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    So, last night I learned about Swingfire. I had heard of it before, but had mentally filed it away as just another mid Cold War wire-guided ATGM. It turns out that the design had some unique capabilities that no other wire-guided missile shared, and that quite a few missiles with more advanced guidance also lack. Capabilities like making a ninety degree turn immediately after being fired: This article has more. The abrupt in-flight turn that the thrust vectoring allowed would open some interesting possibilities for IFV design. Instead of agonizing about how to armor the ATGM box, the ATGM launcher could simply be placed behind the turret, firing over it. It was also possible to remotely locate the tracking station and guidance by several meters. This would greatly improve infantry survivability when using ATGMs. An interesting approach would be to have a vertically-launched missile that turns towards the target by aerodynamic means. If the rocket motor firing could be kept brief enough to hide the entire burn of the rocket motor behind defilade, UV light from the rocket motor would not trigger MAWS and their attendant APS.
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    Bash the FVL program thread.

    Prototype Valor in the wild. (Probably getting ready for engine tests.) Figure the FVL program is getting big enough to move out of the general thread.
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    If I remember correctly, based on feedback from the 2nd Cav they were deleted so that the turret could be moved forward to preserve the sky guard hatches. And the commander is the gunner.
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    Side clearance definitely requires a closer look by the engineers - these sponson-like things look like they're begging to snag onto something while the tank's maneuvering around. Anyway, I wonder if they can still fit ARAT-2 tiles on the turret. Some might say they're redundant, but they're meant to ward off EFPs and I'm not sure whether Trophy can perform EFP-on-EFP intercepts. Additionally, the HV adds 820kg to the turret - no wonder TARDEC has been having some concerns about turret performance and balance. EDIT - all credits go to Damian90 on AW forums, dunno where he got the pics from in the first place Stryker with pesticide dispensers Iron Curtain:
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    Bash the F-35 thred.

    Google translate of a Greek article.
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    Hmmm... Of note here: duckbill grousers are on both the inside and outside of the tracks.
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    The Enema Thread (Moderator: Tied)

    In Japan, animea removes you!
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    I Learned Something Today

    I was gonna go somewhere totally different with that.... Something something oral sex something lick a 9 volt battery something ..... Trails off... Huh turns out i just really like blowjobs... Nvm folks carry on
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    Screw them they're too fucking cheap to buy rubbers, too fucking stupid to stop any of the eleventy twelve places they'll give them to you free (you don't even have to pretend to be a gay teen prostitute at like 98% of them though it does always make the interaction more likely to turn hilarious by at least 43%), and they're too stupid to realize once you've been traveling homeless ppl in a camper shell you actually owe whoever you talk into taking it at least $250 for their taking it off your hands (tyvek suits and hanta virus boosters are expensive god damnit!)
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