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  1. Great art! Dozen ot them are stored here - (UPI190) (behind the T-80s under the cover... of course no photos possible for now. https://btvtinfo.blogspot.com/2017/07/190.html
  2. 2002 armor show for military officials. some historical vechiocles, some in service now https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-vRt16AmJUMU/WXIahydxLpI/AAAAAAAAA4g/MPCtAyPOs6oArfI-JQNo_tal3okJxPfRgCLcBGAs/s1600/00025.JPG https://btvtinfo.blogspot.com/2017/07/2002.html
  3. Kubinka testing ground (former 38 Research Institute) https://btvtinfo.blogspot.com/2017/07/blog-post_32.html
  4. Soviet study of U M46 tank. Very detailed (in russian) . But general conclussion briefely - poor tank, week protection, low mobility, big profile, bif but very uncomfortable... " seriously behind domestic tanks of the same period of time" http://btvt.info/5library/vbtt_1953_03_m46.htm
  5. Soviet study of M113 APC, in general they liked it very much Simple, cheap, good protection. http://btvt.info/5library/vbtt_1978_01_m113.htm And another thing important to those who like history. 1-1 model made in the 1-st half of 70-s of future NATO tank (so called MBT-80). This was designed to check anti tank weapons in development. http://btvt.info/5library/vbtt_1975_01_mbt80.htm
  6. it's I suppose from VNIITransmash 70-s - ealy 80s maybe has some connection to this - http://btvt.info/5library/vbtt_79_02_vnii.htm
  7. Interesting Soviet Autoloader project for 1+ m rounds http://btvt.info/5library/vop_1981_97_az.htm
  8. Cast cellular filler early T-80U style - and - from - http://btvt.info/3attackdefensemobility/armor.htm
  9. General AFV Thread

    From a new Predator - What type of APC is this?
  10. General AFV Thread

    great photos , thanks!
  11. Fucking NERA everywhere

    it won't work at such angle
  12. Books About Tanks

    On Soviet AP rounds history http://btvt.info/3attackdefensemobility/history_bps.htm
  13. Object 640 “Black Eagle” and it’s successors The “Object 640” also known as a “Black Eagle” was created in 1990-s by the designers of Omsk KBTM (transport machine building bureau). The tank belongs to a new generation and realizes a lot of innovative constructional decisions and arrangement which differs it from all classical Russian and western tanks. The tank uses the new design turret with low frontal profile and detachable transport and loading module. The armor protection of front hull and turret is modular design. The crew is stationed in the hull below the turret ring and completely separated from ammunition and fuel. We all know, that it was created in 90s without state financing and led to creation of 2 testing vehicles, than the idea of a whole new tank was abandoned as very complex and budget-unfriendly. But this development continued up to end of 2000-s. Several projects were realized like a T-55M6 upgrade with “black Eagle” components (turret bustle autoloader, reactive armor and so on). But state financed “Burlak” project is more interesting project. The only tank with 2 separately functioning autoloader. T-90 tank was upgraded under this project and experimental tank on T-90 chassis was created. Well, maybe it’s bad translation but give an idea about this design - http://btvt.info/7english/640a/640.htm
  14. Russian military robot from JSC "766 UPTK" (famous for their Uran-9 robot tank) Reminds famous ED 209 http://btvt.info/6photos/766/76601.html