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    I made a model of the T-34M: Astute viewers will notice that the commander's cupola is wrong - it's supposed to be a T-50 cupola rather than the T-34/85 model I stuck on. Rivet counters will notice that the exhausts don't have the crazy bolt arrangement they should have (and are kind of the wrong shape), the front hooks are missing, the radio antenna is missing, the hull periscopes are missing, and that the turret periscopes are of the wrong type.
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    IS-3 on Shikotan island.
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    French flair

    https://www.facebook.com/pg/Museeblindes/posts/ Two weird EPC concept models from Saumur museum. I suppose that the 1st model with top-mounted gun is likely a solf-recoil gun. Obviously they are different from the schemes described in Marc's book, in which all have six roadwheels.
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    I updated the model to resemble the mock-up
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    made pic for better understanding
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    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    This is a snipplet from "Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank Owners' Workshop Manual: 1998 to Present" by Lt. Col. Dick Taylor of the RTR. Apparently the M1A1 HA's DU armor results in about 15% better protection against APFSDS ammunition compared to the Challenger 2, but offers a lot lower protection against HEAT munitions. Given that the M1A1 HA's turret appears to have approximately 600-660 mm vs KE (estimated 30° arc and direct from the front), that would put the Challenger 2 at 510-560 mm vs KE (this figures would match the earlier documents form the Challenger 2 design phase asking for 500 mm vs KE on turret and hull). The Challenger 1 was designed to reach a protection level of 500 mm vs KE on turret and 275 mm vs KE on the upper hull front, but according to a footnote in the same book reached only 480 mm vs KE on the turret and 340 mm vs KE on the hull. The Leopard 2 was apparently not only offered with the B armor configuration (as tested in the UK), but it was at least proposed with the C and D armor generations aswell (protection level of the latter armor type not being disclosed to the UK). It seems that the text on the right mentions protection figures in milimeters for the Leopard 2A4 with Type B and Type C armor configurations, but that is unfortunately cut off. The Leopard 2A4 (with Type B armor) was rejected for its poor armor, worse than the Chieftain with Stillbrew vs KE. Does anybody have this book? I wonder if it is worth the read, because other snipplets I've seen seem to feature quite a lot of bias (i.e. tests of Challenger 2E in Greece).
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    about the “Oplot”, I think this is a “triumph” of the T-64 series ... and its followers. But this is not a 21st century tank. Morozov’s followers on both sides of the border sawn the old concept, time showed how far ahead of time it was. But sometimes it is worth stopping and thinking about something new (I’m not talking about Armata and not even about T-95). Ukrainian BM Oplot tank in details – http://btvt.info/1inservice/bm_oplot.htm
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    40 & 30rnd experimental 5,45x39. OTs-12 "Tiss" / OTs-14 "Groza" 9x39. Experimental SVK / SVK-S 6x49.
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    Pretty much. One-size-fits-all environmental land use policies which prohibit the harvest and management of forestry resources, which prohibit maintaining forest service roads, which hinder fire fighting efforts, who litigate every single forest timber sale into oblivion, which prevent homeowners from even being able to cut down a tree on their property, are pretty much 100 percent because of policies which have been advocated by the Democratic Part at the Federal and State and local level, while egged on by rich white liberals, and environmental organizations like the Sierra Club.
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    French flair

