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    Israeli AFVs

    The difference is their use. Nagmasho't is the baseline version with a decently protected superstructure and slightly improved protection. Basically just a Sho't remade to become an APC. Nagmachon was later developed with a higher superstructure called 'doghouse' with protective armored glass and 7.62mm machine guns. Few versions were made but this one is the latest one to which all were converted: Nakpadon took armor protection even further and up-armored the front with composite armor instead of the outdated Blazer ERA, got new and better side armor, lower superstructure and better protection for it as well. A recon version is called Nagmapop: A Combat Engineering Vehicle is called Puma: And a specialized (also made in very low quantities) transport for the special engineering unit Ya'alom is called Nakpilon: All these are used in very low quantities, and only where some unit must have heavy armor but doesn't yet have the Namer.
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    @Collimatrix @Serge Even Viktor Murakhovskiy said basically same thing i said about BMPT He also added this point against BMPT: and about BMPTs smashing some dirt in Syria and suddenly becoming "combat prooven" Source: http://discussio.ru/technologies/dorozhe-tanka-chto-ne-tak-s-bmpt-terminator?utm_source=warfiles.ru I also want to point out that this article was posted 30.05.2018, so i didn't took my points from it.
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    I realize that by the UK's definition they are not, but let's not keep up the pretense here. They have legal right to order people thrown in jail, that's pretty "governmental" to me. You say that as if they by definition cannot rule inappropriately. Because this seems obviously inappropriate to an American who isn't used to judges just making up the rules as they go along. Judges intimidating the press? What a healthy and free system you have over there.
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    I still see her Twitter page. Looks like they just banned that particular post. https://twitter.com/KaitMarieox
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    Israeli AFVs

    Hi VPZ, The Nakpadon and its derivatives are still very much in use. The Nagmashot has gone, but I do believe the Nagmachon also remains in service too, or at least held in depots for use. Cheers Marsh
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    Our local iron age hill-fort (British Camp, Malvern): I can see my house from here! Nice plan view: I'm trying to find some pictures looking straight up at the ramparts from the plain below, but no luck so far.....Trust me, it's fekkin steep!
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    That pretty much says everything right there. "Government you deserve" and all that.
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    Israeli AFVs

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    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Hahah! IT WAS ILLEGAL! I watched the fuckbags shove it through. I wish I still had the tape of it. it is when I am wearing nothing but a pair of briefs and bunny slippers, with a semi-inflated condom pulled over my head... At that point it becomes high comedy. I'm even related to far too many. That aside, "yes". Hence my utter loathing for federal "officers" and law enforcement.
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    General AFV Thread

    Son I am disappoint
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    General AFV Thread

    Well, the British did make the mistake of continuing to design tanks however.
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    General AFV Thread

    I think that if the US sells an Abrams to the UK, they should make a special variant powered by 15 6 cylinder Chrysler engines mounted in a three deep "multibank" formation to produce 1500 HP. As a US taxpayer, I would be willing to vote to give these tanks to the UK as Lend Lease. We can call it the Abrams M1A4 and the Brits can call it Abrams II. Gotta keep tradition going, ya know?
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    General AFV Thread

    Which is why T-XX is the best system Sounds like the terminator
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    General AFV Thread

    Just a small correction.
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    Sturg, this was littery first think i wanted to post, but i decided to take it more seriously.
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    "Pigs" Have A Hard Job

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    Israeli AFVs

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    Heil Hitler, fuck President Trump, the Queen's got a fat nose, and apple pie sucks.
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    North Korea, you so crazy!

    I... I like this sentence. It strikes me as very foreign and exotic. Therefore I am quoting it for posterity.
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    Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

    For the Zuk! @Mighty_Zuk