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  1. Voter ID is mandatory in Canada now? Last I checked, you had a ton of options for proving identity and residence, including stuff like bringing a copy of your lease or having an eligible voter swear an oath.
  2. Yeah, but think about it this way, you can either be dead, or dead and famous.
  3. This M4A2(76)W from the 8th Mechanized Corps was knocked out at Gdansk and installed as a monument, but replaced in 1946 by a Polish T-34 from the 1st Tank Brigade. As a result, no M4A2(76)W tanks were preserved in the USSR, short of those pulled out of the sea recently.
  4. Yeah, that's a PPD.
  5. Well aware of who has the superior tactics, the Germans try to steal Soviet tankodesantniki, Soviet SMGs, and most importantly, Soviet LOG
  6. Another one of Pasholok's books is coming out in English. According to his LJ post, he doesn't intend on writing any Russian books any time soon, but will focus on working with English writers to fill in gaps in English language works on Soviet armour.
  7. The PzIV was supposed to have torsion bars too, except Krupp's engineers fucked it up colossally and decided to go back to leaf springs.
  8. Russian bears invade Lithuania http://www.rubaltic.ru/news/13062017-dva-medvedya-pereshli-litovsko-belorusskuyu-granitsu/
  9. "Where is a good position for our storage box, Hans?" "I don't know, Fritz, perhaps directly across the evacuation hatch?" "Good idea, but let's put it low so it sweeps all the shit off the engine deck when the turret turns"
  10. They're still stuck in the homogeneous "red menace" days, give it a few more decades. SKS-D is the one with the magazine. It's easy to remember because D stands for "dumbass conscript lost the magazine again" (or detachable I guess).
  11. The only solution is to buy a boatload of TNT and a high speed camera and make your own textbook. I call not it.
  12. Gotta love the little brag shoehorned in