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  1. Irony
  2. I enjoyed the movie, but can I say that I'm getting real sick of that apparently obligatory Marvel scene where the movie suspends anything that's actually happening so that all the characters can jump onto center stage and pose together in case the audience has forgotten about any of the characters in the last thirty seconds
  3. A friend kept a snapping turtle in his yard for pest control. It apparently had several cats and at least four raccoons to its name.
  4. I want this to be good but I know better than to believe it will be
  5. It might not be egregious but I know what avgas tastes like as of about an hour ago
  6. The odorous house ant (Tapinoma sessile) contains methyl ketones within its body. I thought I somehow had MEK on me after the first couple ants I crushed
  7. Germans don't make inconvenience optional
  8. All situational. Fast tanks still have the universal benefit of being able to quickly move themselves wherever the fight needs them to be. The maus type meta is pretty strong right now, but dpm, armor, and HP mean nothing if the fight moves away from a tank that can't keep up.
  9. Whoever thought of this has an understanding of aviation that consists exclusively of the knowledge that airplanes exist
  10. WoT was better when commissarring bad players was less punished
  11. Sure thing, because pilot=engineer We haven't built the plane but we know how its maintenance will pan out SURE THING SURE THING THEN WHY DOES THE PLANE MATTER I don't think it's necessary to ask, but the "F-45 Mustang II" doesn't exist any more than the majority of WoT's tier 10 Germans does it? Does the National Review try to be a real news source? I actually don't know