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    Israeli AFVs

    According to Shlomo Yoffe's "Merkava Mk II and Mk III Israeli Main Battle Tank" (Museum Ordnance Special Number 12), the Merkava 3 was made in different configurations ("blocks"), with at least three different blocks existing at the time of writing. The third "block" might feature NERA on the UFP, tanks belonging to the second "block" have additional armor only in front of the driver's place: (block 2 - NERA only at the right hull front) (block 1 - no NERA on hull) This however would imply that older Merkava 3 tanks might have even worse protection agianst KE/CE on the hull...
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    Laser Shark

    General AFV Thread

    More info on the new VBCI for Qatar: MCT-30 has been redesigned, and it now includes a dual launcher for MMP missiles in the rear. Looks a hell of a lot better than previous attempts at integrating ATMGs into this turret IMO.
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    Israeli AFVs

    If I have time, I will post modular part of the hull tomorrow. At the front, you only have 4 modular blocks. The LFP can’t be modified.
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    LCS USS Little Rock finally freed from the harsh captivity of Canadian gulag. https://news.usni.org/2018/04/02/littoral-combat-ship-uss-little-rock-leaves-montreal-three-months-trapped-ice
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    Machine translation in 1967, goddamn. I wonder how readable the initial output was.
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    Israeli AFVs

    Hi, I don't understand what you mean by the Merkava 3 was not fitted with additional, heavy applique armour kits in the same manner as the Merkava 2D. A major portion of the Merkava 3 production run were fitted with just such armour modules as the Merkava Siman 3 Daled (Mk. 3D). As well as those produced as new with the modules from the beginning, Merkava 3 Baz models were retro-fitted with the applique modules. Only a minority of the Merkava 3 fleet are left without the additional armour. If you are talking about only hull and side-skirt armour, then that would make more sense. However, there are different styles and weights of side-skirts available, some with better protection than the ones you see routinely fitted. There is also the matter of cost. Only a small portion of the Merkava 2 fleet were up-armoured to the Merkava 2 D Batash standard. Even then, the armour configuration and other changes used for the 2D Batash was not as extensive as the projected Merkava 2 "Tafnookim " which would have been too expensive. I could be mistaken, but I think the Merkava 3 in the bottom photo, was a developmental one used for the Merkava 4 programme, where new systems, armour modules, etc. were experimented with.
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    Israeli AFVs

    Hi, It was explained to me by people in MANTAK, that the Merkava 1 was rushed into service before it was ready. The Merkava 2, if there would not have been such pressure to introduce the tank into the order of battle, would have been the first model accepted for service. The intent was that by telescoping the evolution of the Merkava and learning from combat lessons, what was in essence a developmental vehicle, could be rapidly modified into a fully fledged MBT.
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    Interesting rumors about Russian UCAV programs.
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    General news thread

    I guess there's some good news in the world. Winnie mandela assumed room temperature and is now residing in Hell, with a burning tire around her neck. http://metro.co.uk/2018/04/02/nelson-mandelas-wife-winnie-mandela-dies-aged-81-pa-reveals-7435035/
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    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    I wonder if they were considered fails because the primer was hit (implying an ammunition detonation) or if the burning propellant was able to overwhelm the storage system.
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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Hello Xoon ! Here are the translations: red - Operational Pressure orange - Control Pressure/Actuators yellow - Pre-control pressure green - Recoil white - N2 white - Air These should be about right.
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    The Original Phantom

    Minor update: It looks like a trainer variant of the Phantom was proposed at one point.
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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Hi Xoon, I do not have all the information you requested but this might be of interest. According to Krapke: For the Leopard 2(A0-A4) the gun laying system or Waffennachführanlage (WNA) is known as H22. It is a electric-hydraulic retarder control eqipped hydrostatic motor where an electric motor powers a coaxial piston pump which pumps the hydraulic fluid out of the reservoir into hydro storage cell. Here is the diagram of the WNA H22:
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    Advanced MiG-3 Variants

