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    General AFV Thread

    Morocco, rare photos of VT-1A
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    A moment before "Ooofff"
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    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Apage satana! ps. ---------------------------------- GDLS has ofered Polish Army ca 320 M1A1/M1A2PL - unfortunatly cost wast to hight for us now. Previously GDLS has ofered ca 800 M1A1PL for ca 4,5 billion Euro. And service center in Poland. Future of the armoured corps is still old shitty T-72M1. Sad.
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    General AFV Thread

    Well, firstly, the DF90 was never intended to replace the Leopard 1A5BE, the purpose of the DF90 is to support infantry combat operations and, if necessary, providing an anti-tank capability. Secondly, no miracle is to be expected from a medium-pressure 90 mm gun against a modern Main Battle Tank. Thirdly, taking into account the additional weight, the running gear of the Piranha IIIC is push to its very limits. Indeed, there was this one rumor with the loosening screws and bolts moving between the hull bottom and the anti-mine double-floor of the Piranha IIIC but as usual, it's overly exaggerated by the press. Finally, I would say that budget cuts and wheels go well with each other. The Land Component believed until the last minute that they will get second-hand Dutch Leopard 2A5/A6.
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    GDLS future tank from a trade show, circa early mid 90's. And the same model in desert paint at AUSA 2009. Possible indicator of what Abrams replacement could be?
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    T-90M turret in production on the right side of that pic
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    Note - Plant No. 9 is cannon-designer/production company.
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    General AFV Thread

    It said to be a test platform to consider new layout to prepare the the next IFV.
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    After replacing the FAMAS with the HK-416, the French FR-F2 by the SCAR-H PR (2600 ordered to be delivered before 2021), it has now been announced that the PAMAS G1 (License built Berreta 92) and the remaining PA MAC 50 will be replaced by a Glock of unspecified model (though it can be noted that the Glock 17 is already in service with the special forces and some commandos). 74596 weapons have been ordered. Exit le PAMAS G1 et le PA MAC 50 : Le ministère des Armées a commandé plus de 74.000 pistolets Glock | Zone Militaire With that the French army will have replaced the vast majority of its service small arms. The FN minimi is now the only 5,56 LMG in service The FN MAG 58 is finishing to replace the ANF1/AANF1 for the 7,62 LMG The only "Legacy" weapons left will be the 12,7 M2 HMG and the 12,7 PGM Hecate II and AFAIK there is no need to replace it for now (though the army has apparently been experimenting with the CDX40 Shadow in .408)
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    General Mechanised Equipment

    MoD photo
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    Active Protection System (APS) for tanks

    Rheinmetall hybrid protection system version of the ADS:
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    Documents for the Documents God

    Jane's and Hunnicutt collections https://mega.nz/#F!cg0jkACZ!3mBIapaOA6NEIM_mL9efqA https://mega.nz/#F!55tGCaxI!q_DO8uWBY7cukghLMZK2KA Military Balance 2019 https://mega.nz/#!olFQjYpQ!PIxlf4_S4mt902gOw2pIZJ0WP-eRkz9NNEqYtS6VqtI Official encyclopedia of Russian MoD circa 2006. All books are translated. All kinds of stuff are covered: from ICBM to trucks. https://mega.nz/#F!Zpd3ka7Z!JlQtuHGrMIaTcJjxdWQ6vw
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    Yes, you reading it right.
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    The early days of Israel

