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  1. Oh, I see. The problem I was having is that i had too flexible a dart shaft.
  2. As in just having a curve in the wood or bending during use?
  3. I made another atlatl over last weekend, this one made out of some sort of green-barked shrub int my yard, where as the first was made of ash (I believe). This one was about 1.5 times as long as the first, and curved in the same way. I found that it was ridiculously less accurate, most of the time falling short of the target with the same type of throw as normal. Then I thought that an atlatl the same length as the first would perform better, and in fact it was. I used a simply knapped quartzite blade and a grind-polished hand-axe to cut the longer atlatl at the point where it began to curve, leaving a straight atlatl the same length as the first one. This one outperformed the very first ash atlatl pretty well, and I'm not sure whether the wood type or the curve had more influence on the increase in accuracy. I have a feeling it's the curve, but I'd like to hear the opinions of people who know more about the material qualities of varying types of wood. Could a different wood type have a substantial influence on the performance of an atlatl?
  4. If you wanted, you could call the Battle of Berkeley the First Antifada.
  5. Alright, here goes: 1. Pro-Trump supporters hold a rally 2. Communists start a counter-protest, calling pro-Trumpers "Nazis" 3. "Nazis" kick the shit out of Communists, despite Communist usage of fireworks and smoke bombs I do think it's funny that the Communists will call ANYONE who is right-wing a Nazi, just to rally support against them Also, one of the Communist "fighters" was a 5'1, 98 lb pornstar who thought shed be somehow good in a fight.
  6. And then combine that with that wind-powered water collector thing.
  7. TIL the reconstruction era KKK had fucking absurd titles for its officials.
  8. Interesting video about the connections between Indo-European languages:
  9. Matt Easton is highly triggered: I like his description of fantasy medieval armor.
  10. Also, it's thousands of years old and supposedly also imitates the phonetics of Spanish? I also don't see how one could distinguish what someone is "whistling", the only thing you would be able to notice differences in would be pitch.
  11. Kukuxumushu: A song with a great title from an album with a great title (I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being the Master) :
  12. Wonderful Russian pop song about Putin -