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    Israeli AFVs

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    General AFV Thread

    Australia formalises Abrams upgrade, plus Abrams-based bridges, breachers, and armoured engineering vehicles. https://imgur.com/gallery/TfIpF
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    I like turtles

    Since alligators are more closely related to turtles than snakes and since the name has been mentioned a few times... not looking to make a new thread Another reason why these things are freaking dinosaurs "Alligators use bizarre – and creepy – ancient ritual to survive NC’s arctic blast"
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    General AFV Thread

    a friend of mine who is stationed at a maintenance center in SE Türkiye has sent me these
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    RG T-72 in Harasta with Gillette upgrade (T-72 "Shafrah")
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    Israeli AFVs

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    https://andrei-bt.livejournal.com/669671.html I guess militarysta again finding this somwhere under his chair or something... http://paralay.iboards.ru/viewtopic.php?p=563673#p563673 or this is a source? More:
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    India's ARJUN tanks mostly broken

    What were they thinking? Challenger 2's gun in a Leopard 2 turret and a T-72 hull with Leo 2's ammo safety features. All took about 35 years.
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    More submarine news - the Indian navy forgot to close a hatch on their SSBN: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/ins-arihant-left-crippled-after-accident-10-months-ago/article22392049.ece
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