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    Israeli AFVs

    Someone claims to be personally familiar with the incident - says it occurred in 2006 after an ATGM hit the powerpack section. Fire was put out quickly enough, engine replaced and it returned to service very shortly after. I don't know what kind of data and statistics MANTAK have, and I know they make overall very practical decisions, but I think it's about time the LFP gets some armor. The hull is too tall to neglect that area and focus all the frontal armor on the UFP.
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    AMPV mortar carrier being tested at Yuma.
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    Their punishment is the press being at an all time low in credibility, and most will never get their lost ratings back. All the press people coming out as women abusing creeps, is karmic justice too!
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    Chinese dazzler on Iraqi tanks:
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    Well you know those eight page of charging documents I posted/linked are so difficult to read and understand. You mean December of 2016 came AFTER the November election?
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    The 105mm M68 gun, not a 105mm howitzer. As far as I am aware the US just has 'dumb' ammunition in stock. Airburst as in it explodes at a set distance and sprays the target area with fragments. My assumption is they want a single round to replace HEP/HEAT/Canister.
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    First 50 MMP missiles along with 20 firing post delivered to the French army http://www.opex360.com/2017/11/30/les-50-premiers-missiles-moyenne-portee-ont-ete-livres/ The MMP is bound to replace the Milan, HOT, Javelin and a part of the ERYX with the planned delivery of 400 firing post and 1750 missiles by 2025. http://www.mbda-systems.com/?action=force-download-attachment&attachment_id=14294
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    Israeli AFVs

    Below the drum we see a schematics of the hull ammo rack, along with different colors and markings to tell which shells are where. The controller shows the number '6', which may indicate how many shells are left in the drum.
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    The Sovereign Citizen Movement

    It's all fun and games until a forest fire destroys your doomsday bunkers and cabins built illegally on federal land in Utah and the authorities find your caches of weapons, ammo, explosives and chow. http://www.sltrib.com/news/2017/11/30/brian-head-fire-led-officials-to-uncover-several-explosive-filled-bunkers-hidden-under-make-shift-cabins/
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    Scale Models Megathread

    "No, I said "small Beer". Only this tall".