    I am sure there are many very interesting stories to share about this topic. Let's start with couple of articles about the weird and sometimes downright crazy history of Czechoslovak assistance which helped Israel to survive its early days. It's true that Czechoslovakia asked a lot of money for bypassing the UN embargo but it doesn't change the fact that it helped in the critical time - before the change of course was ordered from Kremlin in 1949. It's also worth mentioning that the arms-smuggling to Israel brought up to 1/3 of all foreign currency income of Czechoslovakia at that time! It's all in Czech but well understandable with the google translate. Here in short the story of the secret Czechoslovak operation DI - the military asistance to Israel from the website of the Czech Institute of the military history. The article contains rare historical photos from the covert military training for army specialists (pilots, tankers, mechanics and even an infantry brigade made of volunteers from the former Czechoslovak Army Corps in USSR). https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vhu.cz%2Fprubeh-a-podrobnosti-cs-vojenske-pomoci-izraeli-na-konci-40-let%2F If you really like the topic, you can learn many more details from these six chapters of this superlong article (sure worth studying for anyone interested in the topic). https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14222-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-I%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14223-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-II%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14230-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-III https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14236-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-IV%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14242-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-V%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14246-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-VI%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial After that we have the totally crazy story of the Cairo bombing raid actually performed from the communist Czechoslovakia in 1948. Why don't we have yet any movie about three B-17s smuggled from USA, crewed by American-Jewish airmen, armed with former German machineguns and bombs and operating from an airfield located in then communist Czechoslovakia? If that doesn't deserve to be filmed than what does? https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.idnes.cz%2Fzpravy%2Fdomaci%2Fnalet-zatec-kahira-b-17-izrael.A130712_105045_domaci_jw Most of you likely know that the first combat aircraft of the Israeli airforce were Czechoslovak Avia S-199 fighters. This stillborn stop-gap modification of the leftover Bf-109G airframe was rather useless in fact (Czechoslovakia had loads of Bf-109 airframes but no spare DB-605 engines whose reliability was absurdly low due to bad late-war steel, so the engines were replaced with Jumo-211 bomber units - completely unsuitable but available) but nevertheless it helped to stop the Egyptian attack on Tel Aviv and brought a very important psychological advantage on the Israeli side. More about these planes here. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.idnes.cz%2Ftechnet%2Fvojenstvi%2Fizrael-ceskoslovensko-vyroci-izraelske-letectvo.A180526_235424_vojenstvi_erp https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.idnes.cz%2Ftechnet%2Fvojenstvi%2Fceskoslovenske-letectvo-stihaci-letadlo-avia-s-199.A200116_174150_vojenstvi_erp To add to the absurdity of that time... the man behind the support for the Israel was Czechoslovak FM Vladimír Clementis who was executed just few years later as a result of an intra-communist power struggle.
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    Israeli AFVs

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    NGCV/OMFV. Forwarding to... the past

    Let us open a topic dedicated to the Optionally maned fighting vehicle. What we know now is that we don’t know so much. What is sure, the US Army : - wants 9 men strong dismounted section ; - doesn’t want to continue to share an IFV between two sections when mounted ; - is awared that it’s complicated to fight with an IFV carrying a 9 men section. Platforms showed available at AUSA 2018 were : Griffin III from General Dynamic CV90 from BAE Lynx from Rheinmetall Maybe a proposal from SAIC ? My point here is the following : I have the strange feeling that there’s a misunderstanding. During last years, US Army spend lots of money to study new manufacturing process, new designs... and today, when we are looking at news, all we see is old concept. The Lynx is optimized to be a cost effective platform with proven components. But what is its upgrading capability to stay in services until 2070 ? CV90 is very good but it got limitations too. It need a deep reworked of its hull. The Griffin was introduced as the response to the Army call but in fact there’s no other tracked other platform in the GD catalog. I may be wrong but I can’t see any real disruption. What about monolithic forged hull ? What about decoupled running gear ? Are torsion bars still a solution for suspensions ? I think, this is the very beginning of the story but it’s very strange.
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    I would bet money if I had it, that the requirements list was in the recent DoD tradition; being simply absurd and couldn't be met reasonably - and everything else is saving face for that. You don't end up with a sole offer on a program of that size, unless you are demanding something goofy. Nobody even bothered (sure, the Lynx technically couldn't be shipped in time - but failure to ship in time is something that reeks of the bosses not treating it as a plausible thing) to bid outside of GDLS, and if Breaking Defense is right, GDLS couldn't even actually meet the monstrous spec list.
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    Belarussian company offers an upgrade for Shilka - ZSU-23-4BM. The whole "modernisation" is in new optical system Strizh-M2 that replace old radar station on Shilka. Optical system is capable of automatic target detection and passive rangefinding using some sort of neural network. Same info as on previous pic, in eng:
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    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Not so much armored, and only partially polish but still...
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    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Russian Shaman amphibious ATVs were purchased by UAE (for Dubai police)
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    Pretty good pictures of Epokha turret is on previous page. BMP-3 with Epokha turret: Speaking about BMP-3, here is Iraqi army BMP-3 with addon protection kit:
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    This was just posted on facebook: first look at T-14 thermal signature. What is really interesting is that the frontal Monolith "ERA" and side modules (forward of 2S24 blocks) seem to emit heat.
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    Pe-2 dive bombers:
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    Chanced upon this on imgur: an SPG sound suppressor, at the Military Training Area in Meppen, Germany. Vehicle in question is a M109G. EDIT:
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    US/Iran flirting with quagmire thred.

