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  1. Reading the Insider stuff, it pretty much jives with my experience and the Zero Fucks Given attitude of Wargaming staff and moderators. I mean, there's a REASON why Sturgeon's House was created in the first place.
  2. How did you get banned on that site?
  3. BAAAEEEYYYEEERRR BIIIKKKEEERRR SLOW!!! When Cyclists Collide With Bears "In June 2016, Brad Treat and a companion were biking a singletrack trail in the Flathead National Forest near Montana's Glacier National Park. Rounding a corner at an estimated 20 mph, Treat T-boned a grizzly bear. The cyclist flew over the handlebars, breaking both wrists. Then he was killed by the surprised and extremely provoked bear. The final incident report... found that the bear acted in self defense." (I showed the file photo for the story to Mrs. The Captain of this mama grizzly with not one, not two, but three nearly full grown cubs. Certainly the stuff of nightmares to us setnetters when we do a lot of travelling on a four-wheeler on the beach.) ...
  4. I do have to hand it to whoever runs ExposingWoT for consistently keeping his hate boner for Wargaming turgid and erect for so long. Plus he hates a lot of the same assholes we hate while possessing a disdain for ANIMEA and Nazis and members of the T110 thread which is in keeping with comieboo Party beliefs.
  5. Getting back from the theoretical and more towards the practical, much of the driving factor for this "March for Science" is the fact that the current Administration is "Draining the Swamp" and a lot bureaucrats in DC and elsewhere are finding themselves out of a job or part of a hiring freeze. And so because the Federal government needs to become slimmer and more efficient, a sentiment shared by the voters who have elected politicians to do this, we have a "March for Science" all because some mid-level pencil pushers and political appointees with the EPA and other agencies aren't able to feed at the public trough to the tune of six-figures a year plus retirement and benefits. There's a LOT of money to be made "saving" the environment. Which is why a career politician like Algore, who has never made more than $230,700 a year when he was Veep, is now worth close to $200 million.
  6. Maybe if the Left in our country hadn't spent the last 5 decades protesting nuclear power, western medicine, vaccines, GMOs and most of the technological progress of the 20th Century, then maybe we wouldn't have an atmosphere where everyone feels the right to question "scientists". That's not to say that Republicans and their foot soldiers in the Religious Right haven't contributed their fair share. But the last I checked, Republicans generally aren't the sort to wrap themselves in the flag of SCIENCE! in order to use it as a rhetorical argument while posting OBNOXIOUS Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking or Bill Nye quotes on social media. Here's another photo. Yeah. How DARE a politician run on a platform of bringing back American prosperity like the sort which we experienced in the 1950s when the median household only needed one bread winner and a high school graduate could afford to buy a house AND a new car based on the earnings from that single union job. The 1950s btw when Americans unquestioningly had confidence in "scientists" and pop culture was filled with images like this. It's like these people WANT to lose elections.
  7. We had a lot of winners marching in Seattle today. During the Emerald City’s march, we asked protesters one simple question: why are you marching for science today? Emi Montenegro: “To raise awareness for the fact that science is a very patriarchal institution. And a lot of the progress – or so-called progress – that comes out of science comes at a really high cost, especially for marginalized communities and people of color and indigenous people.”
  8. Nah man. Don't you see, Kim Jong-un is putting a stop to Ann Coulter speaking at Berkeley once and for all!
  9. If they ever made a "CoD: First Italo - Ethiopian War", I would so play the shit out of it.
  10. RIP Jeeps. And also anything else that we still care about in San Francisco.
  11. I was under the impression that "Sapio-sexual" meant that the guy was a monkey fucker. Boy do I feel dumb!
  12. Walter posted this in chat earlier this evening..
  13. It varies from police department to police department. For instance at the Milo Yackoffinasock event held at the University of Washington on Inauguration Day, the UW campus police basically just sat back and watched as a riot unfolded. No arrests and only a handful of weapons from the protesters were confiscated. This is the same event, btw, where the wife of a Milo fan gut shot with her Glock a International Workers of the World wobbly enforcer who had jumped her husband during a back and forth. The couple turned themselves into the campus police the next day. I've been through numerous protests/riots and with the Seattle PD, they basically let the kiddies have a good scream in the streets before the shield wall, bike cops, flash bangs and horse patrol come in to slowly and methodically push the protesters off the streets and into a direction that they want to go. Talking to the cops, it's basic phalanx and cavalry tactics. They'll use the flashbangs to clear space. The bike cops ride in, dismount and use their bikes as temporary barricades and then the shield wall comes in to hold that ground. Bike cops move back and remount. The horse cops follow sedately and are actually kind of there to promote good will since Seattleites like pretty horses. In the meantime, there are spotters on the high rises with binos trying to scope out anyone with real weapons, guns, knives or whatever and they have radios which they use to call down catch-and-remove orders to the plain clothes cops mingling with the protesters who will nab anyone really dangerous. I've taken Mrs. The Captain to the small scale riot in Seattle after the Super Bowl win in Pioneer Square so she could see what one looks like. I got us up on the Sinking Ship parking garage and we had a nice view of the tactics and we chatted with the horse cops afterwards. The funniest part of the evening were the black people - mostly middle aged black women - egging on the cops to beat the asses of the almost entirely white rioters.
  14. Well WautismScabs is known for the quality of its posters...
  15. I mean shit. The VK2801 was just a stupid but fun tank that gave me a different playing style. The thing is a big, slow moving, not very agile Kraut turd that has good spotting and had that derp gun. I used it specifically to counter other scouts by shooting and tracking them before ramming them. And smashing arty. But I could also derp snipe with it and actually feel I could contribute to a match by taking out the tracks of an enemy heavy or heavy TD. The 75mm Kw.K 40 L/48 is OK on the Pnz 4 where I use it as a mid-range sniper. I might as well just sell it, drop down to Tier 5 and spam prem ammo out of the Leopard's autoloader. Assuming that isn't shit now too.