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    Basically what this whole thing means is that Emperor Palputin will conquer Galaxy with Space Marines and T-72s. T-72B3s to be precise. I posted this on other Capitalist internet site 3 months ago And apperently this is very likely to be now true after Borisov's stupid speech. UBKh is T-72B3 mod 2016/"M". So let's look at this situation - we have no new produced tanks delivered to RA since 2010-2011 (T-90A production was stopped for T-72B[udget Cuts]3) and there will be no newly produced tanks in any meaningful numbers for 5-10+ more years. Which leave our non-courtiers soldiers with existing fleet of Soviet tanks, which are at least 30+ old. Add here a fact that Soviets human-hating godless commies did worked on new generation of MBTs in late 1980s to seriusly/radically change tank designs, you can see that those tanks were becoming outdated in even 1980s. Similar situation is with IFVs and APCs, with BMP-3 being produced in too small numbers and majority of our fleet is BMP-2s and BTR-80As. On top of that political and military situation, and recent history shows that our forces are going to be involved in number of local conflicts (Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, etc) where our nuclear-powered "Putin Fury" cruise missiles and nuclear powered ekranoplans with nuclear powered teapots will make 0 difference. Majority of our potential enemies/opponents have Soviet weaponry, from RPGs down to S-300s, Smerch/Uragan MRLS and so on. Not only potential, but enemies that we already fought have them and actively use them. In Soviet times, during A-stan war BMPs for example already received armor upgrades (BMP-2D), even against not that well equipped dushmans and mujaheeds. Object 477 had serious side armor package and separated crew compartment, Object 299 had crew protection capsule and so on. Basically, armor and survivability of older vehicles in changing type of conflicts that Soviet army found itself, were already found to be "lacking". Our MoD decision to this problem of aging and outdated park of tanks, IFVs and APCs of army that is going (and already does) fight with relatively not badly armed forces is this: take T-72B, glue French thermal imager and FCS from 2000s, repair all parts that responsible for moving tank from point A to point B and call it "B3", done take BMP-2, add new radio, done take BMP-1, put BTR-80A turret with 30 mm "i can't hit anything" autocannon, done Take BTR-80 and put a turret with 30 mm "i can't hit anything" autocannon, done Create a TV channel (let's call it "Zvezda") and use all central TV channels, internet sites and so on to tell general public that our tanks are most tankiest ever made, APCs are unpenetretable and T-72 can beat Abrams and Leopards 2 left and right with just fumes from diesel engines and driver swearing something in Russian from his open hatch. Somebody think that this will be enough, but there are a lot of problems here that were not solved. We are stuck with 30+, 40+ and in case of Basurmanin program - a fucking 50+ old vehicles. Simply speaking our soldiers are going to next conflict on top of IFVs that were taken out from Army during Soviet times because they were deemed outdated! Why this situation is so stupid? During 2000s we already had plenty to work with. BTR-90 for APCs could be at least something (chassis could support more weight, better armor, more place for turret and weapons, etc), tanks could be upgraded under Burlak program, or Black Eagle could have been developed futher. A lot of resources were put into BTR-90s, Burlak programm with real vehicles made for them. And nothing came from them because funding was stopped on premise of creation of better vehicles in the future. BMP-3 armor upgrades, APS, Relikt, T-72B2 Rogatka, Object 187, etc, a lot of stuff that was mass production ready or nearly ready was not put on conveyor at least in small numbers for active units participating in wars. A lot of wasted time and money. At least with those vehicles we could had something for Army created and produced in this century that at least partially solves problems that Soviet human-hating commies wanted to solve. How many years ago was Object 195 tested? Why they couldn't put those in limited service/test phase? Again, claims of better tank in the future, while army is still sitting on T-72Bs with K-5 and shells under crew bare asses. Years and years of development for some perfect weapon system that lead to nothing in the end while this whole time T-72Bs did not even got Relikt ERA as a cheap-ass upgrade. And only in 2016 an upgrade from 2000s was put into limited use on uparmored T-72B3s. But problems are not stopped here. After collapse of Soviet union we got a pretty good opportunity to solve another problem from late Soviet times - a whole 3 "Main" battle tanks in service that had almost no shared parts but very similar perfomance. Kharkovite traitors now were outsiders, T-80 developers and producers went into bankrupt trash bin and only UVZ left. We could finaly get a standart MBT, without zoological garden of different designs, parts, training, etc. But apperently this is not a case. We now have zoological garden of T-72s, with T-80UE/UA/BVM on top of that and T-90/A/M getting into mix. Same with IFVs - BMP-3 now have to share their role with BMP-2/M and BMP-1 Basurmanin. Well, at least BTR-80A is not in danger in any way as BTR-90 is a dead project. Add here all those MRAPS (Ural-VV, Typhoon-U, Typhoon-K, and so on) for special type of "fuck you, standardization". So good luck to our soldiers with T-72, in 2020, 2030 and maybe 2040 and thanks to Soviet un-orthodox evil empire for providing our MoD with at least something to fight and die in, because with this level of excellent planning and holistic vision of Armed forces our MoD would had to use Toyotas to close gaps and cover a hole in their pants and underpants. But i fear that someday T-72s will no longer be avaliable for B3 "modernization" and Soviet stocks would be 100% used... maybe T-34 needs some sort of modernization? Like T-34B3? It probably will be better than all Western tanks and can beat M1A3 Abrams and Leopards 3s left and right with just fumes from diesel engines and driver swearing something in Russian from his open hatch.
