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  1. Oh yeah, that makes a lot more sense. Edit: yup, googling "sinusoidal rifling" in Russian brings up STALKER as the top few results, but there are enough actual small arms articles that come up that might mean the term is just uncommon rather than a translation fuckup.
  2. Text isn't justified, margins are unsuitable for printing and binding, 0/10, not up to engineering report standards.
  3. Is sinusoidal rifling actually a thing? Seems like it wouldn't work very well.
  4. That's an interesting Sherman turret in that first ad.
  5. I found it somewhere on Livejournal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Interesting. So it it still an M4A3E8 or what's the index?
  7. @Jeeps_Guns_Tanks what do you call this? HVSS, wet rack, but still a 75 mm gun!?
  8. I haven't been accused of being a Russian spy in years, strangely enough.
  9. Camo skill is at 100%
  10. I'd go to the Palace of the Soviets sticking out of Manhattan.
  11. Google Maps is hard
  12. The new Amusing Hobby E-100 was completely stolen from WoT down to the muzzle brake (the WoT muzzle brake was taken from a completely unrelated gun, shown below). Pasholok writes: "If we put a pink dildo instead of a barrel, are you going to copy that too?"