    The source was the twitter post. The guy saying that works for Washington Post.
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    Iron Fist is a result of earlier cooperation, don't think they had anything to do with each other by 2015.
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    https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2jvZ/4HtDhbbvL photos of pages from various International Defence Review magazine issues, published in 1975-1983 and stored in Russian State Library
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    Explosive Reactive Armor

    More like NxRA. I remember that in a patent by Rafael (patent number US 7,360,479 B2) they were explaining the advantages of newer types of reactive armors and listed both NxRA and SLERA as the best compromises between ERA threat defeat and NERA multi shot capability (with NxRA being better in this regard). I guess that in theory you could optimize NxRA to either release all its energy contained in its energetic materials in a single instance (thus working like an ERA tile) or across several shots, thus working more like NERA. Also i remember this article http://igorrgroup.blogspot.com/2010/06/russian-nxra-for-lavs.html?m=1 stating that reactive armor based on energetic materials was being explored by the russians for some time: "An attempt to raise the efficiency of the reactive armor led “NII Stali” to creation of so called energetic materials. Energetic materials are a new class of protective materials, which stands between conventional ERA and reactive armor. R&D conducted in “NII Stali” has shown that when the shaped charge jet impacts the energetic material enclosed between metal plates, in the interaction zone which is as small as 60-120mm, a chemical reaction takes place with release of a considerable amount of energy. The energy release rate is comparable to that of the best plastic explosives. It’s about 5000m/s in the interaction zone, and decreases to sonic speeds with the distance from the epicenter. It prevents the shift of the process to the stage of the steady-rate detonation. The efficiency of such systems is much higher than that of other reactive armor systems discussed above, because all the energy released in the local zone is directed to destruction of the shaped charge jet... This type of reactive armor is called NxRA abroad, which means it doesn’t use any explosives; it’s used in a variety of different armor systems (SLERA, LRA, IRA etc.). The use of this approach in reactive armor designs with multi-row cluster order of energetic elements with different levels of energy release allows control of the interaction process and adaptation to particular parameters of the shaped charge jet, which results in increased protection. Energetic materials can be based on different formulations. Due to selective sensibility to the shaped charge jet energy, the energetic materials are effective against tandem-warhead rounds and long-rod penetrators of APFSDS.The ideas of such hybrid reactive armor abroad are implemented only for protection against single-warhead chemical energy projectiles and kinetic-energy projectiles of small-caliber guns. Russian designers are pursuing more ambitious goals for hybrid reactive armor, and they are very close to creation of really multipurpose systems that provide protection against the complete range of threats, including tandem projectiles."
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    The interesting ship photos/art thread.

    It reminds me this 12 years old sketch from Bird & Fortune...
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    French flair

    To start the new year with a good news :
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    Koalitsiya-SV SPG during testing
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    Footage of Drok SPM testing (some pieces in 1st half of the video, most of videomaterial - in 2nd half)
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    @LoooSeR i just checked again the footage of BMP-3 with Kinzhal turret firing and ejecting spent cases, those clearly are necked down unlike the picture you shared for the Epokha. So i´m thinking that the Kinzhal is using either the old WW2 57x480mm (necked down 76mm case) or the post war 57x348SR as used by S-60 AA gun, both are necked down but the latter is smaller while the Epokha is using a brand new even smaller 57 cartridge.
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    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Strategic aviation day-related pics.
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    Youtube general?

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    Britons are in trouble

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    General AFV Thread

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    French flair

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    "True" Capitalism is possible only in sectors of economy where at least 2 aspects working together - big number of similar-ish participants of the "market" and high-competition between them, where customer is choosing company based on only product qualities. Now let's talk about what if you are bying a big civilian jet and you are "Western" country. How many companies you can choose from? Boeing and Airbus and that is all? How much your choice is affected by political situation? No big company in US ever payed to politicians? No EU weapon maker ever "oiled" possible customer outside of EU when customer was thinking about weapon purchase? Even in "capitalist" countries there are many parts of economy that don't have enough competitors to have high level of competition (internet providers in remote parts of the country is probably simpliest example), or where competition is happening not around a product itself, and/or have big political "baggage" tied to it. We have parts of economy where there are a lot of companies that have pretty serious competition with each other, like internet providers in St.Peterburg, and we have something like UVZ, which is basically a monopolist in tank-building in whole country. Both are results of capitalism - a lot of people want internet and their money flow is able to support several companies that compete for them, while same economy/budget can't fully support more than 1 producer of tanks, which is a reason why Kirov and Omsk is out of the game. And that would be the case with "true" and not "true"/"crony" capitalism anyway.
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    Your Gun Porn Thread

