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    ‘合作-2017’"Сотрудничество-2017" Joint anti-terror exercises Boys from 604 special tactical center and SOBR Lynx are having the true Chinese experience.
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    General news thread

    Not sure what the measurements are in the US. But in Europe we measure battery size by Kwh. The power divided by the amounts of hours. One kwh is equal to 1kw*3600s (1 hour). This means that a 1 Kwh battery could run a 1Kw load for one hour, or a 2Kw load for 30 minutes, or a 4Kw load for 15 minutes. The exception being power banks and computer batteries, which are measured in Ah. The reason being that the voltage is constant (5V), also manufacturers usually use mA so that they can make the numbers look big, like 10 000mAh, instead of simply 10Ah. I think you are mistaking voltage and power here. It is true that wiring cells in series increases the power, but so does wiring them in parallel. Ohm's law explains this: Take a 12V 1A cell, if we use Ohm's law, we will see that: V*I=P 12V*1A=12w So we know this cell has a power of 12w. By wiring it in series we double the voltage. Now the cell is 24V 1A, by using the same equation: 24V*1A=24w By wiring it in parallel we double the amps but the voltage stays the same. This cell is 12V 2A, and what do we get? 12V*2A=24w Now you talk about stupidly high power with no energy. I am assume you meant stupidly high voltage with no amps. This is easily possible, just take a sweater and rub around a bit to make static electricity. Now touch anything conductive. GASP, you just discharged up to around 12 000 000 volts! Now why did the room not explode and the conductors vaporize? Because the current is minuscule, 0,00001mA maybe. This is around 0,12w. Absolutely nothing. You can see this is tasers. You only need 12 000 volts to have a very effective taser, at around 20mA. Voltage is the pressure in a water pipe. Current is the amount of water flowing through the pipe. Resistance is the inside diameter of the pipe. Power is the amount of well, power in the water. Like the power in a motor, it does not matter if the motor is 6V 1000A or 6000V 1A, they both have a power of 6Kw. (It does impact motor design and such, but that is off topic). What limits engineers from simply wiring a million cells in series and parallel is the heat generation and BMS. Example of a Tesla battery pack: Yes, they could have simply hooked a super capacitor to the grid that lasts for 0,1 second like you mentioned.
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    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    Ah ha a second 248 fan!
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    General Mechanised Equipment

    M9 ACE M88A2 recovery exercise.
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    Israeli AFVs

    Someone claims to be personally familiar with the incident - says it occurred in 2006 after an ATGM hit the powerpack section. Fire was put out quickly enough, engine replaced and it returned to service very shortly after. I don't know what kind of data and statistics MANTAK have, and I know they make overall very practical decisions, but I think it's about time the LFP gets some armor. The hull is too tall to neglect that area and focus all the frontal armor on the UFP.
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    AMPV mortar carrier being tested at Yuma.
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    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    If you don't mind the music and like aeronavale stuff there is rather nice channel with video made by pilots on the CDG
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    Electronic records show Peter Strzok, who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, changed Comey's earlier draft language describing Clinton's actions as "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless," the source said.
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    The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    Scrolling through the TFB articles while sipping coffee. Hunting ammo and shotgun slugs, meh. Some expensive watch/flashlight gimmick. TFB "review" on S&W's "new" Shield. Snore. Nathaniel F. dumpster fire and race riot about the SAW... pause... hovers cursor over the three digit comment count... do I enter...sweat beads on forehead... heart rate increases... Slowly steps away. Scrolls down. Some Glock barrel. Oh, a procurement article about the 249... or I guess "minimi"... with five comments...
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    Saleh is dead. That was very quick. Yemeni army units loyal to Saleh now have less reasons to fight Houthis, I guess.
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