    also here is some picture support of I-231 that i just scanned She was prevented from entering production by the unavailability of it's intended AM-39 engine That's why people can't have nice things mikulin, you had one job.....
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    From the article "Antiarmor - what you don't know could kill you" by US Army Reserve Major Michael R. Jacobson. There are some errors in the data (M60A1 protection level, muzzle velocity of the M829A1 APFSDS, etc.), but it seems overall to be quite interesting. Probably spaced in front of the reference plate. Normal NERA achieves an even higher "thickness efficiency" if you include the empty space...
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    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Actually it is a well known idea used in "cells" armor developed by hydrodynamic institute of Siberian departament of academy of scince of USSR in 70s. http://btvt.info/5library/vot_yacheiki.htm
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    I will say it before and i will say it again the weekness and inepitude of parts of the Russian and Fraternal Eastern European people lost the cold war the generation that broke down the Berlin wall was not nealy as strong as the generation who bit the bullet and laid the concrete. Knowing that they couldnt just run away from their problems and that their own country brought this on themselves. The generation who stood with that drunken shill of a man known as Yeltsin was not nearly as strong as the generation who managed to turn a broken a bleed nation, who had 1/16 of its population in the grave, another 1/10 of it in the hopsital, and another 1/8 of it hundreds of kilometers west or east of thier original homes and somehow, managed to turn their nation into a nuclear power. Our children lacked the patience of their fathers, who could live in a shack for their entire life, pick up a rifle almost as old as them, and beat what seemed at the time as the only unbeatable land army in Europe. and their children were more than willing to burn down a apartment block that toke 8 years to build, or a tank factory that had kept them safe from the terrors of the west since the 40s, for a pair of Levis' from china. What patience did it take to line the streets, kicking and screaming for more freedoms huh? what did those kids build? what nations did they forge? what battles did they win? which army's did they maintain? Some of us didnt get to parade around like idiots in Moscow demanding change, some of us had to spend our youth fixing pontoon bridges in east Germany or watching a particular bit of forest in Czechoslovakia for our youth Some of us had to spend countless nights studying, to grow up to harness the power the atom, only to see their hard work signed away for destruction at appeaest treaties some of us had to spend countless days toiling in the fields of Ukraine only to grow old enough to see their goverment sell away generations of their family's work to the EU, just im time for their penson's to be cut and to starve to death. the will of the weak cut down the destiny's of the willing and patient
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    That's because capitalism is stronger than socialism. As an American, I don't have warm and fuzzy feelings about the KGB. To Americans, the KGB were the villains funding many a terrorist group, and trying to install tyrannical dictators in countries that already had perfectly good tyrannical dictatorships. Certainly the CIA also funded terrorism, although they mostly left that to the State Department. But the time for American views to become popular in Russia is over. Russians will not, by and large, take an objective look at their miserable history and decide that they have been ruled by a series of unstable, alcoholic dickbags for the past... three hundred years, give or take, and try something more American. There was a time when such sentiments were popular, and where such a thing was possible. The American government blew it. This should come as no surprise; the American government has been developing incompetence to a high art form since the mid 1970s. The US only won the Cold War because of capitalism. Capitalism is stronger than socialism; it was the same lesson learned from the American Civil War. Benjamin Franklin had pointed out that slavery made no economic sense way back in 1751, to which Southerners retorted that slavery was a form of paternalist socialism, to which the North retorted by burning down their cities because they had a crushing advantage in industrialization. The American god is a severe, faithless edifice of pure commerce. He is not like Moloch, who can be quieted by sacrifice. The American God becomes hungrier the more you feed him. He is of transcontinental railroads, broken contracts, sixty hour work weeks and sexless hydrogen. The American God is unstoppable and all who do not worship him will die. All who worship him will also die. But he will lead his followers to victory over the faithless, for his brutality is both sufficient and efficient. At some point, Americans lost faith in their god. They thought that putting their faith away would make them kinder, but it only made them stupid. By the mid 1970s they were noticeably weaker than they had been a generation ago, and by the early 1990s they were shamelessly coasting on past glory. Fat Elvis. But they had a huge pile of skulls to coast on, so they managed to win the Cold War by default. But by then, Americans had forgotten how to win any sort of war, or any sort of peace. They didn't try to re-start the Cold War; it just sort of happened because nobody was trying anymore. Nobody was trying to smooth things over when NATO bombed Serbia and the Russians weren't even kept in the loop. Nobody was there to accept Putin's offers of international solidarity after 9/11. Nobody was watching the Harvard advisers who helped rape and pillage the Russian industrial base. Nobody cared that the Georgian government was filled with dangerous yahoos who would start WWIII if they thought it sounded nice because the Georgian lobbyists in DC were slick and well-funded. Americans did pay attention to some punk rock band that wasn't even that good that desecrated a church and was sensibly thrown in prison because church desecration is a black metal thing and not a punk thing. So it's too late for Americans to have opinions about the Soviet Union. Nobody in Russia is listening.
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    You will always be able to make yourself a shiv, though. The UK having already banned pointed language now turns it's eye to banning all things pointy.
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    Modern Tank Destroyers / Gun Carriers

    Rooikat 120 STRNG Now you can drive it in Arma 3 with fully modeled interior. Knowing that game engine it is better to drive it on the roads only. And don't hit road signs, as this will make this vehicle to achieve some impressive speed while flying across the map and hitting a helicopter, generating some hysterical laughs from whole server. Or those terrible anti-tank pebbles on Altis map.
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    CGI video of a danger close interception from either a Type 730 or Type 1130 30x165mm CIWS taking out multiple targets. Hard to tell, the video runs so fast I have trouble counting the amount of fucking barrels.