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  1. So, it's like grunge never went away there?
  2. Isn't the pair of white ladies actually progressive feminist lesbians? Making this another example of the left is beginning to eat itself?
  3. So the driver doesn't need to see to the right, that's what commanders are for right?
  4. Is that an old pic or did they recover another one?
  5. I hate the Simpsons. I think Matt Groinig is a hack. Remove bad American Anime
  6. TRIGGER WARNING TRIGGER WARNING TRIGGER WARNING TRIGGER WARNING Kinda seems that way, we need a national politician and Lawyer season.What kind of bag limit? TRIGGER WARNING <<<Joking if any feds are reading>>> TRIGGER WARNING
  7. I have full on given up on the traditional/mainstream/mediawingDNC and no longer watch any of the letter networks or fox. The state of political discourse is so bad, mostly because the two main parties are run by senile old assholes like McCain and Pelosi, or spineless new people. I really think once the baby boomer politicians die off things will get better.
  8. He should have grabbed him by the throat and thrown him at AM's German feet in a death challenge!
  9. Who did he walk away from?
  10. Typical lefty hysteria and hypocrisy, since the left is now all about violence against groups they don't like, like freedom of speech protesters. This guy was just protecting himself from the new violent left.
  11. Awesome Stories Walt! I love the Cape Gloucester one!
  12. When did Germany figure out proper mass production? These look like 70s cars so not by then?
  13. Kinda, but not on early models like that one. This was done on the second gen Sherman tanks with the all around vision cupola, because the .50 mount moved from the comanders hatch ring to a mount on the back of the turret really only usable to someone on the back deck. Plus the mount they used on this model is all wrong. I haven't seen a 55 gallon drum like that either in most cases they had to refuel using 5 gallon cans.
  14. Flying prostitute with shark teeth!
  15. Yep ConnerEY Is So Overrated