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  1. Syrian conflict.

    Reconnaissance unit of 5th assault corps’ ISIS Hunters operate in Homs province.
  2. Syrian conflict.

    Toyota Land Cruiser of Ahl Al-Diyar used as an APC. Disabled in failed attack on Ayn Daqnah. Same vehicle before the attack. From Baladi News. Ahl Al-Diyar uses at least two other Toyota Land Cruisers with similar designs.
  3. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    13th July JASDF jets scrambled to intercept 6x Chinese Xian H-6K bombers
  4. SAA tanks protect the way to Aleppo. (Ash Shaykh Hilal, Between Ithriya and Salamiyah)
  5. SAA in Damascus (Jobar - Zamalka) BMP-2 without the 30 mm 2A42, AMB-S, UR-77 Meteorit
  6. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    U.S. Marine KC-130 Crashes in Leflore, Mississippi with 16 Fatalities.
  7. Russian tech mechanics reloading a BMPT in eastern Hama.
  8. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Chinese Xian H-6 medium bombers ready for maritime orientation flight on Saturday. Looking decidedly Old School.
  9. General AFV Thread

    Ukroboronservice unveils new Mobile Mortar System on Bars-8 chassis
  10. Parola Tank Museum, Finland.