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  1. I was wondering if this is a Pandur (A2) after the RUAG-made SidePro-KE/IED armor has been fitted; RUAG was contracted in 2015 to develop and produce armor kits for the Austrian and Belgian Pandur vehicles. I've yet to see a Pandur 1 with additional armor; but the different spacing of the wheels suggest this is a EVO (or just another prototype). Btw. is the WS4 Panther RWS a cooperation between ESL and Elbit Systems or is it made under licence? Because it is also marketed by Elbit.
  2. From Otvaga: Looks like the MBT-80 designs were better protected than the XM1, at least when it comes to protection against APFSDS ammunition. The XM1 has better protection against HEAT ammunition, but that doesn't really matter. The MBT-80 had much better turret armor than the XM1, so it was much less likely to be destroyed in hull down configuration (11 to 28% chance on the MBT-80, 17 to 58% (!) chance on the XM1).
  3. Is this the new Pandur EVO or an upgraded Pandur A2 without RWS? The flat side walls, bolt-on armor and the assymetric wheel spacing make it look like the new EVO variant.
  4. The Oplot-M has only three pairs of shock absorbers? That's not very much.
  5. Leopard 1 tank assembly in 1970.
  6. Premium sports cars are never built in "proper mass production", although Porsche arguably doesn't belong to this group.+ The Beetle was mass produced already in the 1940s.
  7. The PlasTiger (plastic Tiger copy), video in German. Previously from 2013 to 2016 the German tank museum had loaned/borrowed a tank, but the owner took it back in order to restore it to running condition. It was created in several years of work by nine men of the German Army's special branch for decoys, camouflaging and deceiving. The weight of the PlasTiger is 2.7 metric tons.
  8. Piranha 5 hull in Denmark:
  9. The problem with the Nordic Tank Challenge is that it's based too much on work with the simulators. I don't know about the current version, but a few years ago no real tank firing was part of the challenge. Denmark doesn't use "proper" simulators, but instead is using the cheaper professional version of SteelBeasts from eSim Games with special hardware controlls to represent a real tank. That the Norwegian tank crews scored second highest is probably related to Norway also using SteelBeasts rather than using the more professional (and more expensive) simulators from KMW and Rheinmetall. This also sucks a lot for the US tank crews, because they have to use a simulator for the Leopard 2 in several events. However for other challenges (such as driving, maintenance) of the Nordic Tank Challenge, there is a modified grading system to account for the Abrams' own design. IIRC the maintenance takes longer on the Abrams, so they get more points when reaching the same time as Leopard 2 crews.
  10. Well, then France would be last? Ukrainian tankmen come fifth in NATO tank biathlon -
  11. Leopard 2A4 > M1A2 SEP v2
  12. Because they don't think it's necessary. According to older Polish articles, they assumed that the Leopard 2A4 is as well protected as the PT-91 with ERAWA-1 and ERAWA-2 ERA.
  13. "The amount of finished challenges can alter..." So it doesn't tell us anything :/
  14. No, they aren't new. They are usually employed when it comes to camouflaging the vehicle, because shadows have a much darker color and create hard edges at the turret and hull front. There are several variations, but in general the lower edge of the frontal armor should be covered: Leopard 2 with rubber at the turret, cloth at the lower hull Leopard 2 camoulfaged using cloth SAAB Barracuda MCS