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    The stuff about all the top level FBI people being corrupt cunts that let the hildabeast walk really has me pissed off. At the corrupt FBI assholes, Comey, Meuler, the Storzk guy, also the press for basically doing zero investigating while Obama was in office, while sucking his dick and acting like he did anything worthwhile, and Obama admin for being both corrupt as fuck as and incompetent. Throw the democrats in for abandoning the first amendment to embrace identity politics, group thing and socialism while fucking over health care, and I don't think I've ever been as disgusted with politics as I am now. The republican mainstream guys are no better, hell the democrats have trained them to be polite losers with no fight, so fuck them too!
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    Since I can't really find anything about this and a lot of you all here tend to be a bit more in the know than I am, would anyone here know if Magnum Research discontinued the Micro Desert Eagle? It first showed up in 2007 and was talked about for a few years, but seems to have disappeared by 2012. Magnum Research no longer lists the gun itself on their site, but beyond those two facts, I've got nothing else to really go off of.
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    It's nice to come home, put my feet up, have a knock-down, drag-out fight about something completely trivial, and then just shake hands and agree that was good sport over a couple of gifs.
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    Wait, weren't you just saying that IN DA STREETZ you'll never have to reload your gun? Be consistent, please. NANANANANANA I CAN'T HEAR YOU GAMING DOESN'T COUNT NEVER MIND THE FACT THAT MOST MODERN INNOVATIONS COME FROM GAMING SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UUUUUUP Cooooome on. Hey dude, maybe I just don't want my gun to slowly chew my ammo to pieces every time I unload it for the night, eh? So the fact that you have to reload more negates the disadvantage of having a long reload? What kinda logic is that? So, the entire reason they didn't have multiple magazines aside, the reason they didn't have multiple magazines is because mumble mumble mumble something something bulk Puuuuuh-leeze. Have you ever tried reloading an Enfield with stripper clips? I'd MUUUUUUCH rather use mags. Keep in mind I've run these things in matches before, so I can out-Fudd you there, buddy.
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    Whenever @Sturgeon's posts are linked to Tony's forum, Tony:
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    More 1st Cavalry Division with the updated CROWS.
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    List of handguns to somehow secure purchase of. FK BRNO Somehow skim Russian import laws to get a PE-10 - Next on list.
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    notice the W-15 helmet and 95B are seems getting revived from death
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    ‘合作-2017’"Сотрудничество-2017" Joint anti-terror exercises Boys from 604 special tactical center and SOBR Lynx are having the true Chinese experience.
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    A leak picture from a private exhibition of new PLA spec-ops night vision device one on the left basically is PLA version of GPNVG-18 for both day and night using the one on the right says pyro-magnetic imaging device the earlier leaked three bino head mount night vision seems like didn't make it after all
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    Blum is died with the Vya-14.5 and the PTRB anti tank gun so forget about it, it's not ww2 anymore
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    Ob.477A1 "Nota" Well better photo then "bulgarian ones:
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    http://otvaga2004.mybb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=1732&p=3#p989780 Some modeller made a Nota No idea how accurate.
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    The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    That post has like 15,000 views, but it really has me wondering if anyone actually read it. This isn't even really an exaggeration, I had one guy bitch me out over it all day long over social media ("I was grunt", "I carried a SAW", "you contradict yourself!", etc), and then he finally admitted he hadn't even read the fucking thing.
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    It also has to actually work.