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  1. More people are lurking in Small arms thread, including several verry acknowledge members, you will get an answer much faster there.
  2. Logical step after 30 mm programmable HE-frag shells were tested on Pantsir. Posted video a while ago
  3. we have dedicated thread for small arms for this type of questions.
  4. Iranians love to name weapons "Heidar". Heidar-5 is BTR-60-based minelayering vehicle, Heidar-6 is BTR-60 with BMP-1 turret and this is 12.7 Heidar anti-material rifle.
  5. That is Bulsae-3 ("Phoenix") ATGM. MANPADS are version of HT-16PGJ.
  6. This video is sooo goooood. I forgot that quality content like this still exist. Just look at the title - T-90S is export model of T-90
  7. Author of this article is an idiot. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/04/24/egyptian-small-arms-cache-uncovered-iranian-connection/
  8. T-72As are still in use. Footage from exercises in Ural region
  9. SYRIAN ARMY’S 5TH ASSAULT CORPS: FORMATION, OPERATIONS, CAPABILITIES Southfront's article about 5th corp. Also their video contains hillarious mistakes.