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    WoT v WT effort-thread

    @RobotMinisterofTrueKorea Prepare thine body. https://warthunder.com/en/news/5323/current/
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    No shit. A lot of things are upsetting about this situation. I see so many people now clambering for control, or pointing to some made-up wave of violence. The Onion is getting lots of traffic, with people sharing little satire pieces that paint the US as some sort of crazy place where schools get shot up on the daily. And everyone else in the world looks at us from their ivory tower, wondering how we can be so stupid. But a whole handful of laws failed to let this happen. The piece linked to earlier, about how they weren't cracking down on problem children when they raised their ugly head in high school. About how he was mentally deranged. About how he made numerous threats. The security guard that lost his life, God bless him, was put there to prevent this sort of thing. So many failures, such a multifaceted issue. But let's boil it own and use the blood while it's warm to lubricate our same tired arguments, without looking at the picture or spending one damned minute thinking about the problem/situation. Some people are crazy. They are just fucking crazy and bad. They don't deserve a third chance, or even a second in some cases. Not all kids start off as angels, only to be twisted by a cruel world or situations outside of their control. Some people are just fucking bad. And the sooner we find them and put them away, the better for all of us. Or we beat them into submission early with public flogging.
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    General news thread

    I guess Utah has Houthi elk now or something.
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    http://www.azfamily.com/story/37456891/amateur-sketch-helps-police-identify-theft-suspect "Amateur sketch helps police identify theft suspect"
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