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  1. At the 12:47 mark, what is the thing towards the right of the pile of AKs and RPGs that has a red cap on top and a round, saucer shaped stand?
  2. But of course half of these are from 007 or Arnold movies.
  3. Nah man. The top right one is correct. And if you've watched any sort of Sci-Fi, it is the most frightening future of the four shown. Because in the Sci-Fi universe, orderly Utopias are the worst possible futures and fraught with the threat of harboring authoritarian terror states. See the Minority Report or AI or - fuck, I can't remember but you know the couple movies they made where everyone in the future is equal and they're basically controlled by a benevolent computer/secret society where technology and order has replaced personal freedom and initiative. OK. That last bit didn't narrow down the list. But you get the point I'm trying to make. With the other three, the antagonist is clearly known and mankind has a clear enemy to fight. With BernieWorld, controlling everything, how do you convince the Millennials Mark 6.0 that they must rebel against an oppressor?
  4. Meanwhile on the highway. When your $35,000 pickup truck doesn't have a big enough bed to hold a handful of common 2x8s.
  5. Must have had XVM turned on and drowned himself at the beginning if the match.
  6. Well it is pretty clear the Administration is looking for a reason to start thumping Iran. Things start getting more nuanced after that.
  7. Saudi Arabia is a backwards, laughable shithole. $110 billion dollars? Will that be paper or plastic?
  8. Our low opinion of Saudi Arabia and their royal family aside, the reception that Trump received today is significant. Your sword Mr. President. Edit: Also, presumably everything has been checked off by the Secret Service, but it is rather - jarring? - watching the President without any Secret Service protection within 20-30 feet of him in a crowded room with a bunch of sword wielding Arabs.
  9. I love their arguments in the comments cess pit where somehow because the Russians have a new anti-air missile/radar suite that may be able to sometimes track stealth airplanes that suddenly stealth is obsolete and we should go back to F-18s because of reasons and somehow those 1970s-80s legacy jets will be better suited to deal with the Russkies new radar systems.
  10. That was five minutes wasted on some guy I've never heard and who I'll never watch again.
  11. 2006, the Seattle loses Super Bowl XL in Detroit. 2017, Seattle loses Sound Garden's Chris Cornell in a Detroit bathroom after he hangs himself. I think there is a lesson there.
  12. Toby Keith: Shock'n Y'all Allah'n_Y'all Also...
  13. Well hell. There goes another part of the 1990s gone.
  14. It is a never ending sense of amazement I have that so many supposedly "intelligent" people in D.C. don't have the emotional intelligence to know when Trump is intentionally being over the top with his sarcasm in his Tweets. Now the morons who comprise the DNC actually think Trump has tapes and are demanding that he turn them over to the House and Senate. #THISISWHYTRUMPWON
  15. That shooting stance looks even more stupid with the exaggerated thumb forward grip when he is holding an old handgun.