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  1. Acquaintance is offering a Tula Mosin for sale, I'm considering buying it, haven't actually seen it yet, anything I should know to watch for?
  2. IGN FenrisLokason Have MG3, will work
  3. It sounds to me like he was requesting help and somehow forgot 911 exists? I hope?
  4. First question, is the game good?
  5. No True Berniebro would shoot people
  6. Recent political violence isn't isolated to the left Pretending that your own party is incapable of doing stupid things and refusing to address the stupid things your own party does is one of the reasons we have these particular problems
  7. I love my job E, now that I'm at a keyboard: One of our local traffic was taking off around the time the Apache was engaging rotors and requested not to be shot down on takeoff. Apache pilot radioed the unicom after leaving the pattern, said something like 'strongly recommend military traffic fuel here', and went on for like 30 seconds about how great our airport was. Basically everyone being super professional on the comms
  8. Pro tip do not search youtube for 'dekken'; it is not the same thing
  9. Wasted is a solid roguelike which I highly recommend It is available currently on the humble bundle
  10. I spent a good 50% of my time in Florida looking for one of those death roll bears
  11. That should be pretty obvious, needs to be someone entirely impartial, objective, well educated, judicious, and absurdly handsome; me.
  12. Exactly what someone who is trying to pretend they're joking would say I think I've mentioned it here before, but I'm in favor of the panther party method of politics. You have a group of elected representatives, as we have now, and a pit full of really hungry panthers. When politicians screw the pooch in a verifiably hard way, they go in the panther pit, discouraging others from abuse and fuckery
  14. Irony