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  1. That's what we're all talking about.
  2. These aren't them, MM. Merkava 3 does use this laser warning system but without a mast. The sensors on the mast appear to be different, with wide openings.
  3. Thanks again for an informative post. Now, I must ask, why did the T-90K never enter production. Do platoon/company commanders just roll in regular T-90A, or is there a commander version of it called T-90KA or AK?
  4. In the Golan again:
  5. Alrighty then. I stand corrected on the armor part. I'm surprised but at the same time I'm not.
  6. I find it hard to believe the Leclerc was deemed better armored than a significantly heavier Challenger 2, especially when both were very modern at the time. Maybe they meant it was better protected, as opposed to better armored? No need to mention that protection and armor are not the same thing.
  7. Any news on Poland's future tank program? I believe it was interested in participating directly in the Leopard 3 program between KMW and Nexter, but haven't heard any news on that for a long time.
  8. http://defence-blog.com/army/ukraine-to-develop-new-155-mm-self-propelled-howitzer.html
  9. Maybe they like the BMP-3 turret because they're trying to sell their platforms to the UAE which operates these turrets?
  10. Didn't know if it should be in the whirlybird thread or this one, but considering it centers around the armament I'll put it here: The AH-64D Apache in IAF service will (likely) replace its Hellfire missiles with Spike variants. Thus, the AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radar will be removed as seen here:
  11. To be fair, their hulls are elevated so their floor would be above that of an Abrams.
  12. I just assume they kept it to keep the crew a little more sane, as otherwise every bullet could have been heard well.
  13. Never quite understood the function of that V on the T-72 front. Can anyone explain?
  14. Namer CEV is already in service. That's not new.
  15. Yep, I have that picture saved from a very long time ago but I forgot about that part.