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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    The Danish military ordered the upgrade of of 38 Leopard 2A5DK tanks. Only 16 of these will be upgraded to the full Leopard 2A7(V) configuration including the new high-pressure L/55A1 tank gun and a mine protection plate. The rest of the tanks will undergo a basic upgrade only, but retain the L/44 gun and lack any sort of new anti-mine plating below the hull's belly. Posted a few weeks ago in this topic: Looks like a gun-firing simulator device, it can also be seen on other tanks: (empty) (more than half full) It is the same frontal armor as fitted to the Leopard 2 KVT and subsequent new production models (Strv 122, Leopardo 2E, Leopard 2A6HEL); however the Leopard 2A5DK tanks were originally Leopard 2A4 tanks from the German Army. The Danish military is the only one who adopted this armor when upgrading older tanks. The German Leopard 2A7V prototype from Eurosatory has similar armor, but with more (and smaller) screws. Also the armor is segmented in three pieces, so I believe that the hull armor is slightly different - the armor composition might be the same, but it is mounted in a different manner: As you can see in one of the earlier pictures of a 2A5DK tank, this "barrel extension" is fitted during training sometimes and probably is part of the gun-firing simulator equipment.
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    KSP was calling my name this afternoon, so I had to do something ridiculous. 85x21x21m 520 ton obelisk, landed on Ike so that it always points at Duna.
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    Hey guys, you know what is great for our tank industry? Making a tank that requires twice as much steel when our metallurgy went to shit.
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    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Collusion mobile has already caused a fatal distraction. I went back and watched the server replay, and the poor bastard was focused on my massive display of patriotism as I rounded a corner. His point of aim just stayed on the text, and then he caught a T13 APHE shell in the ammo rack. MAGA!
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    Bash the F-35 thred.

    To build on what @Khand-e said... There's a recognizable life cycle to all mass movements. They start with a core of intellectuals who reach out to other intellectuals. And those people reach out, and so on. Various things, usually social upheaval, but sometimes sudden demographic changes (as in the US in the late 1960s and early 1970s) can cause these movements to become mass movements. Mass movements attract people mainly because they are trendy and fast ways to get social standing, and sometimes money and power. This process inevitably waters down the original intellectual core of the movement, and accumulates all sorts of dubious hangers-on. Pierre Sprey is one of those hangers-on. The original proponents of military reform in the US were upright and respectable men with at least a few good ideas. The subsequent disaster of the Vietnam War, however, was the upheaval necessary to turn the Military Reform movement into a mass movement. Soon it wasn't just fighter pilots, engineers and mathematicians (you know, people whose opinions would actually matter) coming up with bright ideas on how to improve the US military machine, there were all sorts of armchair experts and that most objectionable group, journalists. If you know a little about aerospace engineering (and I do... know a little), and you read Pierre Sprey's work it becomes immediately obvious that the man both has no idea what he's talking about, and that he's dishonest. A good example is his monograph from the 1980s on fighter aircraft design. He completely ignores the elegant Energy Maneuverability Theory that Boyd came up with, and instead focuses on absurdly simplified metrics for fighter maneuverability like plotting wing loading against thrust to weight ratio. The entire point of Energy Maneuverability Theory is that it uses the drag polar and acceleration of an aircraft to create a continuous curve that shows all possible specific excess power conditions in the combat maneuvering envelope. By going to single-point performance criteria Sprey was going backwards, to the very sort of limited performance metrics that Boyd had made obsolete before! He's very good at coming up with fake explanations about weapons systems that resonate with non-experts because he is himself a non-expert. In his fighter design monograph he decries the new generation of low-bypass turbofan engines then coming into service (GE F404 and P&W F100) as the playthings of "technologists." He takes particular umbrage at the use of the new mono-crystal nickel alloys used in the high pressure turbine blades themselves, on the grounds that they are expensive and difficult to produce (they are). But where he goes completely off the deep end is when he claims that the fancy alloys don't do anything, and the old engines were just as good as the new ones. Seriously, he says that, on page 151. This is fucking contrary to thermodynamics. The entire point of the high pressure ratios and turbine inlet temperatures is that they improve the efficiency and power density of the Brayton Cycle. But Sprey thinks that Pratt and Whitney and GE threw hundreds of millions developing new engines for yucks. So what evidence does he have to support this idea? That's where he gets dishonest. He cites, for instance, DACT exercises between F-15As and F-5Es where the F-15 had notably worse combat endurance, and that the F100 engine doesn't have dramatically better performance than the old J85 in the F-5E. Only he doesn't mention why. It turns out that the early F-15As had fidgety engines that weren't totally debugged. They would stall sometimes, wore out more quickly than anticipated, and the ignition on the afterburners wasn't very reliable. As a temporary expedient while Pratt and Whitney could work out permanent solutions, the engines were de-rated and lost about 20% of the thrust they were originally speced for, and in air combat exercises the pilots would frequently just leave the afterburners on at the lowest setting all the time to avoid the re-light problems. I stumbled upon this full explanation in a book by Mike Spick. How could Sprey have known about these anecdotes but omitted the explanation? I don't think he could have. He was clearly omitting facts to deliberately further his own (stupid) ideas. He's a waste of space.
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    StuG IIIIV : the best tank that was not a tank The Panther had money-saving shortcuts in the accounting I've never seen a claim that it took fewer hours to make, just that it cost less.
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    Your Gun Porn Thread

    The new upper seems to work pretty good: 300 rounds through it (of 7 different types) today. No stoppages, except a crappy primer on a Golden Tiger round. Golden Tiger also likes to not activate the LRBHO. But who cares? Really impressed with this arrangement. It's really deceptive; you don't realize what a difference all the modern gucci shit like FF rails, a good trigger, a compensator, etc make until you make the jump. Despite being literally the same gun legally, this thing is light years ahead of the original 6920 when I bought it. I need an optic to match.
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    The Shipwreck News Thread

    Paul Allen's group has now found the USS Ward off the Philippines which fired the first shots of World War 2 in the Pacific Theater for the US during the Attack on Pearl Harbor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Ward_(DD-139)#After_Pearl_Harbor
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    Clearly we just need to know whether the students can understand Rick and Morty to determine if they are part if the underclass.