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    Run from Brussels, of course.
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    The PRC is the second country in the world to have a stealth fighter aircraft enter service. The J-20 has been officially commissioned.
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    I did this one, I think it turned out really well, I'm getting a little better with each one, but not much faster.
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    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Generally speaking, aircraft engines in WWII were of the air-cooled radial type, which look like big, flat-faced cylinders: And liquid-cooled in-line engines, which typically had a more rectangular cross-section and streamlined engine cowlings: But this isn't a hard and fast rule. Take for example this experimental Hawker Typhoon variant: That looks for all the world like a radial engine, but it's actually an in-line engine with an annular radiator that mimics the round-cowl installation of a typical radial engine. Further confusing matters, the Tempest Mk. II actually had a radial engine: But if you really want to muddy the waters, strictly speaking "radial" refers to the arrangement of the cylinders of the engine, while "air-cooled" just refers to the means of removing waste heat from those cylinders. Usually the terms were used interchangeably. The big, wide-open arrangement of the radial engine lent itself to simple, passive air cooling without the complication of a liquid radiator. But it was entirely possible to have a radial arrangement of engine cylinders that were liquid-cooled. This is the Wright R-2160 Tornado: And it is indeed a liquid-cooled radial engine from WWII. This 42 cylinder monster was comparable to the Rolls-Royce Griffon in terms of power, size and weight, and featured direct fuel injection which was quite advanced for the time. The number of parts was staggering, on account of having 42 cylinders, and the engine was never fully developed as Wright Aeronautical's attention was consumed by the R-3350 for the B-29. This is the BMW 803: This was another liquid-cooled radial. This consisted, essentially, of two BMW 801 engines sharing a common shaft. It seemed unlikely that the rearmost engine could receive adequate cooling airflow, so a liquid cooling system was substituted. Various large and impressive aircraft were envisioned for this powerplant, but none were ever actually built. A single engine was completed. And in case you're wondering, yes, the inverse is possible as well. This is a Ranger V-770 air-cooled inline engine: And this is the Argus As-411, another air-cooled inline engine: Air-cooled inline engines are restricted to fairly low power levels. Because the cylinders are bunched together the cooling airflow and cooling fin size is quite limited. Since they cannot reject much waste heat, they cannot be allowed to produce much power in the first place.
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    what the fuck is wrong with you people
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    Fake news, that should be an M16A1.
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    From what I gathered from asking a Few people (Including Akula.) -The design first emerged on the internet around late 2016. -However, no person or company has actually claimed It's theirs publicly and nothing has leaked on it so, unless that happens, no one really knows anything about it. Not even the name if it has one. Also, this thing, from the looks of it, it appears the JH16 design did infact win the trials for a new Police/SWAT SMG, seen here being posed in a photo op with a member of the Guangzhou SWAT. (Third to the right.)
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    We in America have no way of disproving the idea that Russian media is full of shit, which means it's likely full of shit. What's obvious is that without a doubt the Ukrainian media is full of about an order of magnitude more shit.
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    It all seems to be the political equivalent of the Jerry Springer show.
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    Undisputable evidence of Russian aggression against the Mighty and Unified Independent State of Ukraine! Behold these vehicles personally blessed by Ramzan Kadyrov when issued to GRU GSh FSB GIBDD special forces! First we have... A CAR And if this doesn't convince you... a T-64 tank! This is for sure a Russian T-64 tank taken straight from Putinist spetsnaz and not from factory storage, just as the freshly painted track section would suggest! The rebels are known for having a surplus of Grads, right? Anyway, here's one that's definitely one of theirs for sure. A BTR-80 with identification markings conveniently spraypainted over. It was probably the insignia of the top secret Russian antigravity hovercraft unit. A ZiL-131 with original Soviet QA markings and storage covers, 100% not just from the warehouse at all. A Ukrainian seal on the fuel tanks is a sure sign of Russian aggressors! A bunch of boxes with any identifying markings burned off? Must be the work of FSB KGB saboteurs! And finally some shot down drones without any visible damage. And of course, personal belongings! New medals (can't lose the box, they're worth more on eBay this way), unused patches, and passports (gotta bring your passport when you invade a country, otherwise they won't let you cross the border! No such thing as military identification in Mother Russia, no sirree) As you can see, the Ukraine is completely overrun by Kadyrov's own Chechen spetsnaz and only the brave and fearless and not fascist at all volunteer battalions of the national guard can resist them!
