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  1. Tiger forces advances in Eastern Aleppo. Somewhere in Homs province
  2. ORSIS K-151 in .308 Win 4.6 kg overall length - 0.96m barrel - 0.508 10 round mag up to 700 meters effective range
  3. IDK, most likely just a supporters without solid connections (probably they have some form of communication through social networks).
  4. Problems in Marawi city, Philippines.
  5. Belorussian medium range AA system, sort of BUK.
  6. Step 7 should be changed to "continue money and arms support of jihadists"
  7. Chinese team prepare to TB 2017. Type 96A (or B?) with upgraded engine that we saw last year.
  8. Car with explosives detonated in Homs city, ISIS took responsibility for it.