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    General news thread

    Aww, it's like Britain thinks they're America!
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    Bash the ATD-X thread

    That and unlike the Japanese, the Chinese have advanced to the point where their aerospace industry can design and manufacture aircraft without outside help with the JH-7B, J-20 and J-31 being proof of that. (Look at all of Japan's previous fighters, even their "indigenous" ones would've been impossible without US assistance. I'll be fair and not count the J-10 since there is some circumstancial evidence that GD helped with the original project.) It's like, The USA, Russia, China, and some Euro nations like France and Sweden are really the only ones left capable of designing competitive aircraft these days without outside assistance, Though I'm sure I'll get bitched at for forgetting someone.
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    God Emperor Trump must reclaim the Heaven's Will by sweeping through the Middle Kingdom this week.
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    Willy Brandt

    Bash the F-35 thred.

    When is the failing F-35 finally gonna die!? SAD! Just another low energy country buying into crooked Lockheed!?/s I cant wait for more stupid comments but now in german. Already read again the MUH Silent Eagle! Muh Super Super Hornet²! Yeah sure who is going to finance the production run for probably less than 200 and the risk of a never fielded fiction aircraft. While you can have a Aircraft that is already seeing operations and is being produced in the 1000s. And with over 200 already produced. But thats the price for not developing a new aircraft in 25 years. I hope the FCAS will atleast be a step forward for 2030++. Because otherwise the selection of aircraft would be pretty boring in the west in the next 20 years. Also can anyone explain to me the Partner Level System? Is this like access to Technology? Or ability to change the design? Which Level would Germany get
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    It's a PGM Precision Hecate II, or a clone. You can see what is probably a Polish soldier with a similar getup but woth a slightly different variant of the Hecate II:
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    @Ramlaen https://imp-navigator.livejournal.com/675532.html Yuri Lyamin on a subject of Houthis attack on KSA airport
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    Syrian conflict.

    ANNA begin to upload material that they recorded during operation in Deir EzZor and Al-Mayadin @Collimatrix, @Bronezhilet
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    Video games are not too expensive to make
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    Lets talk about languages

    We speak the bigliest, yugest English. Americanglish.
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    Isn't that pretty close to the makeup of the general public? http://news.gallup.com/poll/15370/party-affiliation.aspx Gallup has 31% of Americans being Democrats, 24% Republican, 42% Independent. Dems and Dem-leaning independents just don't bother actually, you know, voting.
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    The Federal Syntech is merely an outgrowth of their decades old Nyclad design, which had originally been developed and sold by Smith & Wesson. Federal bought the patent rights when S&W decided to get out of the ammunition business in the early 1980s. https://www.google.com/patents/US4328750 Also note that the Herters ammo is being loaded by CCI/Speer, Federal's sister company under the Vista Outdoor corporate umbrella.
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    Bash the ATD-X thread

    Well you see, an aircraft must meet the requirement of "being able to actually fly."
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    WoT v WT effort-thread

    The Konkurs is SACLOS and how! It also is higher velocity and has minimal dead zone. They need to fix the gun sight location on the BMP-1 so I can abuse the hell out of it.
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