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    This looks like an interesting book, too bad I can't read russian https://www.scribd.com/doc/93953513/Armor-Not-Osprey-Tornado-Soviet-Main-Battle-Tank-T-64
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    I would imagine the Russians have more documentation on the tank combat in Ukraine than the Turkish do to base things off of.
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    Sad shape of Ukrainian armour. The smoke grenade launchers are gone, the projector is no longer linked up with the cannon. But look, it has some grates on the side that protect from RPGs! probably not really
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    I'm... fairly certain Belgium and some middle eastern countries like Kuwait and maybe Saudi Arabia still use the Cockerill Mk 8 in various light AFVs .... If that counts. Maybe South Africa. Clear threats to Ukraine for sure.
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    Interesting thing is that one captured T-72, was claimed to be T-72B3 because of Thales thermal imager. Problem with this claim is that Kharkov design burea also work with Thales and offer same thermal imagers. http://morozovkmdb.com/rus/body/addburan.php Cathrine is Thales produced thermal imager. AFAIK Ukraine have small number of T-72 with those things mounted on them for testing.
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    Uh excuse me those are obviously all T-90s and T-72B3s operated by elite GRU Spetsnaz trained personally by Putin, captured in glorious battle. it must be true, SBU told me so.
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    Actions of other countries during 1918-1922 Russian Civil War does not make it something else than Russian Civil War. I was watching for situation in Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine pretty close using direct sources instead of media pre-made opinions that they spew around (thanks to understanding of Ukrainian and knowing Russian) and Ukraine had almost all civil war preconditions - current conflict between Eastern Ukraine and Western is not new, it moved from political field to military after several huge events, coup in Feb 22, Odessa massacre, 4-6 ministers seats filled with neo-Nazi/russophobes/racist far right activists, 7 attempts to ban Russian language by Rada, May 9/Victory Day National guards attack on Police in Mariupol with a lot of killed and injured protesters, etc. etc. Those events were sparks that created rebelion in the East, with center in Slavyansk. You can watch Vise news reports about early stages of that conflict, when new Ukrainian authorities were sending troops to Eastern part of Ukraine, and how they were met by crowds of locals. A lot of Ukrainian officers and soldiers changed their sides during initial stage of conflict. http://armamentresearch.com/Uploads/Research%20Report%20No.%203%20-%20Raising%20Red%20Flags.pdf This is not so bad attempt to research question of Russia giving weapons to rebels (pro-Russian is wrong term, BTW). Apart from several mistakes in tank section, part about VSS, and launchers, it is pretty well done compared to other PR crap. Western medias view that rebelion is controlled by Russian SF or Putin is simply stupid. Amount of stupid actions and errors, mistakes and crucial miscalculation, done by rebels, is huge, and painfull. If you want to separate from country you should start ot create your own state, which rebels started to do only 3-4 months after initial protests in March-May of this year. Rebels are still not united - a lot of separated groups of different rebels are presented there, but without central controlling structure or leader. Kozitsyn's cossaks, Khodakovskiy Vostok battalion (first battles of which were total failures with huge losses in manpower), Motorola "Sparta" unit, Givi's team, Mosgovoy's units, "Odessa's" team, groups of national-bolsheviks, anti-Putin activists, Limonov's gang, Ossetians, Chechens, French volunteers, Serbian Chetniks, etc. etc. are now trying to form united Armed forces of Novorosiya, with second meating of those forces leaders in December of 10. Logistical support is pretty bad on rebels side, same for medical support. Level of combat training o rebels is not very high, appart from some people with military backgrounds. From the start of Civil war Ukrianinian authorities claimed (officialy) something like 40 