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    Syrian conflict.

    Probably not Delilah but Popeye, or at least some of them were Popeye (due to the damage done to the hangar, as the Popeye's warhead is more than 10 times larger!), and although we hear many 'bangs' that may not have been caught on camera, we definitely see 7 flashes there. It's night time and barely visible, but by looking at the flashes we can tell they're not in the sky but on the ground (hemisphere and flat at the bottom). So the Syrian claim of 100% of the missiles being shot down is wrong, and Russia's claim of only 3 missiles getting through is also wrong.
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    My prediction is that Trump will re-direct the airstrikes that were ostensibly aimed at Syria and instead direct them to hit the FBI.
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    General AFV Thread

    They praised the T-80U. And probably they were often used for exercises. Recently: Nearby NK border:
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    Yikes. It took me a while to work through the confusion while going through the article: But that picture is a Sherman, not an M7 tank. But the M7 tank was an International Harvester product, not ALCO. But the M7 tank was armed with the 75 mm gun M3, not a 105 mm gun. But that picture is of a howitzer motor carri...oh.
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    United States Gun Control Megathread

    However, Donward, the solutions that we have to the problems of suicide and mass shooters involves actually addressing the problem instead of feel good measures. And since we don't have the same solution to the problems as the leftists do, then we obviously don't want to solve the problem. This is why there is gridlock on any type of reforms in the firearms world. The left is so self absorbed and has a sense of moral superiority that they are convinced that their answer is the only correct answer, and any deviation from that cannot be tolerated. This is why they resort to ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments when they are confronted with different view points. They cannot defend their ideas on a rational basis, because they didn't arrive at their conclusions on a rational basis. They are convinced that they are so much smarter than the knuckle dragging, gun toting, bible thumping, backwoods yokels that they automatically categorize anything said by such sub human scum that does not align with the divine words of Chomsky is wrong think, and must be mocked and ridiculed to the maximum extent possible. The long and short of it is, they are learning resistant because they are so convinced of their intellectual superiority. Why is it that the only solution that the left has to this problem is to ban and confiscate inanimate objects? I have yet to hear anything else from that side of the isle, and it is entirely incompatible with my side of the isle. Instead of attempting to find solutions that both sides of the isle can live with, the left continues to try and brow beat dissenters into submission through social stigmas and discrimination. Any solutions that come from the right side of the isle are entirely incompatible with the left side, because the solutions from the right involve people being able to keep and bear arms.
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    It's AIs all the way down!
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