    I don't think I ever posted my especially shiny B76 in here. I also managed to get quite the rare catch recently as well (which is very similar to another recent acquisition). Had a lot of overcast skies lately, so have been able to snag less shitty pics.
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    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    Does anyone want to get involved ? https://www.business.gov.au/cdic/news-for-defence-industry/land-400-phase-3-australian-industry-capability-roadshow
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    World War 3 has been called off kiddies. The Corporate media has already moved on to Prince Harry and his baby mama getting booted to Canada.
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    Reviews of Movies I Haven't Seen

    Stars Wars story: Rogue Juan. Star Wars: Rogue Juan is bold new movie showing grim reality of Mexican immigrants trying to sneak through the border of Space Unite Stats. In the movie white males understood that walls don't work, so they decided to send United States into space and surround it will walls from every direction, thus creating sphere, which is called a Death Star. A white male (wearing white clothes) is building new space station and plans to arm it with giant space laser to insure dominance of patriarchy. One group of very diverse heroes (Indians, Mexicans, Asians, Afro-Spacians) lead by strong and independent woman now need to team up in very original story of rebels taking down Imperial giant super weapon, where a black guy dies first, secondary characters dies later and only main character and her love interest survive long enough to see results, later to be killed because movie is grim and realistic. Rogue Juan brings a lot of moral question about building giant space laser-firing space stations, sending countries to the space and isolating it from the rest of people by spheres, white man oppression of aliens such as Mexicans and Indians, destruction of Muslim cultural artifacts like Al-Jedi town and many others.
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    Californium 2250- final submissions

