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    Ocean moons besides Europa: Dione, Ganymede, and Triton?
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    Sig won a contract to supply MCX rifles to a State Police force in germany to replace MP5s. Also apparently Sig complains in this Press Release that they didnt get the ammo to test the gun with at the KSK rifle trials(!!!) but the winner did have access to the ammo. So Sig MCX didnt win the KSK contract. What rifles took part in the Police trial is not clear as of yet. The complete Press Release but still only in German @Sturgeon
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    Screw them they're too fucking cheap to buy rubbers, too fucking stupid to stop any of the eleventy twelve places they'll give them to you free (you don't even have to pretend to be a gay teen prostitute at like 98% of them though it does always make the interaction more likely to turn hilarious by at least 43%), and they're too stupid to realize once you've been traveling homeless ppl in a camper shell you actually owe whoever you talk into taking it at least $250 for their taking it off your hands (tyvek suits and hanta virus boosters are expensive god damnit!)
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    I understand milking the Saudis for all the oil money you can get off them, Canada does it too... But, given how bad the Saudis are at fighting, selling them THAAD might not be the best idea. Also, fuck the House of Saud. https://www.defensenews.com/space/2017/10/06/us-clears-thaad-sale-to-saudi-arabia/
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    Meanwhile in the UK: Thought it might cheer the place up a bit.
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    https://www.craigslist.org/about/best/esh/6324690044.html I'm not sure if this should go here for the Cars thread. Either works.