and they implemented a good deal of liberal reforms. Yet, I'd be concerned about the stability of Tunisia as Tunisia has the highest ISIS volunteers per capita anywhere in the world. So the Arab Spring has been essentially a culling of the moderate Arabs that were supposedly behind it.
  9. Iran "tests" the Qaher-313, which means they have it roll around on the tarmac for 2 minutes for propaganda purposes.
  10. I believe it's the combat debut.
  11. This is wrong, the Deep Ones run the Deep State
  12. Rich Anderson already roasted this fool I'd personally like to see Rich and Kenny over here, they seem to be goodboys who are also hated by Luigi which is a good sign
  13. Lockheed's Archangel whitepaper
  14. We're already in Syria