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    Tank Layout

    Why not have a bustle loader like the Leclerc or T-84 Yatagan? Would allow for a roof mounted turret and a long bustle over the crew capsule. Also, first post from a ~2 month lurker. Hey Xoon, Alzoc, Ramlaen and Zuk
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    I mean since this got skipped I'll toss it in, just for clarification: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Powers_Resolution I think wikiped is reasonable for this though I'd be happy to find another. We can attack without declaring war for 60 days. Not that this is followed for dicks though, since it's hard to determine where an individual conflict starts and ends. This act, along with a lot of what we've done in Syria is a potential violation AFAIK (I'm not sure if there as actually been a Authorization for Use of Military Force). With that said, yes, the president can do this if the previous attacks were not considered part of the same military action (?). Nobody appears to be stepping up to the plate calling this out either, since it seems to be acceptable to Washington as a whole. Also the law in and of itself is controversial, as described on the page. But yeah, I think this situation is pretty bloody lame as we still have absolutely no confirmation of chemical weapon attacks that is reliable. Furthermore, perpetrators of previous chemical weapon attacks are still disputed, to the point where I'm not only unsure, but personally do not believe that Syria has gassed its people at all during this conflict. Not only are UN reports unable to confirm whether or not the government was actually involved in chemical weapon use, it doesn't make any sense for them to do it in the first place. Why the hell would you jeopardize your success in the region with something so pathetic, and with the US stating it wants to pull out. Even if it had happened earlier on in the conflict, this instance looks to me like a false flag (though I'm definitely not an expert in this situation).
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    Syrian conflict.

    Facility in Damascus from a drone by Alexandr Kots from KP newspaper Damage could be done by 3-6 missiles as those buildings were not particularly big.
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    Syrian conflict.

    They really didn't like that first building one little bit, did they? It is starting to look like a bit of a nothing-burger attack again though isn't it.....What's the total damage? If we assume that Assad doesn't actually have a chemical weapons program (keep in mind that history broadly demonstrates that US/UK claims on this subject tend to be fabrications) then I'd say it amounds to a 100+ cruise missile dent in western cash-flow and SFA to Assad.
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    Syrian conflict.

    Charly tries to count missiles. http://charly015.blogspot.ru/2018/04/llego-el-ataque-contra-siria.html 76 claimed missiles against "R&D" facility in Damascus. lol Claims vs what can be seen on sat photos: another target: "I think it has been shown that the US has lied in two fundamental aspects of this attack: 1º That no missile was shot down 2º That 105 missiles were launched against 3 installations." Additional photos
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    This whole Skripal case is getting more farcical by the minute.....BZ is an incapacitating agent with a very large safety margin, not a lethal nerve agent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-Quinuclidinyl_benzilate So clearly whoever did poison the Skripals was being very careful not to kill them. How much more BS do we need before we can start growing roses on this story?
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    This turret, albeit for a BMP-2, is part-way there
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    Or just create a whole tower, with the dual 30mm guns at the bottom with ATGMs to the side, on top of it 2 AGLs attached in the same manner as the autocannons, and on top of them 2 HMGs again in the same manner. A panoramic sight at the very top, one former AGL operator sitting on the sight, with the other sitting on his head (both, of course, protected with the best Blyatnik-3 gear), acting as one majestic periscope.
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    Marinir's photos from inside of T-80BVM
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    Best SS reenactor

    Looks like someone dropped their Ak in a pile of shit
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    Best SS reenactor

    I have it on good authority that the real SS stenciled huge runes on their wife beaters and ran around with AKs.
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    Best SS reenactor

    Low budget historical reenactment.
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    Best SS reenactor

    That Shmaiser looks like MP-40! Such terrible cosplay.
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    The Preliminary T-72ology Thread

    Maybe we should add here T-72 timeline and compare it to NATO tanks timeline.
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    Oh boy, T-72 variants! What a time for scale model manufacturers to make new kits loosely based on blurry black and white parade photos!
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    @Toxn Was in Renton to celebrate a friend's birthday party last night and they insisted on going to a Bavarian themed bar. On the plus side, there was grapefruit beer!
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    Yet the OPCW "confirm the findings of the United Kingdom relating to the identity of the toxic chemical that was used in Salisbury", finding that "the toxic chemical was of high purity". The final report states that no precursors were found, directly contradicting the RT "source" on wikipedia
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    WoT v WT effort-thread

    hello, i very much like WarThunder for confirming Challenger 1 is indeed, a steaming pile of shit
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