    Hakika si Kundi la Dudes Nyeupe (HKDN) Submission: Object 426 "Stumpy" Table of basic statistics: Parameter Value Mass, combat 54.8 mt Length, combat (transport) 6.2 m/9.7 m (gun forwards) Width, combat (transport) 3.8 m Height, combat (transport) 2.6 m (to top of commander's hatch) Ground Pressure, MMP (nominal) 114 N/m2 Estimated Speed 60 km/h on road, 40 km/h off-road Estimated range 400 km Crew, number (roles) 4 (commander, driver, loader, gunner) Main armament, caliber (ammo count ready/stowed) 85 mm L/70 high-pressure gun (30 rounds in protected rack under blow-off panels in turret rear, 5 rounds in ready/emergency racks in fighting compartment) Secondary armament, caliber (ammo count ready/stowed) 7.62 mm coaxial machinegun (1200 rounds) 12.5 mm machinegun (1200 rounds) 250 mm Large Universal Body (LUB) missiles (4 in armoured boxes on turret sides) Vehicle designer’s notes: HKDN's object 426 (provisional designation "Stumpy", provisional identifier "Xer") is intended to provide mobility, protection and firepower which meets or exceeds requirements at a low weight. It uses proven track, suspension, engine and transmission components, and combines them with innovations in firepower and protection to produce a superior fighting vehicle capable of taking on all comers. Vehicle feature list: Mobility: 1. Link to Appendix 1- RFP spreadsheet, coloured to reflect achieved performance. 2. Engine- 2x V-10 diesel (based on V-46-6 engine), 32.3 l displacement each, 650HP each, liquid cooled, coolant piped through armoured conduit to radiators in rear. 3. Transmission- planetary, synchromesh, hydraulically assisted (based on T-72), 7 forward gears and 1 reverse gear; engine forward; transmission to rear. 4. Fuel- diesel, 1350 l total capacity, stowage in forward hull and fighting compartment floor, 400 km estimated range, acts as additional armour against frontal attacks and mine blasts. 5. Engine bay is designed so that individual engines can be lifted out as power pack units. Transmission and engines are set up so that the tank can run even if one engine is disabled . 6. Suspension- torsion bar with hydraulic shock absorbers, 20-32 cm travel, 50 cm ground clearance, based on proven design of T-72. Survivability: Layout of armour and protective components: Dark red - mantlet Red - frontal arrays Orange - turret side arrays Gold - driver's side array Yellow - fighting compartment side arrays Green - roof array Black - fuel Grey - Automotive components: engines, drive shaft, transmission, radiators Not shown - 25 mm HHA side skirts, 45mm base armour, turret basket, armoured ammunition stowage, armoured boxes for LUB missiles 1. Link to Appendix 1 - RFP spreadsheet, colored to reflect achieved performance. 2. Link to Appendix 2- armor array details. 3. Non-specified survivability features and other neat tricks - smoke grenades, use of fuel cells and radiators as armour, rear radiator housings double as large escape hatches for crew. Firepower: A. Weapons: 1. Link to Appendix 1- RFP spreadsheet, colored to reflect achieved performance. 2. Main Weapon- a. Smoothbore cannon (510 MPa working pressure) b. 85mm calibre c. Ammunition - Common: 75 x 500 mm composite case (158 mm at base), combustible case wall and steel case stub, 19-21 kg total round weight. APHE-FS: 11.4 kg, 1000 m/s, 250 mm RHA penetration at 500 m, 210 mm RHA penetration at 2000 m. APCR-FS: 3.2 kg, 1900 m/s, 330 mm RHA penetration at muzzle. HEAT-FS (steel liner): 11.4 kg, 1000 m/s, 200 mm RHA penetration. HEAT-FS (precision-formed copper liner, precision-formed explosive, wave shaper, improved fuse assembly): 11.4 kg, 1000 m/s, 350 mm RHA penetration. HE-FS: 11.4 kg, 1000 m/s, ~15 mm RHA penetration d. Ammo stowage arrangement- 30 rounds in 3 linear racks in turret rear. Racks are behind armour and under blow-off panels. 5 rounds in emergency/ready racks scattered around fighting compartment. Racks are motorised to bring rounds forwards to front of rack. Loader accesses rack using motorised door. e. FCS- gun is electro-hydraulically stabilized in 2 axes (based on T-72). Maximum gun elevation/depression is +20/-5 degrees. f. The high-pressure 85mm gun allows rapid-fire engagement of multiple targets thanks to its high velocity and lightweight ammunition. Penetration is sufficient to deal with most threats at combat ranges, with high-priority targets being engaged by LUB missiles. A standardised muzzle velocity simplifies aiming when switching ammunition types. The APCR-FS uses an aluminium body, 28x420mm maraging steel core and 13x51mm tungsten alloy tip to provide a high-penetration kinetic round for close-in combat (0-500m). 3. Secondary weapons- a. 7.62 mm coaxial machinegun, 1200 rounds b. 12.5 mm machinegun, 1200 rounds, mounted in rotatable pintle on commander's hatch. c. 4 x 250 mm LUB missiles (described further in Appendix 3) 4. Link to Appendix 3 - Weapon system magic. This is where you explain how all the special tricks related to the armament that aren’t obviously available using Soviet 1961 tech work, and expand to your heart’s content on extimated performance and how these estimates were reached. B. Optics: 1. Primary gunsight - stabilized gunner's sight in turret roof. Stabilization is 2-axis, with gun calibrated to sight (described further in Appendix 3) 2. Secondary optics - Secondary telescopic mounted coaxial to gun. Observation periscopes for commander and loader. Commander's periscope is stabilized. Vision blocks in commander's hatch. C. FCS: 1. Main gun fire control is fairly conventional aside from sight-slaving system. Missile fire control is via main or secondary gun sight, with radar/optical aiming system mounted coaxial to gun. 2. Link to Appendix 3 -weapon system magic Fightability: 1. Large commander's and loader's hatches improve ingress/egress. Rear hatches allow rapid evacuation and assist in reloading vehicle. 2. Small size and weight of vehicle increases strategic mobility. Low ground pressure and high power-to-weight ration increases tactical mobility. 3. Larger number of crewmen and design of engine bays improves serviceability of vehicle. 4. Smaller main gun increases number of rounds which can be stowed, eases ammunition handling. 5. LUB missiles provide one-hit-one-kill capability against any and all likely targets. The large, modular design of the missile body allows it to be upgraded over the life of the vehicle. 6. The use of known automotive, suspension, gun and optical components based on the venerable T-72 design eases development time and increases reliability. Additonal Features: Additional and optional features are detailed further in Appendix 3. These include a smaller-diameter missile to replace the LUB missile, a 145mm low-pressure gun to replace the 85mm gun, a commander's stereoscopic rangefinder and an addon ERA package. Free expression zone: "As leaves gently fall so too will Cascadia, thanks to our big stick." - dedication by the design team of HKDN to Object 426 project HKDN senior design team engineers on Object 426 project. Left to right: Chadina Blake-Smythe, Sora Jina-Bandia and Ukelele Brown-Davis.
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