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    General AFV Thread

    And so it begins:
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    General AFV Thread

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    Slightly larger rendering.
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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    A small gallery of Leopard 2A6FIN sideskirt photos, taken on the FDF 100-years day 4.6.2018 by me: https://imgur.com/a/83RepaQ
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    This Boxer will be presented at Eurosatory. It has been fitted with the latest version of the Skyranger turret (or maybe a photoshop variant of that). The Lynx KF41 will be revealed in two variants: an IFV with the new LANCE 2.0 turret will be revealed on Tuesday next week, while a command post variant will be revealed a day later.
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    General AFV Thread

    The UK lot is from the Queen's Royal Hussars They're also on facebook:
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    General AFV Thread

    We need mooar Leopard 2 xD tis never enough. Representing the French army last year was the 501e RCC This year it will be the 1er RĂ©giment de chasseurs I'll follow their facebook page to see what they'll update Don't know from which units are the other participants though.
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    CV-90, why so much love ?

    Some CV9030FIN side armour photos, taken at the FDF 100-years day exhibition: https://imgur.com/a/O5dvZhU
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    Israeli AFVs

    It's where the crew will insert a faulty shell, instead of dumping it where an enemy can potentially grab it and sell it.
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    In addition to what Collimatrix said, it's worth noting that correctly indexing guide rails is a giant sonnovabitch and requires a lot of skill and technical know how. Guide rods... Not so much (though RSAF Enfield still managed to fuck it up!).
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    It is not, as was later found it is Azerbaijan. IIRC some of those tanks were than used during events in Azerbaijan in 1988
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    What happens when you let a GM executive drive a Corvette ZR1 pace car during the Detroit Grand Prix? https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/motor/2018/06/03/pace-car-crashes-ahead-second-indycar-chevrolet-detroit-grand-prix/667651002/