    UAE moving Leclercs to Hodeida (Yemen)
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    from this article and comment section https://fromtheswedisharchives.wordpress.com/2018/10/16/the-american-s-tank/ so - I guess, that means 14 concepts, with 8 of them posted so far ....Including a couple of infantry carrying vehicles - Heavy IFV with tank-like protection, and another vehicle with remote-controlled turret (and machineguns) and protection against radiation https://fromtheswedisharchives.wordpress.com/2018/11/07/us-afv-concepts-no-5/ https://fromtheswedisharchives.wordpress.com/2018/11/17/us-afv-concepts-no-8-armored-infantry-carrier/ ... and another proposal, which reminds me of Soviet (Chelyabinsk) BMPT prototypes from late 80s - same idea of providing something better than port hole for every dismount, coupled with doctrine which demands to distmount as little as possible, coupled with reducing number of dismounts to 4-5. https://fromtheswedisharchives.wordpress.com/2018/11/19/us-afv-concepts-no-9-armored-combat-carrier/ and another proposal - lightly armored this time https://fromtheswedisharchives.wordpress.com/2018/11/22/us-afv-concepts-no-10-infantry-carrier-low-profile/
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    I can guarantee that if HIllary were to be the 2020 nominee for president, the Democratic base would revolt. One thing this midterm showed is that the Democratic base wants fresh faces. As a liberal, I do not think I could vote for Hillary in 2020 if she were the nominee. She had her chance, time for someone new.
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    don't know where you get 455HB for serial postwar casted soviet turret, but T-62, T-72 and T-64 uses SBL-2 steel which has hardness up to 277HB(Impression Diameter - 3,65mm) and tensile strength up to 882MPa
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    I still haven't tallied up the 2018 midterms in detail. There were three factions; Democrats, Old Republicans and Trump Republicans. As a rough estimation, I think that the Democrats and Trump Republicans both enjoyed moderate gains against the Old Republicans. The Democrats did pick up seats in the House. However, the opposing party usually does. Furthermore, just as the Democrats had, by a quirk of previous election cycles, more seats to defend in the Senate, the Republicans had more seats to defend in the house. Furthermore, there were some cases of there being no incumbent to defend the seat, as the previous anti-Trump Republican decided to take their marbles and go home. Trump wanted to replace Old Republicans with Trump Republicans, as in the case of Paul Ryan. But in most cases that wasn't possible. The replacement of an Old Republican with a Democrat is more or less a wash to him. Either one would oppose him tooth and nail, although perhaps a Democrat would be more open and honest about it. The largest gains for Trump are in the Senate. Not only did the red team (which, again, is really two opposing teams that happen to share the same color) pick up some seats there, but Trump managed the substantial coup of getting the Old Republicans of the Senate to kiss his ring. This gain isn't really reflected by the election ledger, but it's every bit as important. Meanwhile, substantive Trump-related news has been quiet lately, which is a reliable indicator that he is up to something(s).
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    U.S. MACHINE GUN T23E1 .30 SN# 1 SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 1943 Manufactured by Springfield Armory, Springfield, Ma. - Gas-operated, air-cooled, belt-fed, automatic weapon capable of delivering both a high and low rate of automatic fire as well as semi-automatic fire. 4-groove rifling, right hand twist. Fed by ammunition box capable of holding 100 rounds. Weapon weighs approximately 26.65 lbs. Evolved from T10 series. Improved T23 with addition of a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) type rate reducer enabling weapon to fire at slow rate. Equipped with flash hider, bipod, carrying handle. Notes: Except for the machine guns aficionados, this weapon is virtually unknown. It evolved from the T10 series of weapons. The T10s were made in collaboration with Colt, High-Standard and Auto-Ordnance and it is believed that Bill Ruger worked on this project for awhile. The project laid dormant until Clarence Simpson of the Springfield Armory was ordered to pick it up in 1943. His version included a BAR type rate reducer enabling the weapon to fire at a slower rate. While the weapon tested well, the project was never seriously considered for adoption since they could not get the weight of the weapon under 26 lbs. http://ww3.rediscov.com/spring/VFPCGI.exe?IDCFile=/spring/DETAILS.IDC,SPECIFIC=11344,DATABASE=71375263 P.S.
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    Yeah, I am Norwegian. This sounds legit, though badly translated. The reason the warship sank by the way, is because they anchored the ship to land to keep it steady. But it was a poor job, a wire broke, and when they tried to reinforce it, it became too dangerous and they had to abort half way. Later other wires broke, leading to a chain reaction causing the reinforced wire to rip out a chuck of rock and the ship sinking. Sjøforsvaret tells the media that it has no ship rescue capability "because they are not a ship rescue company" . That competence has to be outsourced. The ship is unofficially declared lost and not Worth repairing. A lot of memes about it: (It says boat is given away, has to be picked up in Øygarden and the batteries for the GPS has to be replaced. A captain can come with for free.)
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    Nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/saudi-womens-rights-activists-reportedly-flogged-and-given-electric-shocks-in-prison
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    30 years ago.
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    Britons are in trouble

    I can’t resist posting this one :
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    Britons are in trouble

    It was also narrower - 100/107 inches according to this diagram from Raport WTO 2002-12 (article on AUSA-2002): photos:
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    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    BCG: 10.5" lightweight barreled version "SCAR-alike" config for weight comparison: Final weights (no magazine, no ammunition) SCAR-alike config w/ ACR stock: 2.74 kg / 6.03 lb 14.5" / 13" w/ ACR stock: 3.06 kg / 6.74 lb 10.5" / 8.5" w/ ACR stock: 2.63 kg / 5.80 lb I plan to do a sort of "lessons learned" writeup sometime next week.