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  2. Yes, i thought it was some kind of another IDF vehicle.
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  4. Hey those new import PSLs are 2k plus now! Also I was on the phone with Henry Chan of 9 Hole Reviews the other day and he said the PSL outshot the dragunov on their 1000 meter range! Say what you will, but the PSL is a badass gun.
  5. I’m sure a lot of you have had similar experiences:
  6. The 2nd photo isn't a Merkava. Not sure what it is exactly.
  7. It's interesting to see my congressman, Justin Amash, in the national news. Amash represents the 3rd congressional district of Michigan, which includes Grand Rapids, my home (the 3rd district used to be the 5th district, most famously represented by Gerald Ford.) Amash is getting quite a bit of news coverage for being the first Republican congressman to call for the impeachment of Trump. For those that have followed Amash, he has been a pretty consistent critic of Trump, so this is no surprise. Anyhow, since I live in his district, I thought I might make some observations regarding his tenure as a representative. One thing I found amusing was Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy attacking Amash as voting "more with Nancy Pelosi than he ever votes with me. It's a question whether he's even in our Republican conference as a whole." This claim is pretty absurd. Amash is extremely conservative, although in a more traditional, libertarian fashion than the current strain of Trumpian conservatism. Conservative vote tracking groups give Amash scores of 90-100% conservative in terms of his voting record. One thing I will say about his voting record, he is not afraid to take unpopular positions if he thinks something violates his libertarian principles. There have been a few times where he has been either the only dissenting vote, or one of a handful of dissenters on certain bills he sees as flawed. He came into office as part of the Tea Party movement, and is a founding member of the Freedom Caucus. Based on my observations, he is well regarded in his own district for his adherence to his principles and his openness in explaining his votes (he has a fairly informative twitter feed). He seems pretty immune to special interests, a rarity for congress critters. More than once I have heard a liberal friend bemoan the fact that while they vehemently disagree with Amash's stand on issues, they respect his integrity. I have never voted for him, and I don't plan to do so. That said, I don't dislike him and respect the way he conducts himself as a representative. Sometimes he may seem to be contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. He is much more fiscally conservative than the Republican party as a whole right now, having advocated for smaller defense budgets rather than larger ones. He certainly fits more in the Rand Paul version of Republicanism than the Trump iteration of the GOP. One other thing I can say is that on the local level, his background as an Orthodox Christian of Palestinian and Syrian descent has never been an issue. In fact, I suspect 99% of voters in the 3rd district have no idea what his ethnic background is. It's only been in the past couple days since he has been in the national news that I have seen people mentioning it, typically in a derogatory way in comments sections.
  8. Took those photos from Andrey's LJ, which were taken from FB TANKS in ACTION. Merks 3 and 4:
  9. A few snipplets of information regarding the Puma: It is expected that Germany needs at least 560 Puma IFVs to fully replace the Marder 1A3/1A5. At least 484 are required by the German army's active units, with the rest being needed for training and practices. Given the plans of the Bundeswehr to increase its size (such as reactivating the PzGrenBtl 908 and 909), it possible that even more Puma IFVs are needed. Therefore a second batch is planned, production start expected at 2023. Currently it seems that the vehicles will be purchased in the Puma S1 configuration. Starting in 2021, all current Puma IFVs are expected to be upgraded to the Puma S1 configration, upgrades to which are currently being purchased (in a slightly different version) for the VJTF 2023. To the features previously reported and showcased at Eurosatory, a mobile camouflage system (like Barracuda MCS) is also planned for the S1 upgrade. PSM plans to create a whole vehicle family based on the Puma, which is meant for export and also (some variants) for the Bundeswehr. There are designs for a high-roof variant for support vehicles like ambulance vehicles, engineer group vehicles and command post vehicles (kind of looks like a Puma without turret, but the upper part of the Boxer's high roof module mounted ontop of the hull) derived from the Puma driver training variant and an armored recovery vehicle (no turret, new cuppola for the commander and gunner, FLW200 RWS, dozer blade and crane) - sorry, not going to post picture due to copyright of the source. MELLS currently still seems to be focused on the Spike LR1 missile only, but the series order has not yet been placed (only the order to equipp the VTJF with MELLS). The softkill APS "MUSS" for the Puma S1 is also "improved", but there are no details on what exact improvements will be made. The turret independent weapon system (TSWA) for the Puma has changed again. After starting as a system with six 76 mm non-lethal grenades, which latter were supplemented by 24 lethal 40 mm grenades, the TWSA was changed to 9 + x 40 mm greandes (lethal and non-lethal). The latest configuration includes 18 lethal and 18 non-lethal 40 mm grenades. The non-lethal grenades can be used 360° and have a limited range of only up to ~60 m. The lethal 40 mm grenades are only meant to be fired within the rear 180° arc and have a range of a maximum range of ca. 400 metres. The TSWA is fully-stabilized (can be fired on the move) and includes a thermal imager, a daylight camera, and a laser rangefinder. The system is designed for compatability with future upgrades such as air-burst munitions and 40 mm MV grenades (which AFAIK should increase the maximum range). Dynamit Nobel Defence is working on ERA with anti-tandem capabilities, which could be offered as future upgrade option. Multiple international cusomers are "interested" in the Puma IFV (I guess that this statement is related to Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic).
  10. Su-57s weapons display - 4 internal, 2 in base of wings + more on wings. Su-57 and Okhotnik UAV
  11. UK Navy detonating a WWII 2000lb sea mine dredged up yesterday.
  12. The launching of the USS Robalo at Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States, 9 May 1943.
  13. Playing around with tweakscale. The crew compartments are the only thing at 1:1 scale. That engine puts out a peak thrust of >40MN.
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