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  1. 7.2 million year old pre-human jawbone found in southern Europe.
  2. Russia caring has nothing to do with what I said. Part of the election time propaganda against Trump was that he was so unhinged he would freely use our nuclear weapons if "given the codes".
  3. In other words, the literally Hitler + ready to start a nuclear war with Russia caricature of him from election propaganda.
  4. No matter what peoples opinion of Saudi Arabia are, it is still an important geopolitical ally of the United States. Is Trump supposed to go over there and say "Hey, fuck you!"?
  5. It either means he is doing a shit job, or media outlets that present themselves as hostile to him actually are hostile to him.
  6. So there was a Harvard Study of media coverage for Trump's first 100 days. Is it ironic that Fox has been the only 'fair and balanced' network?
  7. Solomon is crying that no one is making dishonest hit pieces on the F-35.
  8. Time magazine thinks Saint Basil's Cathedral is the Kremlin.