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    Please tell me you just found this on Facebook or something and that you don't know who Bill Browder actually is. Because that would be way more forgivable than actually supporting the man. The article describes him as a "British-American investor and rights activist," which is a hell of a way to describe someone that slimy. Here's the deal; everyone that the official US government actually likes who deals with Russia in any official or quasi-official capacity is scum. You can take that to the bank. While Russian organized crime was probably more than capable of looting post-Soviet Russia without any help, they had lots of help. This article gives a good summary. The rape and pillage of Russia in the 1990s wasn't just overseen by men in Adidas tracksuits. There were a fair number of well-connected Harvard men. And I do mean well-connected. The Larry Summers mentioned in that article? Yeah, it's that Larry Summers. Once these assholes were done helping gangsters strip-mine Russia of anything valuable, they peddled their "expertise" on Russia to a credulous audience in the US government so they could gain juicy sinecures in various Russia-related posts. And so it came to pass that Michael McFaul, who can't fucking speak Russian, became the US ambassador to Russia. With predictably disastrous results. So, who is William Browder, this man that Putin wants offed? Well, it might surprise you know that fourteen years ago he was firmly on Team Putin. You see, he used to be a Putin stooge, and then he probably stole a fuckload of money, and now he's become a successful lobbyist and tax-non-payer who has managed to rebrand himself as a human rights advocate. Does Putin want him dead? Yeah, and the fact that he used to be a Putin cheerleader, won't testify in court about his finances, and probably lied about the basis for the law that he successfully lobbied for is enough to give you a rough idea of how that came to be. Don't steal from the boss! Don't even steal from the capo!
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    Stechkin's Abakan (TKB-0146). https://www.kalashnikov.ru/abakan-stechkina-avtomat-stechkina-tkb-0146/ Bullpup, system of "recoil impulse shifted in time", 2-stage feed system (a year before it was implemented by Nikonov on his ASM), ejection to the front above a trigger grip, non-reciprocating charging handle. 3 firemodes - "2" - 2 round burst (at around 2000 RPM), and "O-A" - combined semi-auto and full auto (pressing trigger intil first "step" will fire weapons in semi-auto, pressing it futher will swtich to full auto fire in 600 RPM).
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    My resume that what we known (or not) on one picture:
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    So I'm back on forums and I'm throwing a post hoping on a debate about an interesting concept, the micro fighters, MIG-21 being the best known model. Here is a short presentation of the concept and some theoretical perspectives made by some Romanian air engineers. This idea come into debate looking to replace the aging fleet of Mig-21 Lancer, a plane which was not demanding from financial point of view while being in decent number (around 80 at some point), packed a decent punch for 2000s being BVR capable too (albeit missiles weren't bought, at least officially) and most importantly the maintenance was made entirely at local level. This remained the only fighter after MIG-23, MIG-29 and IAR-93 were phased out. It was an enigma why MIG-29 was so quickly phased out (1989 - 2003 in service) and some of the unofficial reasoning was high maintenance cost and dependence on Russia, low life spawn of engines plus ground attack limitations. In middle 2005 started the debate about replacing the MIGs with Gripen, Eurofighter, F-16s or Rafales and after some delays due to economical crisis the final decision was to acquire a squadron of F-16 A/B upgraded. This means a big hassle for FAR (Romanian Air Force) since it has to deal with new air base and runways, new procedures, pilots training for a very different plane which is completely different from anything was operated until now. The first squadron is on course of becoming operational and there are talks about two more squadrons both of 18 planes which will be also F-16 but the type is unclear. Some rumors say they want more F-16A/B upgraded , some say F-16 C/D, other are talking about some Israeli ones. The second project seem to be MLU of IAR-99 trainers announced by MoD after the research Institute was talking about a technological demonstrator probably not unaware of the intentions of defense planners. They are hoping even for a new engine and some redesign of the fuselage to accommodate it. MLU of IAR-99 seem a good idea and even is an AESA radar seem a waste on such plane it still could be useful in CAS role with some long range missiles like Brimstone while delivering a much cheaper training to fighter pilots. I can't envisage other role for this plane in next decades. Now back to micro fighters, it seems that with the technology from IAR-99 TD and MLU, a new aircraft is planned, a micro fighter as it was named in the article I linked above. How viable would be a micro fighter in the next 30-40 years outside the advanced training scope? Yeah I'm back around these forums after a hiatus I hope you're all well!
