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    From David M. Fortier According to initial reports the gunman drove to the store across from the church and exited his vehicle. He was dressed in all black, with face mask and wearing a ballistic vest. He was armed with a Ruger 5.56x45mm AR rifle equipped with an inexpensive red dot sight, white light, sling and a vertical grip. He began shooting walking towards the church, moved to the right of the church and continued firing and then entered the church shooting. He fired as he walked to the front of the church, stopped, turned and continued shooting as he walked back out. It is believed his rifle was loaded with Hornady TAP or VMAX ammunition based upon a loaded cartridge left at the scene. 23 people were killed in the church, two outside the church and one died at a hospital. 20 more were wounded. Ages of the victims range from 5 to 72 years old. A neighbor heard the gunfire and responded by grabbing an AR-15 rifle and taking up a shooting position. He fired on the gunman as he exited the church. It appears the gunman was hit by the armed citizen, possibly in the neck, as he dropped his rifle, a Ruger AR, and fled to his vehicle. The armed citizen continued to engage the gunman attempting to stop him and prevent him from fleeing. He fired at least one shot which blew out the back window of the vehicle. The shooter drove away at a high rate of speed. In order to prevent the gunman from escaping and causing further harm the armed citizen flagged down a vehicle. The armed citizen quickly informed the driver of the vehicle, a pick-up truck, the situation and entered the vehicle. The driver of the pick-up truck set out in pursuit of the fleeing gunman while contacting the police via his cell phone. During the pursuit the driver of the pick-up closed the distance with the fleeing gunman while reaching speeds of 95 mph. The pick-up truck driver was able to get within a few feet of the fleeing gunman's vehicle, which then slowed, before the gunman lost control of his vehicle and went off the road at an intersection. The armed citizen exited the pick-up and covered the gunman's vehicle with his rifle to prevent the gunman's escape. The driver of the pick-up stated the gunman made no movements inside his vehicle. The driver of the truck placed his vehicle in park and informed the police of the gunman's location. The police arrived on location approximately 5 to 7 minutes later. The gunman died at the scene, and as the driver of the truck stated he made no movements and there were no shots fired for the 5 to 7 minutes before police arrived. Evidence indicates he bled out and died from a gunshot wound or wounds inflicted by the armed citizen. Police stated the gunman's vehicle contained multiple firearms and he may have been headed to another location to continue his shooting spree, but was killed instead. The shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, was 26 years old, father of two. High School classmates of his are quoted as saying he was an outcast who preached "atheism" and said "anyone who believes in God is stupid". He served in the US Air Force from 2009 to 2013 and was Court-Martialed and discharged in 2014 after assaulting his wife and child and serving 12 months in the brig. Under Federal Law a Domestic Violence conviction would prohibit him from legally owning a firearm but evidently was not disqualified as he purchased his rifle at an Academy store. So, for a motive he was a militant atheist who hated Christians. As a militant atheist me might have ties to the Left but that remains to be proven. Without a doubt the armed citizen is a hero who likely saved many more lives by his quick thinking and willingness to step in and take action. His ability to properly employ a long gun against an armed and moving gunman while under great stress saved lives and put an end to the shooting spree. His actions demonstrate how a legally owned firearm can be used to save lives if the person behind the gun has the mettle and ability to properly put it to use."
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    Rheinmetall told the Czech authorities that they could also make a light tank based on the Lynx. However the article from DTR seems to be very much limited to speculation only (specifically the part of the Leopard 2 style turret). While not confirmed by Rheinmetall, the Lynx seems to be based on the Marder hull - maybe new built ones, but honestly I suspect that they also use refurbished ex-Marders. The Marder has been used for various light/medium tank prototypes in the past (and the series production model of the TAM tank). The last prototypes used Oto-Melara HITFACT turrets, but aside of the TH301/TAM, there also have been prototypes with low-profile turrets and with the AMX-13 turret. I don't think that Rheinmetall should try to compete for the MPF project, given the historic trend in US arms purchases speaking clearly against Rheinmetall-made solutions. Also the Lynx might have a hard stand against the competition, if it really is based on old Marders. The company however announced that sometime in 2017 the L/47 LLR (lightweight, low recoil) smoothbore tank gun should be ready for production.
