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    There it is. PUMA with MELLS/Spike LR
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    Never heard of anything aside from good old 14.5x114mm that wasn't an old experiment with almost zero information on them.
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    The RFP for the Mobile Protected Firepower vehicle was finally published.
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    Panem et Circenses Thread

    This pleases my autism
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    Saudi Arabia vs Iran thread.

    Interesting article: https://ericmargolis.com/2017/11/what-craziness-is-going-on-in-saudi-arabia/ Claims that the recent Saudi purges are to consolidate power and to get money for the Yemen war.
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    By the way, for future reference, directly linking to my profile doesn't actually do anything, you have to do @ name without the space for it to page someone. Also, while it's fine here, don't bother doing it on the general discussion boards because I very rarely read that forum. Anyway, the newer 14.5mm rounds used by the Chinese are rather interesting, and while it is suggested they use it, both on fixed tripod mountings and in turrets for certain vehicles aswell as for export, alot of where and how exactly it's used is unknown for the most part. As for data on the SLAP round made for it, well, let's take a look. The round itself is called the DGJ02, there's a few interesting things to note about it, like, unlike the US .50 SLAP design, it has a fully covered nosed designed to break away in petals after firing (originally it was design to separate after 150-200m, I've heard that's been improved on though.) This is rather interesting, as some machine gun designs and rifles can't actually use US styled open tipped SLAP without modifications, example, the Barrett M82/M107 can't because the sub caliber tip won't actually engage the feed ramps properly without a modified barrel and ramping. You'll also notice from the image above that it has a tracer in the back, nothing out the ordinary, one minor point of interest however is that it harkens back to old school ranging tracers of WWI in that it uses a dual colored tracer that's Green out to 500m and then Red out to 1000m+ (I don't know the exact burnout range on the 2nd stage of the tracer.) As for how it performs, the thing is a goddamn brute, the Tungsten Carbide penetrator has a weight of 45g and has a MV of approximately 1,250 m/s and will reliably punch through 20mm of RHA at a 60 degree incline at 1000m distance. some speculations on why the Chinese chose to go with a new HMG design in the QJG02 over the Type 56 and 58 (old license produced KPVs and ZPUs) is that these run quite a bit hotter than WW2 vintage ammunition, or that maybe it feeds better, or just that they wanted a fresh design to replace the aging fleet of KPV clones, I've never really gotten a straight answer on this, but the point is it was deemed necessary to move on to a new design, which we'll discuss later. There's also a second round they designed to go with it called the DGE02, which is listed as an "APHEI" round designed against soft skinned and light armored vehicles and low flying aircraft, basically, the test for this was, once again, at 1000m, it will penetrate 15mm of RHA set at a less punishing 30 degree incline, then there's a second test where they shot 2 thin RHA plates at 300m, one 2mm thick and another behind it 1.2mm thick (distance apart is unknown), they claim that "at least 20 fragments will penetrate with 75 to 95 additional incendiary pellets being produced which have an average of an 80% chance to ignite aviation fuel." what fuel type exactly they were using, once again I don't know as obviously there's more then one type of aviation fuel. note that this also features the double colored tracer of the DGJ02. So, in addition to the SLAP round, they also made kind of sort of an Mk. 211 analogue to team up with it, they supposedly also made 12.7mm versions of these but I don't have performance characteristics of these. (one of the pictures I used to have for the of DJE02 I used as a stand in was of the 12.7mm version, green case with a yellow tip and black band painted below it.) I'm going to do a part 2 on weapons but, I need to clear some things up first.
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