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    1) Point of order, William Browder is not a US citizen. As the links above explain, he renounced his US citizenship to lower his taxes. 2) The US allows foreign countries to interrogate and even imprison its citizens semi-regularly. It's called an extradition treaty. 3) The US and Russia currently have no extradition treaty, so it would make sense that anyone that Putin really really wanted to have dangled into his shark tank would need to be negotiated on a case by case basis with someone high in the US government. And if I were Putin and I'd mind-raped Trump into being my psychic catamite, I'd be pretty pissed right now. Complete waste of time thus far. The sanctions punishing Russia for its intervention in Ukraine are still in place. The US is still planning on putting THAAD in Germany and South Korea. Trump has ordered air strikes on Russia's ally Syria, twice in fact. The US military still maintains a ground presence in Syria, and has no immediate plans to leave. The US still does not recognize South Ossetia. Ukraine is still considered an official NATO aspirant. Basically all the items of contention between the US and Russia lingering from the Obama era are still the same as they were before. If Trump is a Russian puppet sent to D.C. to give Putin everything he wants on a silver platter, he's pretty fucking useless at that job.
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    Lostarmor article on T-80BV in Yemen war.
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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Turret number matches the army's posterboy: Leopard 2 121 Allfader: Might have been used to test new armor for the upgrade program:
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    The sanctions on Russia I linked are executive orders. Trump can reverse those with a pen stroke. Russia is plenty upset about THAAD in South Korea. Trump is the CinC of the entire US military; it's one of the few areas where he has absolute, unquestioned authority if it comes down to it. It might cost him some political capital to exercise this authority, but then if he's a Russian puppet who is controlled by blackmail and/or installed by Russian meddling, why would that matter? Recognition of countries is also another rare area where the US president has a large degree of unilateral authority. Trump is causing tension in NATO by asking them to increase defense spending. How does that help Putin? Trump is causing tension in the G7, which favors free trade, and simultaneously asking Saudi Arabia to increase oil production. Russia's economy is 2/3 dependent on oil production. That clearly doesn't help Putin either. As for the EU, they're Russia's largest oil and gas export market. They're insanely dependent on Russia. Trump pointed this out and mocked them for it. Again, this does not help Putin. I like Russia a lot. I think the country has been unfairly vilified, and I find much of their history and technology fascinating. But let's be fucking real here; Russia is not a strategic peer to the USA. Russia has a GDP somewhere between Spain and Italy. Russia used to have enormous industrial capacity; this was looted in the 1990s and will need to be reconstituted from scratch if they ever want it again. This further means that the relatively large number of technical specialists Russia has in certain high-tech fields (aerospace, nuclear engineering, some medicine) can't really be utilized domestically. At this very moment, Russia just doesn't matter all that much. Russia isn't trying to manipulate US politics from the top down. Russia has just gotten down with narrowly avoiding disintegration and implosion, and is now working in building itself back up to where it was decades ago. By what means exactly, is Russia supposed to be able to manipulate US presidential elections? Thus far, the Mueller investigation has discovered a few thousand ads that Russian front companies purchased for a grand total of $100,000. The entire Trump campaign cost more than half a billion dollars. The Russian contribution is rounding error. It's a lot like how voter fraud verifiably does happen. It does occur, but it's generally considered so rare that it doesn't threaten the integrity of the election. Did the Russians run some intentionally divisive ads during the election? Sure looks like it, but nobody should care. Mexico and Australia try to do it too, but it's not really considered significant. Unless you're telling me that Russian memes are orders of magnitude more dank than American ones, I don't see how this is a major concern. Now, that's not saying that Russian companies and the Russian government weren't above a bit of old-fashioned pay for play, but you'd be stupid not to. The price of bribes for minor favors is ridiculously low. But actually controlling the US president on high-level matters? When he's already a billionaire? Again, by what means?
