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    So, I'm snowbound in a little motel in Rawlins, WY. It's a dinky, creaky old place with no internet, no running water, and it's built on an old Indian burial ground. Anyway, I was thinking about music. I listened to The Pierce's Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge on the way down here, end to end. Holy crap, this is a superb album. Allison and Catherine Pierce are both excellent singers with some really excellent harmonies (but not so often it gets dull). Instrumentation and melodies are varied too, but not so much it feels thrown together. And wow, the lyrics. The probity of the album's concept is immaculate. It oozes jealousy, loss, lust and toxic sexuality worthy of an opera. A taste:
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    Fuck you, Sputnik, this is the worst watermarks you could made. Boomer with Berezhok turret.
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    General cars and vehicles thread.

    GAZ will show their new truck/pickup - Vepr NEXT New Ural shares almost all parts of it's cabin with GAZ Next series of trucks, BTW.
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    No, we don't have dedicated thread on Endless war: Iraqi edition part 43.
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    Close up of soft case 4S24 ERA series variant on T-72B3 Obr.2016.
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    Music to trip balls to: