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  2. Probably more appropriate for this thread than the Trump/US politics one.
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  4. SAA in Ain-Issa
  5. Advances of SNA and Turkish forces so far Ru MoD map showing camps and jails in Kurdish-controlled territories of Syria. 7 black dots - jails with ISIS scum. Map also shows some major diseases areas (Hepatitis A and intestinal infections)
  6. You know, there is a feeling that all this is kind of coordinated. At least it looks like here, for now.
  7. SNA scumbags are near Manbij also... Race for Manbij?
  8. Commander of the Senegal Air Force was the first foreign customer to fly the L-39NG.
  9. I have no idea what the first two abbreviations are supposed to mean, I cannot figure it out without context. "o.W Randtreffer" means "ohne Wirkung, Randtreffer", i.e. no effect (no penetration/spall) due to hitting the edge (of a steel plate?). "Sprungsicher" means "safe of cracks", i.e. the steel plate won't form cracks (one translation for Sprung is crack or fissure). I agree with your interpretation regarding "DMA", it seems to mean "Durchschuss mit Ausbruch", i.e. "penetration with spall".
  10. From AUSA-2019 https://www.dsjournal.com/2019/03/30/highlights-from-the-2019-ausa-global-forces-symposium-exhibition/
  11. SAA enters Tabqa AB
  12. ISIS shitters escaping kurdish jail
  13. Any upgrades planned for T-80U? The tank in its current state is horribly obsolete, but a BVM-like modernization would be easy I think.
  14. T-80Us during exercises this year, Western military district
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