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    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    What about 20 British soldiers thought about the M1A1 Abrams after testing the tank for two days in Grafenwöhr:
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    Syrian conflict.

    @Collimatrix, @Bronezhilet ANNA news report, with subs.
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    WoT v WT effort-thread

    The last two times that I've played WoT in the past two months (maybe longer) had just been low tier seal clubbing with some of my old clan. I can't bring myself to care about anything new in that game. The new premium Centurion is a great example of what is wrong with WoT. First, it's recycled content. They just took an existing tech tree tank, slapped some hideous camo on it, and called it good. They didn't try to differentiate it in a meaningful way that effects it's game play. Second, they just make things up to fit whatever whimsical notions they have that day, like adding a fifth crewman to a tank that was designed to have only 4. Yeah, it works with the idiotic promotion event that your are doing, but how does this work with the tech tree? Does any other tank in the swedish tree take a five man crew? Third, they are charging way too much for what essentially amounts to nothing. These "loaded" packs cost twice as much as comparable packs in WT. Over there, the IS-6 pack costs $40, and it gets you a very good tank, a decent amount of gold, and some premium time. WG would sell that same pack for $80.
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    Armata's main gun
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    Forum Improvements and Changelog

    The Emotinomicon continues
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    I think you are misremembering. A lot of the changes made to the panther Ausf G were in order to rationalize jagdpanther production. For instance, the hull sides of the panther Ausf G are less sloped, but thicker than the hull sides on the Ausf D and Ausf A. This was because the hull sponson sides were too sloped on those to blend into a hull casemate like the jagdpanther's. I presume, therefore, that the improved final drives in the jagdpanther were the same as the improved final drives in the panther Ausf G; which is to say, the housings for the final drives were beefed up so they flexed less. I believe that the drives themselves were more or less the same. Panther II was supposed to have tiger/tiger II drivetrain components, possibly including the final drives, I'm not sure. Panther II was substantially different from a regular panther. The one in the Patton museum is dimensioned differently enough that most standard panther components won't fit, or so I've read. Also, the suspension is different, much more like a tiger II's with single rather than double torsion bars and only two layers of road wheels.