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    Israeli AFVs

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    It's really funny watching the rolling clusterfuccane of Russian arms procurement, meanwhile the US military is freaking out trying to outdo one-off Russian prototypes because they are terrified of losing their dominance to a country with a military expenditure equivalent to France's, and are being egged on by a greedy defense industry. And the cherry on top is that any Russian with a stake in this wishes they had our problems.
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    In other news our MoD managed to fuck up Navy rearming and repairing/modernisation plans. A lot of ships repair and modernization take way too fucking long. Article about our biggest ship: https://vz.ru/society/2018/7/27/934366.html Vzglyad also did pretty good article on rest of ships, will post translation some time later.
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    More of the elusive Trophy-equiped Abrams of 1BCT/1st Cav in Poland. It’s almost like they don’t want them photographed or something.
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    David Moyes

    General AFV Thread

    Naked: Base Armour (Spaced Steel?): Expanded Armour (Composite?) & Blocks Barracuda camo: Testing Ballast Weights:
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    "Fury" from Tankfest 2018...
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    Jihad design bureau made this heavy APC
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    Bash the J-20 thread.

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    This issue includes even more: and: No further talk of the 1A3. Hope this wasn't to much derailing.
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    T-34-85 and M4 participated in Navy parade in Severomorsk. This Sherman is one that was restored by Northen Fleet.
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    Here are the pics related to the Oct 1979 intel report on the T-80. The pic was actually taken "prior to 1976." The higher quality version didn't become available until much later...
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    Trump has a shortage of competent allies, so he frequently has to go shopping for warm bodies where he can find them. It doesn't help that his catchphrase is "you're fired." Sometimes this works astonishingly well, but not everyone can be Mattis. Sometimes they are Anthony Scaramouchi and they aren't here to suck their own dick. It's been pointed out here before that Betsy Devos has a similarly dubious background. I think this is inevitable. The current party system may or may not be dying. At the very least, it's very sick. The central Democratic machine is in a bad, bad way right now. Essentially, Obama stole all the DNC's money. And then Hillary Clinton stole it all again. And they're undergoing continuous personnel turnover. More peripheral Democratic organs are probably more or less intact, but they have to contend with the fact that nationally they no longer have a winning coalition. The Republicans are currently suffering from a revolt. For reasons they are only now beginning to understand, a strange, rich, carrot-man attacked their party two years ago, killed it and is now wearing its skin. They're still figuring out what, if anything, to do about this fact. Probably they won't do anything. Doing things wouldn't be very professional or respectable. An entire ecosystem is crashing and burning. And when the highly organized ecosystem comes tumbling down, what sort of organisms do well? Rats and roaches. At least, in the short term.
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    AFV Engines

    Basically, yes - hydraulic pressure is used to vary piston height to change compression as RPM and boost pressures change. The AVCR-1360 was a really nifty engine and if it was not for the Army's then-obsession with turbine power it really should have been the Abrams' engine. In the spoiler pop-out is a picture of the Continental AVCR-series piston head. It was however complicated, and nobody has over the decades of effort put a variable compression engine into mass production until that just-introduced Nissan KR (and they must be feeling confident in it, they are planning to build over 100k of them per year, for a total run in millions).
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    After some talks on Discord, i decided to post some of it here. I don't understand why Kurganets being developed. There is a BMP-3 version (Dragoon) that have basically same features as Kurganets chassis have like engine in the front and bigger troops compartment. With Boomerang-BM unmanned turret that don't penetrate into the hull, it could be almost as spacious as Kurganets. Armor could be made as add on modules (as on Kurganets) and so what we left is that there is nothing what Kurganets offer over BMP-3M Dragoon, or at least nothing that is visible for me. If there was an unmanned version of BMP-3-like turret with 100 mm gun + 30 mm coaxial...
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    Russia didn't managed to influence elections in Ukraine, which was very important for us, and suddenly can manipulate all sort of elections everywhere in a matter of less than 2 years!