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  2. I think that's because of the Highly Mechanised Weapon Handling System (HMWHS) on it, supposed to increase the number of sorties with lesser aircraft. Plus probably there will be an increase in the number of aircraft. I am just happy that they got like double the number of aircraft over their older carriers. Too bad HMS Ocean was sold, a dedicated helicopter carrier is a must.
  3. Why do the Queen Elizabeth class carriers carry so few aircraft relative to their size?
  4. Bashar on SAA positions in Idlibostan
  5. VKS in Tabqa air base
  6. This is an old Polish "Snake" mine clearing system, using the same mine clearing system as for the UR-77 (MTK-2) and KMT plough on T-55 MBT
  7. Yes you are right, but the base chassis has extremely good offroad capability, its not an ordinary truck. Far better than the MAN, Renault or that Brutus prototype. No wonder that the Tatra is the king of truck trials. If americans really want a wheeled artillery, they should definitely put it on the HEMTT.
  8. Well, Rheinmetall has signed the Risk Mitigation Activity contract. 12 months until vehicles are delivered.
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  10. Tatra has nothing to do with OT-64 and most of its components (with the exception of its engine), OT-64 was designed by Praga-Avia using parts from their Praga-Avia S360 truck (btw, OT-64 was also designated as Avia A105 and Praga S260)(one may simply look at OT-64's double wishbone suspension, such thing was never used for any 111/12x/138/148/813/815-series Tatra AFAIK) which was developed as replacement for well-known Praga V3S, but was never put into production.
  11. Actually Dana does not have any sort of special chassis. It's a modified Tatra 815 chassis (the main modification is that it's driving backwards compared to the truck). New Danish Caesars have modified newer but essentially very similar Tatra chassis. Older Tatra 813 chassis (in principle still the same thing) was used for RM-70 MLRS or OT-64 SKOT. Anyway Tatra chassis are kind of an exception because their specific design and modularity allow them to be used for basically whatever purpose.
  12. Towed artillery would get counterbatteried 10 ways to hell so fast it'd make your head spin. Fire systems incapable of dodging or surviving counterbattery fire will have fuckall survivability in a big boy war. Doubly so for towed guns with substantially less range than enemy artillery, such as say the M777 compared to pretty much anything modern on the opposite side. Fire-finding radars are everywhere since the 1990s, and the gun's survivability has to be evaluated under the understanding that the enemy is going to shoot back. Given that, the ability to shoot and scoot before enemy fire arrives is a critical survivability measure.
  13. I would be interested in that, I have some ideas for a ground attack/ heavy fighter and a high altitude interceptor. But: this. Making an airfoil (convincingly) in some 3D CADs can be difficult and tedious, but I think choosing pre-defined airfoil shapes from something like NACA would make it easier as the contestants could just make a general wing shape, then specify which airfoil shape they’re using... maybe. However, the calculations involved would still be a pain, as aircraft can be very sensitive to minor force imbalances, and the body shape of the craft would still pose a problem. That darn caveat: money. Anyway, as interested as I would be to make a 1940s aircraft using modern knowledge, I think it would be a difficult contest to follow through with, either with the complexity of the aerodynamics involved with the aircraft, time investments into modeling said complex shapes, continually having to teach and mentor some competitors who know (comparably) little about aircraft, or extending the time of the competition. on a tangential note: I do have some ideas that I can’t find data or theories to confirm my suspicions. Which forum topic could I ask those in?
  14. Towed artillery is the stuff for real kind of war. Replacing trucks with cannons for Archer, G6 and Dana is like replacing the AT4 with SMAW.
  15. Syrian's mood about US troops
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