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    I realize antifa isn't very organized, but you can't deny that the black-clad trashcan-kickers and their friends still have some level of organization. It was actually a reason I listed for stuff not happening in my last post, that the more national sorts of groups trying to start it failed to reach out to the local groups for where they wanted stuff to happen. I don't know where you live, but I know that plenty of cities do have their own "chapters" of antifa. The signs and ads and all the stuff wasn't that cheap either. I know that you can print that stuff out easily enough, but one of the ads alone I'm seeing quoted as $150k. That's a pretty high price tag for merely trolling, which is why I say that the stuff on the fourth was a result of some of the more powerful people in commieworld trying to cause something, but not being able to actually get anyone to show up. I don't expect people in the far-left to take it seriously when it's only a few people buying stuff that actually want it to happen. Them saying it would happen is the only reason it would have happened in the first place, they had nothing to react to. Just a joke guys! We were only pretending!
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    No. There have been several other instances where an armed citizen has confronted or killed an armed attacker. Once before it even happened in a church. However, in most of those other cases the shooter was neutralized early on, so the event never really rose to threshold of "mass shooting." This case was unusual in that the shooter was engaged after they'd already killed a whole mess of people, thereby guaranteeing national attention, which was not generally the case before.
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    I see. I believe civilians fired back at Whitman in the UT Austin shooting as well, though they didn't manage to hit him, just make him take cover
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    Negative. Clackamas mall shooting in Portland, Ore., is said to be an instance, even though the guy didn't actually pull the trigger on the perp.
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    125 mm shot with armor-piercing sub-calibre projectile 3BM60 "Lead-2"
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    Scale Models Megathread

    Can't airbrush for a while due to construction, so I decided to oil up a figure I already base painted.
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    Me-109 Drag Analysis it had a lot of drag
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    General AFV Thread

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    OK, I guess I'll get to this now, since new information has since come out that fills in some of the blanks. I think that you can consider this my review/summary of Shattered, which I realize has taken me forever to get done. Shattered is a lot like a biopic on a rock band as written by a groupie. You wouldn't expect a groupie to be totally objective about the roadies, managers and musicians who are passing her around (along with chlamydia), I mean, she's so in their thrall that she couldn't possibly have anything bad to say, right? But if you were looking for prurient details, of course you'd ask a groupie. Cult mentalities are weird that way. You see, the groupie is so completely convinced of the greatness of the musicians that they're banging, that the mere fact that they are grungy drug addicts doesn't phase her. The groupie is so sure of the unassailable stature of the object of their infatuation that they're free to develop a sort of detached objectivity. So she's free to mention that the drummer always hogs all the heroin to himself and that the bassist has crabs because tee hee, aren't they the greatest? Everyone has their own little eccentricities! That's basically the vibe I get from Shattered. It's written by two journalists or correspondents or whatever who have followed the Clintons around for years. They're both very pro-Clinton, and both fairly familiar with the workings of Clintonworld. In fact, they refer to the orbit of sycophants, money launderers, and various other operatives as "Clintonworld." I really get the impression that the authors have drunk so deep of the kool-aid that they've actually come all the way around and become quite equitable in their treatment of the whole affair. So, if you're interested in a (mostly) fact-based, blow-by-blow of the 2016 Clinton campaign, Shattered is the book for you. Does that actually sound sort of boring and painful to read? Well, you're right. You'll note that the price of the book plummeted only months after release. It turns out that even salacious details about the Hillary campaign are still fucking boring. When I tried to read it I got maybe three chapters in, and then skipped to the end which is all about the election night Gotterdamerung. Pretty much that one is the only chapter worth reading because it's really funny. So, here's my executive summary of what we know now about the glorious 2016 shitshow: 1) Hillary Clinton's campaign was a mess because Hillary Clinton is not a good leader. Shattered actually says in the forward that the authors expect that the book will humanize Hillary Clinton to people who dislike her (presumably they mean Sanders supporters). It does not. Shattered actually has very little to say about Hillary Clinton, simply because she didn't do very much. Right-wing radio talk show host are wrong; Hillary Clinton is not a fire-breathing bulldyke. She would be a lot more effective if that were the case. Clinton is consistently portrayed as passive, distant and indecisive. All of the exciting backstabbing and skulduggery was committed by her underlings. Clinton lacked the energy and ability to sort her employees out and make them work as a cohesive team. 2) Most of the energy of the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign was taken up by Hillary Clinton's underlings attempting to sabotage each other. The authors identified four major factions in the Clinton campaign that were constantly feuding. One of the largest divisions was between Robbie Mook, the campaign manager, and almost everyone else. Mook was seen as a young, energetic