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  1. More Canadian procurement fun; http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/national/bureaucrats+tried+scuttle+naval+supply+ship+plan+worried+would/13437587/story.html
  2. Just looking real quick, it looks like there were some attempts to turbocharge the DB 605/603/601 engines, along with the Jumo 222, but they don't appear to have ever gone anywhere. I'm guessing Germany would have had severe difficulty producing turbocharged engines due to a lack of materials (similar to the issues their jet engines had).
  3. Yeah, it looks like it, although there's also some sort of player market thing where you can buy and sell stuff that I haven't really interacted with.
  4. P-38 Design Analysis, by Hal Hibbard
  5. @Collimatrix and @Tekky have been playing this for a bit (and peer pressured me into it), it's decent fun. Still needs polish a bit, but has potential.
  6. PDF about use of Lexington and Saratoga's 8 inch guns as coastal artillery on Oahu; http://eugeneleeslover.com/ENGINEERING/8-inch-turret.pdf
  7. Testbed for sonic boom reduction techniques
  8. That is not dead which can eternal lie: the aestivation hypothesis for resolving Fermi’s paradox Aliens are possibly out there, waiting.
  9. Two posts above yours
  10. Another goon is doing a Let's Play of concentrated space autism (Aurora): https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3822055&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 Despite the fact that the goons are playing as the Martian Colonial Federation, this is definitely not a backdoored Expanse fanfic. (definitely not a poorly disguised expanse fanfic)
  11. Wiki says he's climbed the seven summits (highest mountain on each continent), so regardless of his politics, he has a solid background in fitness. (I voted for him, because I live in New York so my vote doesn't matter and Trump + Clinton are both shitty people)
  12. New trailer for the next season of my favorite anime. https://youtu.be/ReHVAlEU3UQ