Russian invasions with 2000-2500 vehicles in total used in them (all of which Ukriane destroyed), 1 nuclear strike at Donetsk airport according to Heletey's briefing (Minister of Defence), 3 FSB-made protests at Maidan (yeah, i am serious, ask their Minister of Internal affairs why he claimed this on TV), and other smaller events. Results of "40 Russian invasions" and "1 nuclear strike" are: - Rebels lost Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and villages around them; - 3-4 months of battle for Donetsk airport without actually capturing it with one of rebel commander noting that they don't have tank crews good enough to fight in airport, which leave rebels without close fire support, which is main reason why they can't smash that VSU unit in Donetsk airport; - Huge damage to infrastrucutre, houses, electric networks, sewerage systems; - Huge damage to Eastern Ukraine economy; - Several big industrial companies fled Ukriane completely; - Several irreparable big mines flooded with water; - Rebels, after summer battles, now use artillery and mortars as their primary weapon simply because of high number of thermal imagers and NV systems in Ukrianian forces units, rebels have problems with closing in to Ukriane units without being bombarded; - General situation is stagnant - nor rebels nor VSU have upper hand; Only 2 real victory of rebels were South Cauldron (wich was done by mortats and artillery) and Illovaysk. Ukrianian reports and documents about Ukrainian forces defeat at Illovaysk were assigned level of secrecy "for internal use only" with Heletey claiming that all those, who ask for them to be published are Putin agents, i think that he just try to concela huge level of incompetence of Ukr. forces high command. Economical situation for Donbas region is not good, there is serious problems with food (24 deaths from hunger documented in November in Donetsk alone). Ukrainian forces now receive better equipment. Currently Rebels and Ukrainian military are trying to talk with each other on person-to-person basis with recent TV-Skype "bridges" between rebels commanders and their soldiers (Mozgovoy for example did such things several times) with Ukrainian soldiers and commanders. Rebels have different views on Eastern Ukraine future - and currently biggest idea between them is to be part of Ukriane but only as a autonomous Republic. I am really sick of all this, i understand when in T110 thread members are ruinning around and screaming about Russian Invasions of Ukriane and Putin being Bond movie vilian, about rebels having better equipment than Ukriane, about that there is no Neo-Nazis in Ukrainian forces, etc. etc. I expect that at least in this forum people are less affect by current PR group think. I simply don't see any actions that would show that something is really done in Ukriane by Russia. What i see is 2 forces, lead by incompetent people, clashing with each other without accomplishing anything serious, while leaving part of Ukraine in ruins. Ukrainian soldiers: Rebels SPETSNAZ GRU AND PUTIN GUARDS THAT ARE BETTER ARMED THAN UKRIANIAN FORCES! PTRS AND PTRD RIFLES ARE NEWEST RUSSIAN HIGH TECH RIFLES OF WESTERNERS DOOM! Not bad Youtube channel with Eng subs (form rebels side). http://www.youtube.com/user/wintersodomy/videos http://youtu.be/cFOFn8xTJyY
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    Yeah, I was going to say that this is certainly not the first time I've seen EU folks talking about their need for an EU army. Our boy Jean-Claude Junker has talked about it in the past on several occassions. Coincidence? I think not!
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    The Guardian, 2016: Claims that there is secret a plan to create an EU army are nothing more than fantasy Independent, 2017: Emmanuel Macron calls for EU army (corroborated by BBC) You know, I'm not a European, but I've always found most pro-EU arguments to be down in the weeds, focusing on short-term advantages and disadvantages, when the real spooky thing about the EU is that it looks like it is engineered to subsume national identities and create a shadowy monostate.
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    The Crossout thread.

    The hilarious thing about crossout is how this abomination is more effective than it has any right to be. Turns like a boat, but has the unintended bonus of forcing people to either do damage or target my guns, not both.