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    Picture Signatures

    I'll do the rest later. It's getting late, and I spent too much time doing other things. XD
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    Random Nuclear Stuff

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    T-90s will be upgraded to T-90M level. http://gurkhan.blogspot.ru/2015/06/blog-post_52.html 50 tons, 2A82 gun are part of this modernization. Program is called "Proriv-3", i posted a Proriv-2 turret some time ago in this thread.
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    Rainbow Six has been dead to me since Raven Shield. Likewise, Ghost Recon died after the original expansion packs. Ubisoft destroyed both of the properties after buying Red Storm Entertainment.
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    Did a follow-up. Bic trademarked the saying "Lights First Time, Everytime" in 1975, and lost in '81. The pen slogan was registered in '74, and is still active. https://inventively.com/search/trademarks/73018809 https://inventively.com/search/trademarks/73018744
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    I'd imagine that in reality, dinosaurs wouldn't be single-minded killing machines who'd spend all their energy trying to track down homosapiens (other than Velociraptors cuz they're bad-ass like that). Instead, precautions like you'd take when out on African safari or in the Bush in Alaska would probably be more than sufficient. And if you ran into a sick or hungry man-eater that just had a hankering for human flesh, anything from a 45-70 on up would be more than sufficient with shot placement etc. That's one of the annoyances I have with movies that I'm usually - usually - able to overlook.
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    Assuming a normal shock at the front of the missile at Mach 6.5 (not a perfectly valid assumption, but I'm too buzzed/tired to crunch out some hardcore hypersonic gas dynamics equations), you're going to get a temperature ratio across the shock of roughly 8.2. So, with an outside air temperature of 225K (fairly close to the air temp at 25-30km), you're going to have temperatures at the front of the missile in the neighborhood of 1850K. Not hot enough to start dissociating the nitrogen and oxygen in the air, but definitely enough to introduce a lot of noise into any sort of infrared imaging systems (especially given 1950s/60s signal processing). As a result, I'm assuming that Pye Wacket would have been fitted with some sort of command guidance. Sprint operated in a similar (albeit more extreme) thermal environment, and was also command guided (it helps that the W66 has a much larger kill radius than 55 kilos of high explosive).
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    Reviews of Movies I Haven't Seen

    In a world gone mad, where a single state holds an entire country captive because of a demographic time bomb of 38 million passive aggressive jerks who don't know how to drive or vaccinate their children, they said all hope was lost. Until a single continental transform fault forming a tectonic boundary between the Pacific Plate and North American Plate with a right-lateral strike-slip motion said "No more". San Andreas. The romantic comedy we've been waiting decades to see. And Superman isn't coming to save your sorry asses this time either. Californians. You've artificially driven up property and rental prices in Portland and you've transformed the scenic vistas of Colorado into a gaudy strip mall and now you want to steal water from Washington state. But guess what? Mother nature has something else in store for you. Fuck you Californians! Do you like the taste of water? I've got some water for you! Glub-glub! Glub-glub!
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