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The Small Arms Thread, Part 7: .404 Jeffery minimum caliber requirement for hunting small game in this thread.

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Max Popenker has a riddle for you:






"In 1975, the Yankees shit the bed on machineguns again, and suggested to the military that, dead or alive, steal us something functional from the Russians that isn't the garbage that is the M219. They seriously analyzed the PKT, considering standardizing it for NATO, but then they were saved by the Belgians from FN with the MAG."

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1 minute ago, Belesarius said:

'Dafuq is 'dat?



STM-556 made by Steyr-Mannlicher.


This gun is one that may be replacing the G36 in the future, the german version however is made in cooperation with Rheinmetall and is called RS-556.

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