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  3. Not sure on accuracy of prices, but at least gives overal view
  4. Heh, always knew that Merkava is cardboard.
  5. Pretty serious modernisation kit. Still getting lulz on how Soviet Rain APS managed to get to NATO member.
  6. Houthis shot down Saudi AF Chinese-made Wing Loong UAV.
  7. Read quote again. We are speaking about shells from missiles, one of simplest of components of ATGM (no warhead, guidance systems, motors, etc). Also, as this is order inside of Russia, converting rubles to dollars don't give good picture on prices/quantities.
  8. Yeah, 12 950 tanks, from which ~3000 are in Army.
  9. That's still too much for $1 million. I think this is just one part of a longer contract, to supply 3,500 missiles over an undefined amount of time, with $1 million being allocated to the manufacturer for the course of one year.
  10. $955,431 does not sound like something that would buy you 35,000 missiles. In western figures, that's between 10 to 20 missiles depending on type.
  11. Quick update on my end; I've nearly completed the hull. Outstanding work to be done: Model side skirts and armor Lower front plate armor array Fuel tank baffles Model suspension Reduce frontal armor array thickness Add APU Add Power Pack bay spall liner and fuel tanks I've completed everything on else on the Hull including; Powerpack Armor array design Front armor array modeled Crew compartments Front Fuel tanks Shock/blast/mine resistance Spall liner(s) Etc Currently weighs around 32 tons (again w/o the turret, side skirts, and suspension) Final weight is projected to be 70-80 tons Currently makes ~2000hp Feel free to poke around: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/6c18ded5ae396dbbd35400ca/w/34ef233c7f8a521e805de1bd/e/50e74f8cdc40ef16e27cee40
  12. Mi-28NM with APU/mounting point for (possibly) new missile like Izdelie 305. This launcher have a metal cover for nose section of missile. Same on Mi-8MTKO
  13. Define "Armor" -- do I count the turret and hull structure, or just the armor packages?
  14. The exact percentage is currently under review, we haven't worked out the ERA package and side skirts The hull side in the depicted prototype does not stop several of the reference threats, however we are working on both a HIC side skirt and a LIC one which should provide the required protection The hull requires ERA to stop BGM-1 from the front, this has not been modeled as the ERA design is still in development.
  15. How much of that is armor? Also, does the hull side stop the reference threats? I also note that the hull does not stop the BGM-1 from the front.
  16. Some Joint Assault Bridge (JAB) pictures, if I understand the symbols correctly the bridge is rated for 95 tons.
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