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    Indian Sherman V with a Soviet 76 mm gun
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    I hope it's ok to revive an old thread? How about the bouncing bomb, used famously in the "Dam Busters" raid. Although regarded as a local tactical success; the failure to achieve its wider strategic goals and high collateral damage cast a shadow over its overall effectiveness. http://www.bombercommandmuseum.ca/s,dambustersstudy.html
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    Added some images from movie.
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    Syrian conflict.

    @Collimatrix, @Bronezhilet Oleg Blokhin on what happened from 28th Sept to 5th Oct and how ISIS managed to cut road between Deir EzZor and rest of Syria: https://vk.com/syriantube?w=wall-55849790_200666 Translation (short): During 28th Sept reports of ISIS attack on Deir EzZor-Palmyra highway started to appear, which is not a surprise as frontline was not far from some of parts of that road, especially Sukhna-Deir EzZor. Closer to the evening there was information about 2 villages - Shola and Kobaijeb being captured by ISIS, likely one of them was place where 2 Russians were taken. In the same time a pro-ISIS resources [internet, forums, accounts in social medias, etc] started to spread hysterical claims of victories. Rest of what i will tell i heard from participants of operation [to clear road]. Apperently ISIS during raid on villages captured several technicals [SAA/NDF], while those units that were in villages got out of them and stopped north from villages, but didn't communicated in time about the situation. Road was not closed, so some people that traveled on it were killed. ISIS used captured technicals and moved using the same road towards Sukhna, with captured technicals driving in front of the rest of ISIS forces, driving through several checkpoints, and basically taking big part of it under their control. ISIS leadership looks like to recognise oportunity pulled some forces to highway and Sukhna itself and during next day (Sept 29) attempted to assault it, managed to take hills to the south of it and to the east. ISIS-connected outlets claimed control over Sukha-Arak road, but it was not true, it was under SAA control. Sept 30 - reports on fighting in Al-Qaratyan [city roughly south of Palmyra], some reported about ISIS raid teams, but in reality there was a revolt of pro-ISIS locals, although coordinated with ISIS commanders to increase chances of their operation in Sukhna. Up to 4th Oct ISIS managed to advance in Sukha capturing areas to the west of city and part of Sukhna-Arak road. City itself was defended by SAA (Haras Jumhuri, Shield of Mukhobarat NDF) and Fatimioun. Pro ISIS resources were claiming some ridiculous things like attacks on T4 base, that Sukhna was fully under ISIS control and advances to Palmyra. It was, in principle, understandable that scumbags don't have the strength to continue attack and hold on for quite some time what they managed to capture over these days. Night from 4th to 5th Sept was critical as ISIS assault teams managed to get on hills Tantur to the north of Sukhna and put several ZUs there that were firing at everything that moved and sources of light in the city. Several assault teams were already formed in Palmyra and they begun operation to clear roads in the morning of Sept 5th. Before lunch, the road from Arak to Sukhna was clear, as was Sukhna itself. The devils retreated to the south and east of the city. In the following days, the Sukhna-Deir EzZor Zor section of highway was cleared as well. The heralds also runned out of steam, which pleases us no less. They continued to carry their nonsense, but many already understood that they had been completely beaten. And wunderkids in Al-Qaratyan will be ended pretty soon. Now SAA is storming Mayadin. With its capture, the destruction of the ISIS on the west side of the Euphrates and the taking under full control of the SAA border with Iraq on this side will become a matter of very short time.
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    Active Protection System (APS) for tanks

    Depends on the angle.
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    General news thread