and savvy rising star in the Democratic Party apparatus, which he was, but he was also pathologically distrustful and obsessed with personal power. He went so far as to dismember a pro-Hillary grassroots organization called Ready for Hillary, because he would methodically attack and undermine anyone in the Hillary campaign that he did not have direct, personal authority over. There were a few exceptions; apparently he didn't try to fuck with Huma Abedin because he knew better, but even if Mook grudgingly respected someone, he would still jealously hoard information and see any questions about what he was doing as an attack on his power base. 3) Robbie Mook was an early champion of computer-driven analytics in place of traditional polling. He saw it as being much cheaper, and Hillary was very interested in running a more streamlined campaign than she did in 2008. Nevermind that she outspent Trump something like 7:5, the point was that she intended to run a streamlined campaign, so Mook's ideas about how a campaign ought to be operated were very interesting to her. The problem was that any time that the analytics conflicted with polling or other data, Mook would double down and insist that his analytics-driven system was the best. Again, he was a newcomer to Clintonworld, so any questions about the methodology he saw as questions about his competence, and he saw questions about his competence as a prelude to his ouster, since there were plenty of other ambitious people around him who wouldn't mind his job. 4) On top of Mook enforcing a sort of blind faith in new ways of predicting voter behavior, not a single person in the Clinton campaign wanted to listen to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton's story, as related in Shattered, is actually pretty funny. Every consultant and operator in Clintonworld saw Bill as a potential liability that needed to be contained. Maybe let him off his leash to do a brief endorsement or interview or something. Hillary's underlings saw Bill Clinton as a loose cannon who would not think twice before accidentally sabotaging the campaign. In fairness to them, they weren't wrong about that. The impromptu meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch at an airport probably wasn't an attempt at sneaky, underhanded influence of the investigation into Hillary's email server. The leaked DNC emails all seem to indicated that Clinton insiders were shocked and had not expected the event at all. Bill Clinton just does whatever the fuck he wants all the time, and Hillary's people spent a lot of time worrying about what idiotic stunt he might perform next. ... Thing of it was though, Bill Clinton in his prime had absolutely unmatched political instincts, and even by 2016 they were still quite sharp. Mook and other big shots always ignored Bill's advice, but events would prove Bill right again and again. Bill Clinton apparently found the Brexit decision particularly shocking, and spent a lot of time after that darkly muttering about a worldwide populist backlash. More specifically, Bill Clinton asked to know why his wife's campaign wasn't spending more time and money on the Midwest, and near the end of the campaign he even went off script and started campaigning to blue-collar union workers on his own initiative. So Bill Clinton basically got to be part Cassandra, part poorly-trained golden retriever that wants to get into the trash and sniff everyone's crotch. 5) The DNC was seriously fucked up, and all the big players knew it. Donna Brazile mentions that Obama had left the organization severely in debt. She did not mention that Obama created a parallel, competing organization. Obama had very little faith in the effectiveness of the DNC even before then. It's not clear why the Clinton campaign forcibly took over the DNC, but I suspect that Mook saw it as another potential personal fiefdom. During the time that Obama was president, he had the personal clout to reorganize things like this, but now it appears that there is a serious vacuum in the Democratic Party's leadership. 6) All of the dysfunctional dynamics listed came to a head on election night. Mook and Conway had made a deal that their respective candidate would make a statement conceding within fifteen minutes of the Associated Press declaring an overall winner. Naturally, Hillary's people reneged on this agreement because they were an absolute mess and couldn't do anything right. A number of her people argued that she should concede, but some others opposed since they believed that the situation was like the 2000 election, and conceding could put them in a bad position if it came down to a legal battle (nevermind that it was obvious that they had lost by a wide margin by that point). The debate stretched on long after the AP had called the race. Hillary Clinton didn't say anything because Hillary Clinton is indecisive. Eventually, Barack Obama had a surrogate call and heavily imply that Hillary needed to concede. This was enough to get John Podesta to make a statement that wasn't really a concession, and Hillary's people thought that would be enough. Obama wasn't having any of their shit and personally called Clinton to tell her that she needed to concede. Then he personally called John Podesta to make sure that he told Hillary that she needed to concede, pronto. Barack Obama was the only adult in the room, and he wasn't even in the room. According to Shattered, Bill knew what the fuck was up well before then. Several hours before the AP called the race, Bill had telephoned a number of his friends and told them not to bother coming to the victory party. Then he started muttering about Brexit and populist backlash again.
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    Scale Models Megathread

    Jagdpanzer 420
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    On the opposite side of things, I definitely know and saw a few people on Facebook like this:
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    The only way that would make sense is if "lasers" was a racial slur, which, knowing America, is not impossible.
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    WoT v WT effort-thread

    If Wargaming planes didn't suck, he wouldn't be forced to slum around WartChunder. Q.E.D.