    Am I the only one who is bemused over the nonstop coverage of Hollywood producer Harvey Whatsisfuck and the SHOCKING allegation that Hollywood starlets are preyed on sexually by studio big shots? The practice has only been going on for over a century (and before that on Broadway, etc). And don't get me wrong, the guy should be sued and prosecuted if possible. I'm just sort of amazed at how it is overshadowing real news stories like Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Houston, Florida, Santa Rosa fires, North Korea... Holy hell media, you were out guns ablazing that Trump hated brown people in Puerto Rico and - instantly - it isn't a story anymore. Which leads me to believe that either the recovery efforts there are doing well, or CNN, MSNBC, New York Times et al don't think that the plight of brown people is newsworthy, at least not compared to 10-20 year old stories about casting couch exploits of a producer and female celebrities.
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    Defense-Update take decades to post new content, but when they do, they always add some nice new details: http://defense-update.com/20171010_aps-3.html http://defense-update.com/20171010_maf.html Prime example is this new photo of a test rig.
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    Man, the things we could do with Apollo-level funding for planetary science. This is also where Project Prometheus would have helped, but alas.
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    'This wasn’t on a test rig, it wasn’t a fly by shot, we were shooting actual threats at actual vehicles,’ said Dean, adding that he ‘tried to kill an Abrams’ about 48 times and failed.
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    You probably want logicalincrements.com, although 500 might be a tad low for their range.
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    Ocean moons besides Europa: Dione, Ganymede, and Triton?
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    https://www.craigslist.org/about/best/esh/6324690044.html I'm not sure if this should go here for the Cars thread. Either works.
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    Just watched Bladerunner 2049. It is essentially a slow-paced atmospheric noire-cyberpunk detective that is focused on small amount of characters, rather simple almost straight-forward plot, sparce dialogues and rare action scenes happening in incredible sci-fi universe of futuristic mega-cities and forgotten deadlands. Bladerunner 2049 is true sequel to original Bladerunner - what some people liked in first is presented and better in new film, but it will not win hearts of those who found original as boring. Visuals are amazing, with very well made and used cgi and practical effects. Sets design is visually interesting and memorable, it have different environments, different styles from near-abstract rooms of corporation that is making Replicants to dirty trash-filled areas outside of the city. Music is superb and fit atmosphere really well. Sound work was very good outside of one specific place when it started to early during transition from quite scene to another, but loud one. The soundtrack is almost completely ambience and enhance overal experience by a big margin. Actors were very good, but I can't say for English version. And yes, @Collimatrix, it does matter. For example English version of Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra was not even nearly as funny as Russian, because Russian translators took liberties that made this comedy exceptionally good with some jokes becoming so good that I still remember them. Didn't noticed any weak performances, I liked main umm.... villain, although movie would have been better if he was made less movie-evil and his "I am weirdly-smart" side was explored more. This film have some subtle humour in it, which helped to awoid fatigue from "heavy" scenes. The plot is not too vague, which decreases "rewatchability", but still not 100% clearly stated, so you still have some sort of free mental space. Main way to watch Bladerunner 2049 is to be ready for slow journey into incredible cinematic universe of cyberpunk-ish sci-fi, enjoy atmosphere, visuals and follow main hero in his discovery of things that happened between time of original and current films. This movie was splendid, I would say it is easily in "9/10" category for it's high level of escapism potential. It is not a masterpiece as some reviewers are claiming, and not all people can enjoy it, but if it will click, it will be excellent 2h40m of your time. If you plan to watch it, don't go in big companies or with co-workers, go alone or with good friend/wife that saw first Bladerunner and liked it. Leave kids, grandpas and grandmas at home, they will get bored and fall asleep or will bother you by going to WC several times. And yes, don't drink much before movie and don't forget to go to WC before and wear most comfortable clothing, as your body should be silent the whole almost 3 hour long cinematic experience. After seeing it I had this good "aftertaste" which happened with me in recent year or 2 only after Babydriver and John Wick 2.
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    General AFV Thread

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    From Zeus POV: Drones with bombs are sort of realistic.
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    General AFV Thread

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    The Enema Thread (Moderator: Tied)

    In Japan, animea removes you!
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    Not so fast you Zoomie bastards...

    But it's on Warisboring, so its trash.